Here’s the complete Samsung Galaxy Note pricing for Rogers, Bell and TELUS


  • Adam

    Jesus, $780 outright from Telus?~!

    • SAM



    • SAM


    • SAM

      If no one like the $199.99 this is the promotion price, they will increase the price to 399 after, same what happened with the Nexus promo price on the release date was $99 then boom jumped to $159

    • Adam

      Not even close. $199 is on a voice + data plan, it’s their regular 3-year price.

      the $399 is some odd number they came up with based on the same discount per year. Perhaps you can buy the device on a voice-only plan for $399, but this will never reach 399 on a $45+ voice+data plan.

    • Jake Mcdonald

      thats what i thought too, but then i found it at for only 689.99

  • Carl

    at least there no difference between the 3 years contract price…all the same at $199!

    • chall2k5

      price collusion anyone?

  • Money is Everything

    Gives new meaning to the phrase “Is that a note in your pocket our are you just glad to see me?”

  • Unr8ted

    Wow, nice competiton, 3 company with the same price!

  • Rich

    $649.99 for a 2-year, which is a more resonable term. Keep your Note and your $50 2-year discount, crooks. Who keeps a phone for 3 years these days. Really.

  • Mark

    OUCH!!! on no-term pricing from Telus!!

  • Terry

    Gotta love Rogers regular 3 year price that’s never used and it just there to make the “promo” price look more appealing.

  • Non

    Haha this is so stupid I dont even know whether to laugh or cry at this “promotinal” 3 year plans

  • Mystic09

    I’m so torn on this price. I’m glad it’s 199$ because it’s more affordable for me (compared to the 249 or 299), but I could also go to and get the white international version for $685 +tax and not have to renew my contract.

    Still excited. I want to try this out in person before I decide.

    • Eluder

      But you wouldn’t be getting the LTE version I believe?

    • Dimitri

      Yes he won’t but is LTE needed? Look at the Rogers community site & see how many users are having problems not being able to call while on the LTE network & texting. If i am going to get a LTE phone i want it to work the hole way not only using LTE for the internet & then having ti switch to 4G in order to call someone..

      LTE is new. Yes its fast & all but really is not needed until the hole country or most of it has it & is working the way its supposed to.

  • Josch

    I’m waiting for the review of mobile syrup to decide.. let’s see if the canadian version is any good compared to the international. Can’t wait to read that review!

  • vn33

    Wow … laptop price for a phone !! That price is in nose bleed territory !! Eventhough I like the Note a lot, I just can’t see it takes priority over mortgage payment, kids’ expense, food on the table .. etc

    I think my Dell Streak will just have to soldier on until the price become more reasonable down the road !

  • Pigs Like Cheese

    Hey MobileSyrup, when you do your review please do a comparison with the international version of the Note as well. I personally think the international one is better due to the physical button and the better battery life.

    An impartial review from you would be appreciated.

    Thanks. The others from the farmyard would appreciate this as well.

  • Mystic09

    No LTE in Northern Ontario anyway.

    I would also like to see a side by side of the two versions.
    I hope one of the carriers has the white one.
    If you’re running on HSPA+ instead of LTE, with the snapdragon processor wouldnt bettery life be better? I thought that was one of the bonuses of the snapdragon.
    Seems everyone has a different opinion though.
    Anything will be better than my HTC Hero at this point lol.

  • Beersworth

    No thanks.

  • Accophox

    You know, what the hell is with this “PROMO” price offering on 3 year devices versus the normal 3 year rate? Is it just the addition of a data term that makes it change between the two?

    If so, that’s just petty.

  • Jay Jay

    Wow, Rogers with the lowest price? When do u ever see those words together in the same sentence!!!

  • Andrew

    Just played around with one of these at a telus store today… Seems big. Bigger than i thought it would be… I have pretty big hands, can’t even wrap my hand around it…

  • Big 3

    Now for some reason after Rogers and Telus are using the new termination fee, they can now make even more money when you cancel early compared to the old terms.

    With the new terms, they can price their phones higher outright since the termination fee is based on that.

