Stick your phone to the wall with this Kickstarter-backed iPhone/Galaxy Nexus case

Something awesome this way comes in the form of Wallee M, an innovative iPhone 4S/Galaxy Nexus case that allows you to stick your phone to the wall, to the car, or anywhere you want.

The idea is fairly simple: a thin case of rubberized matte plastic is embedded with rare earth metals that are magnetized when paired up with various wall mounts. The modular system has already been applied to the iPad and Galaxy Tab, and the company is looking for $35,000 to get production started on its phone cases.

The company promises the case won’t add bulk to the devices, and if production gets off the ground they will adapt the design for more phones. For $40, you get a case for either the iPhone or Galaxy Nexus plus one magnetic disc. For $105 you get 3 Magnetic Mounting Disks, 1 Magnetic Pivot Mount Stand and 1 Car Mount.

It’s a great idea and has potential for a ton of uses. It’s more versatile than a case with a built-in stand since you can choose to attach it to a wall or use the pivot mount stand to angle it towards you on a desk.

Check it out at Kickstarter and let us know if you’re going to back it!

Via: Droid-Life

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