TELUS, Bell and Rogers releasing the Galaxy Note February 14th for $249.99 on a 3-year, Best Buy says


  • Al

    I cannot see this being very popular. Too large of a device at too high of a price.

    • Jr

      Already more than a million sold…

    • andy c

      a bit off topic but when i was in Asia over the holidays Samsung is pushing this phone HARD. I saw more advertising for this then the SGS2

  • SAM


  • KC

    This Valentine’s Day, give the unconventional answer when she asks “Is that a phone in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?”

    • Mark

      LOLOLOL I laughed so hard XD. Honestly I think they should use that pun in a Valentine’s Day Special commercial. Who agrees that would be a great commercial idea 😀

  • Adam

    i prefer the international version and I can take the compromise in HSPA+ instead of LTE and I like the physical centred button.

    • Jr

      Me too, just got the international version, better processor and better battery because of the lack of Lte…

    • Dave

      I like the international version better. I totally agree! faster processor, hspa+ means better battery life than lte version and it has button.

    • Tim

      Where do you get the international version?

  • Mikie

    I like big devices 🙂 Its hard to go to anything smaller now-a-days

    So who wants to buy my S2?? 🙂

    • Mischa Price

      you want to trade for my tiny little xperia ray there are stil small phones out there

  • JB

    Awesome Device (at least when it was Exynos, Snapdragon makes me significantly less excited, but hey, LTE!)

    $250 for a 3-Year on Bogus (Just realized you can combine those three to form “Bogus”, I feel like that is awesome), vs $300 for a 2-yr on ATT? $50 for the extra year? FU

  • Lance

    Yes, yes, yes. I have been waiting years for a device like this one and have been watching it closely since being released in Germany. I will be first in line for this bad boy.

  • bad

    SAM- the larger device has a larger screen which will make looking at prawns more enjoyable.

  • Guy

    on best buy site : Camera Resolution 8 MP (Back); 5 MP (Front)

    5mp fronT ? loll guest it’s 2mp 🙂

  • crimsona

    Watch it drop to 149.99 on a contract within 2-3 weeks?

    • SAM


  • Cody

    So much for TELUS having an exclusive device for even a week……………..

  • Mikey

    Just an FYI, its also in the Rogers Reservation System under Special Order 🙂

  • Alex Davies

    $249.99 – Insane – it’s not a freaking Tablet Samsung – just a big-a*s phone. $150 for a phone with a slower CPU and older OS than the Galaxy Nexus. No thanks. I LOVE huge screen phones, so I would have sold my Nexus and got this instead, since CM9 has already been ported to it,but not at this price.

  • skinnypig

    Is this a phone or a tablet? Or maybe it’s a phonlet or a tablone?

  • Matt

    I can’t wait to laugh at all the morons walking around with a tablet pressed against their ears! iPhone FTW

  • monsterduc1000

    $250 on a 3 year? Pass.

  • NT Rogers2

    Rogers is the reason the create a dislike button!

  • Dalex

    So expensive sheesh, and you have to sign a 3 year contract? It doesn’t even have the exynos CPU with its A9 SoC.

    So I’m paying 250$ for a slower device, that will have rubbish battery life due to LTE and I’m signed for 3 whole years…. uhh… no!

    I’ll spend 700$ for the international Note outright and choose my own carrier and plan.


    OMG, using BOGUS as an acronym for Bell/rOGers/telUS is totally awesome. From now on, everyone must use BOGUS when referring to these companies together. I will add the following entry to Urban Dictionary:

    BOGUS (n)
    Acronym referring to the three largest Canadian cellphone providers (Bell/rOGers/telUS).

    Example: The BOGUS three-year plans for Galaxy Note are a rip-off, so I will wait until it comes out through Windilicity.

    • Don

      Isn’t there already an acronym to refer to the big three?

    • sp

      yes ROBELUS or ROBBERS


      either way they are all crooks.

  • Don

    The Galaxy Note looks freaking cool. But I’d rather wait for a ICS version of the hardware; IE: without the buttons.

