Here’s the complete Samsung Galaxy Note pricing for Rogers, Bell and TELUS

The 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note will be arriving at Rogers, Bell and TELUS on February 14th – a lovely day for a new LTE-enabled device. We found out last week that Bell, via The Source, will be releasing this phone/tablet for $729.99. The only other known price was a fluctuating 3-year that Best Buy has on their pre-order site (ranged between $199 and $299). As you’ll see below all the carriers are coming to the table with the same $199 3yr pricing.

Of course things could change before launch, but according to the internal docs we received here’s what you can expect from the Big 3. TELUS’ no-contract price plan will be $779.99; 1-year will be $729.99; 2-year is $679.99 and the 3-year promo plan is $199.99. The Rogers doc (pictured above) shows them coming in with the lowest no-term price of $699.99, followed by the 1-year contract price of $649.99; 2-year of $599.99 and a 3-year term of $199.99. As for Bell, the no-term is $729.95 and the 3-year contract promo price is $199.99.

We’ll have a full hardware, software and S Pen review of the Android-powered Note up shortly.
(Thanks tipsters!)

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