    When you get the device at $0(eventually) on a 3-year, termination fee would be at least $700/36 which is $19.40 a month up to $700

    whereas the old terms was $20 a month up to $400(any phone) plus $5 a month up to $100(data portion term) regardless what the phone was worth outright

    So i’m guessing from now on new smartphones will be prices close to $700 and no higher than $720 thus the termination fee would still be about $20 a month

    I believe Bell is the only 1 now still using old contract terms(pay up to $500 when you cancel regardless)

    Anyways, Samsung Galaxy Note is overpriced!

  • Domingo

    Ya, tell them I said to stick those prices up their collective a*s’s. Thanks.

  • Gti303

    Been waiting for this. Now if only they had a white LTE version in Canada. AT&T will, so will Canada? Hope so

  • AB

    My year is up with Bell on March 1. My wife gets my iPhone 4 and I get a new Note for $199. Pretty pumped for this phone.

    • Matt

      If youre in Edmonton, head to Southgate. The Source is getting stock and so is the kiosk.

  • Vince

    Check your screen quality if you get one tomorrow !

    A very high percentage of the screens in the international version were flawed with streaks , blotches, banding, changing hues, etc. It’s easily seen at lower brightness levels.

    Hopefully the NA batch has improved, but check.

    $199 is not bad for a day 1 release price in Canada.

  • Demonte21

    I’m working in a Bell Retail Store, and we just received today our Galaxy Note Demo Unit. I’ve played with it a bit, and I have to say…. this is a f***ing big phone!!

    the Quality of the Picture taken from the Camera are Awesome!
    The quality of the image on the Screen is awesome (HD!)
    The phone is very quick and Snappy, thanks to it’s fast processor.

    I’ve tried the pen with the Scrib. recognition, which work pretty well, and was able to recognize my bad writting!

    I haven’t tried any game yet, I’m planning to try this tomorrow ! I’ll keep you posted:-)

    Maybe my next phone… After all, it’s only 1 inch bigger compare to my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Jim Shorts

    Too big, too expensive. Not worth it. As a secondary unit maybe, not a primary one.

    This will fail and only the suckers will jump in a contract.

    Good luck.

  • windy

    $700 + for a phone outright is absurdity. Robelus wants to shove another 3 year term down our throats. This phone is too huge unless you’re SHAQ and for that price i would rather pick up a transformer prime to match my ICS phone or wait for quad core s3 if one is to be married to a device for the next three years.

  • Domingo

    The 700+ is insane, the contracts are even MORE insane but the phone doesn’t seem bad at all. If the phone fails it will fail if canadians wake the f up and understand that they’re being played for fools. Which won’t happen. The big three are obviously involved in collusion and the government has given their blessing obviously.

    • Christelle

      get them into etucadion and higer etucadion and that will be thier success for life! thats defiantely 1 heck of a money making project that will be rewarding and successful and then they can be teachers and help others and pass down knowledge etc and work too. also, stop cheap labour. they are humans just as much as every other human in the world. no1 is superior than the other. not even the kings, queens and presidents!

  • Fresh

    Please let us get the white version!!!

  • Deli

    I bought the white international unlocked versions at $800+, so it’s ok.
    This is a fantastic device.

  • Avi M

    I don’t see what’s so bad with contracts , I’ve been with Rogers for many years and very happy with my plan.
    What’s the point of buying a phone full price just to stay
    with the same company for 2-3 years? The subsidy is your
    bread and butter especially since I’m paying 55$ tax in
    for unl voice/text/cd/vm/6gb data…

  • Mike Wells

    Telus is now selling the Note today Sunday February 12th for $630 outright.
    Makes you think why they put the price down so low. Makes me believe that another Samsung will be hitting the streets shortly. One that will be pricier than the Note.

  • Aiden

    Thats because that Samsung galaxy 3 is being released in the summer

  • Plumix

    Something that botter me about the LTE version ! on bell’s site,the 1.5ghz snapdragons, they also mention RAM: 512 MB (hope it’s an error, they just correct the bluetooth 2.0 that was on their site to 3.0 today), international version is 1gb ! but they corect the small spen button of the international version on the lte one ! cant wait to see review compared of both version, side to side with benchmark !

  • Plumix

    I’m gonna get one for sure, but maybe the international version !