  • EmperumanV

    Well regarding the battery issue with LTE vs HSPA+, for those who are not in the LTE area such as myself, it will be an advantage as in we will be using HSPA+

  • Nonchalant

    does the exynos chip make that big of a difference? this is an honest question (not trying to sound like a jerk). I really want this phone but if it’s going to lag or something than I wont get it…

  • Kenny

    KC “This Valentine’s Day, give the unconventional answer when she asks “Is that a phone in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?”

    At 5.3” it’ll be bigger than anything in my pocket 😛

  • 3DoubleD

    Exynos is the latest and greatest from 2011.

    Snapdragon is the latest and greatest from 2010. The chip to beat in Android phones is Exynos, and that won’t really happen until 2H2012. Tegra 3 doesn’t really count as I doubt there will be enough quad threaded apps to take advantage.

    If you want hard numbers, try anandtech.

    • Nonchalant

      I don’t really care about benchmark numbers. I’m only referring to performance differences that I’ll actually notice while using the phone. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the review when the North American version is released…

    • 3DoubleD

      Why do you ask “what’s the speed difference” and then say you don’t look at benchmarks. Without some qualitative reference, how are you supposed to know how much faster it is?

      Benchmarks are not useless and if the reviewer is good, they test real world usage. For exmaple, there are benchmarks for web browser rendering that will give you a feel for web browser performance. There are battery tests. There are video game tests. There are video playback tests. This is much more informatative than some guy saying “Ya, it’s waaaaaay faster man”.

      All that said, do you really want to buy a $700 phone with a 1.5-2 year old SoC in it?

    • Nonchalant

      yes, that’s why I’m asking. LTE speeds sound sexier than the age of the SoC

  • Jimbo

    Considering the rumour that this won’t launch until Feb. 19 on ATT, good for Canada to launch it before that. Of course, we will have to wait to see if it actually happens.


    Another one for Urban Dictionary:

    BOGUS (transitive verb)

    To purchase a mobile device in a three year contract with Bell/rOGers/telUS.

    Example: I bogused my new Galaxy Note. I won’t be able to afford to eat for the next three years. But I can email my homeboys and beg for food.

    BOGUS (adjective)

    Describes a mobile device that has been locked into a 3 year contract with Bell/rOGers/telUS.

    Example: That Galaxy Nexus is bogus! Why didn’t you wait for it to come out on Mobilicity, yo?

  • Chris

    Just so MobileSyrup knows, it is coming up at 799.99 Outright in the Best Buy System. (Best Buy Mobile Rep)

    • omgomg

      799.99??? that’s pushing it.. i’ll get it when the price drops to around 600

  • Mystic09

    Way too expensive. What are they thinking?
    There go my dreams.

  • emc has it listed at $695 + shipping and Taxes for international version. LTE is not ready for prime time yet and not a single carrier can even deliver the speeds LTE promises. Hell, they can’t even delivery on HSPA+ speeds for that matter. My current HPSA phone is rated for 14.4 but on Speedtest I could never get anything over 5. If you ask me at $249 on 3 yr term, or $799 outright, the carries don’t really want you to buy it because they can’t deliver on the promise of LTE speeds anyway.

  • gregg

    emc is so right about LTE and how BOGUS (Bell+Telus+Rogers) want to control our spending dollars. There was a time when young pessimists with tiny pockets working for BOGUS would have us think that holding a 5 inch+ phone to one’s ear would simply look silly. So they refused to sell us the Note when it first became available in Europe last fall. I guess they didn’t want us taking advantage of of its Skype (free) or visual calling functions. They also thought that providing a stylus was merely a marketing gimmick. I guess they wanted to nip artistic expression in the bud or force people who normally express themselves in non-alphabet languages (Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic) to transliterate by using the stock Roman alphabet keyboard instead of transcribing messages in their native languages on an all-in-one “phablet”. BOGUS may have also forgotten that the ever-growing number of babyboomers demand larger screens and better speakers for their deteriorating eyesight and hearing, hence the growth of tablets. They don’t see anything wrong with wasteful consumerism, or with user-unfriendly 3-year contracts; greed would have them try to convince us to buy 2 products rather than one on one data plan. Yet their marketing gurus fail to see the silliness of consumers being forced to carry a man-purse or a knapsack to house both a 4.3″ phone and a tablet. The timing of the Note release date after the recent Rogers 2-for-one promotion (Samsung GalaxyII-LTE + SG Tab 10.1 for $249 – both of which have received only so-so reviews) indicate very clever marketing on the part of Rogers and BOGUS. Late to the game, BOGUS chose months ago to sell us other slow-moving smartphones in the pre-Christmas period, instead of selling the much-awaited SG Note. In so doing they postponed the release date of the Note for mid-February. That is why the Note is pre-loaded with Gingerbread and not ICS. Consumer locked into new 3-yr contracts at Christmas now won’t be able to break their contracts to buy a SG Note. Congrats to all you clever readers of Mobilesyrup who held back and saw this coming.

