BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case Hands-on (Video)



    Just when you think its too late for RIM, they once again invent themselves out of a bind. This time with the BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case.

    You want an innovation war Apple? You GOT IT BABY!

    • Case Costs More Than Playbook?

      Hold on, the case costs more than the actual Playbook?

    • RIM7percent

      RIMM stock at $13.
      Playbook 11.5 shares
      Keyboard: 7.6 shares

  • TheTigerTek

    I need a new case for my PlayBook.. I had the convertible loved it but gave to my sister. I was thinking of picking up a this keyboard with the case combo but it’s a bit pricey. Hopefully I can find one for less on ebay or something.

  • Bukovian Smorzhee

    who cares? rim is dead.

  • RIM7percent

    Just wait for the Playbook to drop to $99 next month.

  • troll123

    I just got a Playbook and this thing is POS…

    They should have made it like the transformer.. now I gotta charge my Playbook I have to take it out of this “case”… Should have been docked TO the freaking Keyboard and charge it like the freaking rapid charger… that flimsy microUSB port on the Playbook scares me…
    FAQ U RIM!

  • kevin

    If this was $50 I would be all over it.

    • kev’s mom’s lover

      kev, your mother is $50 and I am all over her

    • A. Carmine


  • sp

    i honestly dont get why all you trolls are wishing for RIM to go bankrupt.

    there are a market for them to be still around. if you dont like their phones then DONT buy it…simple as that.

    i dont think anyone on here truly wishes a company to go under just for the sake of saying I told you so. or do you all really feel that them going out of business and thousands of people losing their jobs is the best for the canadian economy.

    you all need to get your heads checked if you are just here to wish demise on a company that put Canada on the map. sure they are behind right now on a lot of things but at least they are sort of trying (i hope) to right the ship.

    shame on you guys and negative comments.

  • Theywillbepissed

    “It won’t substitute for a good laptop — no tablet will, even the iPad ” – why would you mention the ipad over the transformer prime? You know, the tablet with integrated keyboard dock, near full size keyboard, fully functional touchpad, usb ports, and extra battery?

    • Daniel Bader

      Because in my opinion, the way to a great laptop experience is in the software. And despite a superior “Transformer” hardware setup, Android lacks for viable tablet-focused productivity apps. But you’re right, as a full-on laptop replacement the Transformer Prime is certainly superior, provided you have the money to spend on the keyboard dock. Remember, you’re spending over $700 taxes in on the Transformer Prime + keyboard dock. At that price, you might as well buy a cheap ultrabook — they’re almost the same size.

    • Theywillbepissed

      Fair Enough

  • Angus Chan

    Still looks like you can’t use the charging dock with this case 🙁 I really don’t like having the cut away the case to make it fit!

  • Malevolent

    I got this case/keyboard and at first I really liked it but it’s a pain because i have to take it out of the case(which is not easy) to use the dock. They should have linked the keyboard physically with the playbook to increase battery capability or made it so the dock still works. I was excited but ultimately it’s a design fail for my use. Now it’s just sitting back in the box, too bad.

  • Matt

    I like the keyboard, honestly do, the keys are nice, most third party ones are garbage in comparison.

  • Linuzo

    I have a playbook and a new curve 9380, while sometimes the touch on the curve is a little hard to use the playbook makes up for it as a perfect duo.. If anything they said this keyboard is a bluetooth keyboard. So I might just pick it up so I can use it with my PS3 as well.. For the price of the keyboard with the case it’s not bad. considering most third party ones are 50-60 plus another 25-35 for a case. So it’s not that much out of price range.. Also for 199 you get a playbook for 99 you get case and keyboard thats only 298 for both still 200 cheaper then an ipad.. And just wait for BB10 because that OS will be coming to the playbook!! OS 2.0 is only a preview of what BB10 is going to have in store.. I support RIM I am Canadian! !

    • scotiaguy

      Right on!

  • wasagadave

    Wondered what powers this keyboard, and can not find this mentioned anywhere. Is it inexpensive to keep this puppy juiced?

    • StriderNL

      The power button is on the lower left hand slide. It’s a slider. As to how it charges – it’s the same USB connection as the Playbook.