Quad-core Motorola ATRIX 3 leaked with 3300mAh battery


  • Treatz

    finally, a trend of 3300mah + batteries,
    keep it coming!

    • bigbattery

      Somebody figured out that 1750mAh on anything bigger than 4″ is not practical. As a joke, its a practical one though.

    • RIM4Lyfe

      Blackberry Pearl FLip makes this Atrix 3 look out of date even before it comes out.

      RIM will always be #1!

  • shaggyskunk

    Looks pretty sweet! It’d be nice to see some better photos though. The specs sound impressive! Especially the battery.

  • tony

    no capacitive buttons means actual screen size is 4″ which i always thought is the sweet spot for screen size.

  • Dalex

    Pretty amazing actually! 2GB of RAM finally, coupled with Tegra 3 and that massive battery, should make ICS run not only smooth, but for a long time. This Googlerola thing is looking better and better. Now the icing on the cake would be a non-pentile Super Amoled screen and not the Galaxy Nexus screen.

    • Netguru

      Agree with your first two comments. But I gotta say there is nothing wrong with the Galaxy Nexus screen. I’ve got lots of positive comments from people who have seen me using mine.

  • cooldog

    Ok, specs impressive… But I’m sure quote over exagerated. 2gb ram and quad core an only 720p video? 3300 MHz battery? How thick is this phone?

    • TJ

      the screen has a resolution of 720p (which is becoming more and more popular on android phones). correct me if I’m wrong but I’m assuming you’re referring to the camera, which I’m sure can record video up to a resolution of 1080p. with regards to thickness with a 3300mAh (not MHz) battery, see the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx…it has a 3300mAh battery at only 9mm thick.

  • Rich

    Atrix was the most bad a*s phone when it was announced, but didn’t go so far once it was eventually released.
    These specs look great, but bringing it to market within a reasonable time frame is the most important thing.

    • Daddy-Chicken

      Given Motorola’s history we likely will see this device and 10 others before the year is through. They keep pumping out devices and are so slow to provide updates to the existing models. That said, impressive sounding specs.

  • Slype

    Looking pretty sweet Moto.. and as cooldog mentioned, what kind of thickness are we adding to double the battery power? Coupled with a quad core, we may just see 48-60 hour smartphones again! Now that would be something.

  • tiesto89

    Is it me, or the phone really looks Nexus-ish?

    Don’t get me wrong, that’s actually a good thing, but I do see a LOT of Nexus S/Galaxy Nexus in that phone.

    Would make sense, considering the recent Google/Motorola honeymoon.

  • tiesto89

    It also looks like a Contour display

  • EAK47


    Get rid of f******* Motoblur.

    • Chris

      “Googleora” is a bad name and you should feel bad for coming up with it.

      There isn’t even an “ora” anywhere in Motorola.

  • shaggyskunk

    Looks more like the sgh-i727 in shape than the Nexus.

  • WP74Life

    haha, you seen the specs ?
    IT really need that much to be fluid and to worth it ?
    Y’ain’t going to play ps3 games on that thing so WHY ?
    What a waste of both money and time.
    XDA kiddies will beg their mom for that thing by the way.

    • Dalex

      I’m looking at your post and trying to find the point, but you’re making it impossible…

      We have seen the specs(have we? might still be a rumour) and they are downright appallingly good. So it will run the latest version of android, which murders anything from WP, it will last forever, it will run fluidly, have a great camera and will have a way toned down version of Moto’s skin due to Google being in charge….

      XDA kiddies will beg their mom for it? What does that even mean? Jealous much? Sad your WP7 devices can’t even dream of being close to this good? They have what now, 1.4% market share? Long way from 50% if you ask me no?

    • monsterduc1000

      @crap74life, No need to be so jealous when your phone can run barely anything and can’t be modded to your liking. I even read that windows phone is going to restrict a lot of stuff on their low end phones with only 256mb of ram. Pretty sad.

      So enjoy your Angry Birds while people are creating ps3 level games on this beast (even though it is too bad it is Moto, as I have had 2 very bad experiences with that company…, but we see the future brings. AND, now that I have modded my Nexus S to Cyanogen, GO ANDROID!!!)

    • WP74Life

      So basically, you are claiming 50% of that market share is from high-tech savy who can’t live with the same device for 3 months ?
      Claiming WP7 is outdated and powerless is ridiculous, I’ll let you guess how much of that market share is from high-end 800$ devices.

      I prefer, and I am not alone (Just Saying), any wp7 devices out there in comparison of any cheap android devices.
      Sales rep, if they were good ,should guide the new user for a wp7 devices as they get something for their money.
      I’m laughing at this because you will buy this, you will have fun with facebook and angry birds. You will install usefull thing such as command prompt, root it. Then you will do the exact same thing you could have done on a 115$ devices. But hey, LOOK AT MY 800$ DEVICE, I CAN TYPE -SUDO ROOT ON A TERMINAL.
      It’s your money buddy, or your parents money.
      I’ve had 2 android devices in my life, root, custom roms, OC. It wasn’t enough. Then, I tried a WP7.

    • WP74Life

      Ps3 games on you 5 inch devices ?
      Have fun buddy.

    • WP74Life

      My battery last 2 full days on my WP7, Tell me how you’re 5 inch PS3 console last.