  • Pigs Like Cheese

    This guy above me sure is long winded. LOL. Anyways, to the point instead of rambling like the guy above me.

    Have the Note already. Awesome phone. Fits fine in my pocket. Works fine as a phone. Get a bluetooth headset if you do lot of calling. Nuff said. Just buy it.

  • Dr Cell

    All phones over $200 on a 3 year contract is too much asked.

    • Dr Cell

      especially if you pay more than $70/month

  • emc

    @Pigs Like Cheese, my I ask where you got your Note from? I have seen it listed on, but still looking for better deal.

    • Johnny Boy

      Got mine this weekend from kijiji …

    • Pigs Like Cheese

      I got it imported. A buddy of mine was on a trip to Europe and Asia back in November. So I’ve had it since then. Cost me $800+tax. Worth it to be first in line for this awesome phone/tablet. All my friends have phone envy.

  • Scott

    I bought one a couple of weeks ago for $679 from bestdirect.CA (I think their price has gone up since then). I am a former Dell Streak owner so I am predisposed to big phones, but I think this thing is awesome!

  • CRL

    Potentially stupid newbie question here. I’m new to Canada and don’t know anything about smartphones here.

    If I get this phone, could I use it with Wind or another carrier other than Bell / Rogers / Telus? I don’t care about LTE speeds – HSPA+ looks fast enough for me – and I don’t like the look of the data prices from the big three.


    • Scott

      This phone will work on Rogers, Bell, Telus, and all of their sub-brands (ie Fido, Chatr, Solo, Virgin, Koodo). It will NOT work on Wind or Mobilicity as far as I know, because these networks operate on 1700 MHz AWS bands.

      You might want to check out Virgin, they have a deal right now where you get s discount of $5 per month off their talk&text plans (my personal favourites) or $10 per month off their smartphone plans.

    • Edward Szklar

      Short answer is no. Wind/Mobilicity works on 1700/2100 MHz AWS and the 1700Mhz band isn’t supported. My GF has the international Note and my Mobilicity SIM didn’t work.

  • dazzler

    Both bestdirect.CA and have this phone but with Gingerbread, not with Icecream sandwich. I thought European version with HSPA+ came with ICS? it seem only difference is LTE and HSPA+ (not discounting it since it provides good batt life)
    Would you buy note to go on BOGUS network (bell/rogers/telus) or rather go on Wind?
    I have iph4 on 3yrs and im 1.5yrs into it. Is it worth to get on contract or rather buy in full price. I think Bell will disable GPS feature to sell one of their own, what do you think?

  • Omega

    Holy crap, who would spend even $300 on this phone off-contract?!

    Where do they come up with these prices?!?!??

  • Avi

    749.99 Buyout price

  • Rick

    Hi, looking at the Samsung galaxy note…

    Can you tell me if I’m missing something here?

    If I buy the phone outright at $700 (roughly incl shipping), and get a voice/data plan to suit my needs it will cost about $50/month.

    If I buy it at best buy on a 3 yr contract I pay $150 up front (as of march 6/12) and $60 per month for a similar plan, then I actually save $190 over the 3 year term.

    (math: $700 minus the contract plan -$150 and -$10/month difference for 36 months is -$360.
    So $700 – $150 – $360 = $190 – I pay $190 more to buy phone up front without plan.

    Is there something I’m missing here? I realize there are some who just hate the idea of being stuck on a contract but I’m not one of them since I have a stable business and will end up using the phone for the full 3 years or longer.

    Is this the normal thing – paying more to buy the phone outright? I would have thought the opposite.