Bell to release the Samsung Galaxy Rugby and Sonim XP5520 Bolt


  • MG

    Bell once again late to the game. Rogers has had a Sonim rugged device since last year. As for the Push To Talk service, one would imagine that after their disastrous 10-4 service, they’d quietly kill it and stay away from it. I guess it’s just another opportunity to milk arpu out of customers.

    • wb

      Late to the game? Im pretty sure bell gets more exclusives than any other company. I dont know if you remember the SII or the Nexus? But we had those before anyone. The only exclusives rogers, were sony phones, and even they decided to sell their new phone through corporate sony channels..

  • Alex Perrier

    Wow. So Bell drops out of the push-to-talk business (Remember the hype? Remember Solo?) and now decides that it’s time to get back in. This, despite Sprint slowly discontinuing it and smartphones replacing push-to-talk. Not to mention that Bell only has push-to-talk on an all-purpose CDMA network, not a dedicated PPT networking like iDEN.

    Bell is just weird, weird and weird. What is going on?


    I’m pretty sure those devices will hit Virgin at the same time.

  • insider

    the new PTT is over HSPA. the training deck was awesome, really looking forward to this.

  • Chris

    Looking forward to the Galaxy Rugby!

  • sam

    Sonim’s XP5520 is awesome:)

  • ujutron

    Sonim phones are really rugged and cool to look

  • optimus

    Sonim phones are really awesome i have one older version (XP1)been using it for over 3 years now, man the battery backup is amazing ( 7 to 8 days once charged ), but the best thing is they replaced my phone when i accidentally cracked the glass (i was showing off to my guys, threw the damn thing from 5th storey – it was still working after fall) ; time to buy this mean one now.