    • monsterduc1000

      @crap74life, That’s the kind of battery life you get when your phone can’t do anything, it has a tiny screen and a an underpowered processor.

      I said ps3 level games, not ps3 games themselves. Try reading AND understanding.

    • WP74Life

      You seriously thought I was talking about ps3 games ?
      My phone can do everything an android phone can do, except wi-fi hotspot.
      Tell me something I can’t do.

    • m1ndtr1p

      1080P recording
      Playing 1080P videos
      WiFi hotspot
      Customize your phone
      Install and run full desktop OS’ smoothly
      Play emulators (including Playstation)
      Play good games
      Photo editing

      and so on… I could go on, but you get the point.

  • EmperumanV

    Seems to be nice specs, especially battery and hopefully its removable. However, as long as they don’t screw up with MotoBlur and having untimely updates, that’s all that matters.

    • monsterduc1000

      Just replace motoblur with one of the other great launchers like Go Launcher EX (my default launcher right now), Launcher Pro or ADW launcher. They all provide a very smooth experience.

  • Compatibility Questions

    Hopefully it’s compatible with the Lapdock 500 and the other line of accessories.

  • Adam

    Come to Rogers please!

  • Matt

    Dat battery.

  • nik

    ill just buy the phone for its battery lol nice phone but its from stupid motorola…why couldnt samsung have a massive battery and specs like this

  • Awkward Turtle


    I bought a galaxy nexus last week.

  • GuiSim

    I like my Atrix.. but I won’t be buying anything from Motorola if their bootloader is locked.

  • jon_d0e

    i buy phones based specs and quadrant scores. Hopefully quadrant score will show its numba 1 best all time. And motorola is a very good company, theyre known to update their phones on time and motoblur is quite amazing interface, only if it had ios icons like touchwiz then it would be PERFECT.

  • footclan

    I was just about to say the same thing. I won’t even consider Motorola until their bootloader policy changes.

  • Bart Smungler

    It’s a shame that motorola is always the worst for software upgrades because their hardware isn’t half bad.

    • monsterduc1000

      Their hardware is mediocre actually, but the specs always look good. One of my first phones was a moto and I had to get it replaced under warranty. Then I had the Milestone a while back, it had great specs for the time but the digitizer failed (a common problem with this model according to the forums) after a year and a half. My buddy has had an Atrix for about 6 months and he has already had to send it in.

      I even did a direct comparison of his atrix and my nexus s one day and I was very surprised to find it had no performance advantage over my phone even though it had twice the ram and twice the processing speed. Now comparing my phone to the Galaxy s2 was a different story…

  • zzZZzz

    I can’t imagine the life that battery with bring. With an 1800mAh battery, I get more than a day with my regular usage with ICS and a dual-core phone.

    3300mAh almost twice as much.
    Tegra 3, supposed to improve battery life with the cores config.

    So can I expect about 3 days of usage? 😀

  • mikkey

    3300mAh batteries should really be the standard in all superphones moving forward. There’s no excuse to have anything less these days. MOTO managed to make it a sleek enough battery in their Razr Maxx phone. No reason why the other phone companies can’t do the same.

  • TouchMyBox

    If Motorola is planning on putting out hardware as impressive as this, and with the Google acquisition possibly in the future start shipping their phones with stock android, then it looks like Motorola would on it’s way back on top.

  • deltatux

    The image looks a bit too Photoshopped. Looks like someone took the Motorola logo and slapped it on a Galaxy Nexus there…

  • Dalex


    Sales rep guide people towards phones such as the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2 or Iphone at the moment. The reason being is that they are available for free or nearly free on contract. There is no reason for them to get a WP7 device on contract, its an outdated piece of junk with less functionality.

    This a tech site so obviously, we do want the latest and greatest. Neither of those go hand in hand with WP7 device. You can get an unlocked GS2 for 500$ on canadagsm for example which destroys any WP7 device available now and until WP8 (where they realize that you have to make devices that people care about, i.e. superphones). Guess what, the GS2 is more fluid than your precious WP7 devices. It has also has better battery life somehow too… Samsung’s Focus S lasted less than its Android cousin.

    We get it, you like WP7… That’s great. Posting garbage on posts about Android just makes you look like a troll though.

  • Chris S | Subscriber Services Consultant

    This image is deffinatley Photoshopped, the specs are digital images.

  • Jer

    Wow impressive, it doesn’t get any better then that when it comes to specs (Battery makes me wet). I don’t know much about Motorola and the quality of their products, but spec wise I can’t really see how S3 is going to beat this.

  • monsterduc1000

    @crap74life, when you say “Ps3 games on you 5 inch devices ? Have fun buddy”, what else do you think I would think you are talking about?

    What else you can’t do? You can’t argue that’s for sure. What your phone can’t do is enormous…can’t customize, can’t try out new roms, can’t try a different launcher, can’t play gta 3, can’t play front line commando, etc. etc.

  • replytothisnews

    It is just rumor. Dont get too excited yet.

  • NEO

    I work in the wireless industry and have yet to see anyone with a Windows phone. None of the agents I talk to when I go into a store even mention Windows devices when showing off their latest releases.

    Last week I went into a Telus store and asked the agent to show me where the Windows phones are and he simply told me to look for the phones with a thick layer of dust on them.

  • adfkaj

    it looks like a nexus s,