Samsung and Apple earned 99% of all smartphone profits last quarter


  • Dany

    Ouch for Nokia omg!

    • bob

      All I have to say is “told you so”.
      They should fire Elop and abandon windows phone before it’s too late.


    This is a pretty awful way to visualize profit shares, it makes it seem like RIM, Nokia, SE & LG are making virtually nothing.

    • Ryan

      They are making virtually nothing as a percentage of smartphone profits. In case you missed it in the headline, all but Samsung and Apple make up 1%.

    • Keith

      That was exactly the case last quarter. Though they are not breaking handsets of out the rest of the business. Nokia’s next quarter will not be good either and perhaps their next 2 but I suspect they will start rising in a big way once they start producing Apollo phones with PureView and their first ever tablets running Windows 8.

  • {JPM}

    Ha! I’m finally able to say I’m part of the 1%

  • SAM


  • Zeake

    lol crappy moto isn’t even on the board lol!

    Keep making garbage phones moto lets see where it’ll get you!

  • d(V)

    LG just dissapeared..

  • OgtheDim

    Nobody judges companies this way, based on the amount of the profit pie.

    % of total profits for an industry only indicates how one comapany is doing against others in that quarter using the rather arbitrary metric of total profits of all profitable companies for that quarter. If one company does REALLY good, the rest look bad; but that doesn’t mean the rest are doing badly as far as investors are concerned.

    Ultimately, companies are judged based on how they are doing against their own history quarter over quarter.

    A better graph would be to plot individual company profit totals from quarter to quarter. 3D the totals using vertical bar graphs looking at each quarter from a 60 degree angle. Then you can see who is making the most profit but also who is going up or down in the only metric that counts………profit of that company.

  • Paulman

    I’m guessing the reason certain vendors are showing ~0% of profit share is because they may have lost money that quarter, or they had a bad quarter and their income was just barely over their expenses for that quarter.

    In any case, what this graph does give is a feeling for is who is having the best margins combined with sales volume right now 😛

  • Boojay

    Apple: We make poop, you buy it.

  • Tuhin

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