TELUS rolls out new device trade-in program, available at 700 stores across Canada


  • Thomas

    Make the lumia 400 outright.


      sell your old phone on Kijiji you will get more

  • Simian

    Alas if only I was a Telus customer.

  • Matt

    Source has done this for a while now. Theyll give you 75 for a device that turns on when you sign up for a new smartphone.

    • ToniCipriani

      Up to $75.

    • Matt

      @ToniCipriani: Nope, 75 straight up.

  • Dave


    Well if you wanted to get some accessories (new case, screen new protector etc) It’s still a viable option. But yeah getting your old phones to work off paying a new one is great!

  • mikevan

    Sigh … I had to grab a new phone and hence a contract on Monday as my HTC desire finally bit it. If it had only lasted a couple more days.

  • prufrock

    Or give your worthless but functional phones to a local charity or shelter to be used by others.

    • Dimitri.k

      Yes but if you give it to the shelter they can not use it unless they have a plan. Without a plan all they can do really is play around with settings & if there is any music in it…

      I rather give it to Telus which gives $3 to tree Canada.

  • WhoCares

    Thanks, but id rather sell it on ebay.

  • Ryan

    I wonder how the return value compares to the Trade-Up Program that BlackBerry offers. I got $85 back for my old phone through that so I was essentially only paying $15 (and a 3-year contract) to upgrade.

  • Karsen

    Traded in 3 crap wind phones for a Internet stick! Thanks wind your the best! ha!!

    • T1MB1T

      You jerk wind is the best!!!! Everyone knows it! Come to my forum and see how we handle people like you!!!!

  • STY

    these programs are always garbage. You can bring in a phone you JUST bought for $300, and they’ll give $100. They really just want phones out of circulation to sell you a new one, or better yet, get you on a three year contract.