Rogers to release the Samsung Galaxy Rugby, here’s the price list


  • bob

    Should have been cheaper or should have a better display.

    However there isn’t much choice if you want a waterproof phone.

    • OKprice

      This is the twin of the Samsung Galaxy W @ Bell for $250.
      Rugby: $280, Bigger battery (1650) you don’t need a case, AMOLED screen

      Galaxy W: $250, smaller battery (1500) smaller phone.

      Tough call! decent price for a 3.7”
      Except Koodo has the Nexus S for $300 with AMOLED and 4″.
      Which one would you get?

    • Alex Perrier

      i like the extra protection that Rugby phones offer, and the low price on top of that!. i will wait to see if Bell or TELUS gets these devices.

    • bob


      you forget the crappy display resolution
      480×320 is hard to live with

  • Non

    No-term price is too damn high

  • Richard

    Terrible name. Samsung should simplify by have 3 phones: an entry level, mid range, and flagship model.

    • Reggie Noble

      The Rugby is a special phone made for people in working “Rugged” work environment. While conventional phones might get damaged in these work environments, the Rugby can withstand much more abuse.

    • Alex Perrier

      There is an article on Wikipedia for the Samsung Rugby series. It is distinct from Samsung’s other series. i find it too bad that Samsung slapped “Galaxy” on this; they did that for some “Gravity” phones too. But this phone is called the “Samsung Rugby Smart” on AT&T.

  • OKprice

    EGLAd Telus doesn’t have it or they would offer it for $199…….on a 3yr contract!

  • Adam

    Samsung dropped the ball by calling it the Rugby.

    Rugby might be one of the worst phones in existance (no, not just because it’s a dumbphone, it just truly is awful).

    If they want a ruggedized smartphone, call it something else.

    And even still, stick an Galaxy S Captivate in an otterbox and you have a better phone already for a lower cost

    • David

      Put a captivate with an otterbox on in a bucket of water and see what happens. Also a captivate at full retail value is significantly more expensive than the galaxy rugby.

  • yanic Lemaire

    I think it is a pretty good phone if you consider that there is no equivalent at ROBELUS. That way, construction guy can now have a touchscreen device, NO DATA (probably), and on top of that : RUGGED.


  • Rich

    I called up Bell the other day about renewing my contract and what offers were available to me. The rep mentioned this phone, we both paused, then laughed together and talked about something else.

  • jon_d0e1

    anyone know if this has hdmi and flash support?

  • Chris

    Are we sure on these specs? I thought it was the same device as the AT&T Rugby Smart which has the following:
    – 3.7″ Super AMOLED
    – 480×800 resolution
    – 1.4Ghz CPU