Sony opens up its PlayStation Suite Developer Program

As expected, Sony has opened up its PlayStation Suite Developer Program for independent developers looking to create apps and games for the PS Vita and PlayStation-certified devices such as the newly-released Xperia S.

The open beta is free, but after the undetermined period has ended, developers will have to pony up $99 to continue to create, and sell, their wares. One interesting stipulation is that games created with the SDK cannot be free; they have to either be freemium (free-to-play with in-game purchases) or have a set price. When I looked at the PSOne games in the PlayStation Store on the Xperia S, most games were selling for $5.99, well above the asking price of much of Google Play.

Nevertheless, it is nice to know that Sony owners will have more content coming to them in the near future, all of which is guaranteed to be of higher quality than the majority of stuff released available for other devices.

Source: Sony
Via: The Verge

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