Rogers officially takes its “One Number” service out of beta, now available to all Postpaid customers

Rogers has officially taken their “One Number” service out of beta. Internally called “RON”, One Number is free for Rogers customers and allows you to manage all your communications through your wireless number, via your computer. It’s actually a very interesting strategy for Rogers to deploy this service, perhaps it’s part of their overall machine-to-machine commitment. As more customers rely on their mobile device to do most of their mobile needs, the One Number give you access/freedom to “talk, text, email and more on your wireless device and computer” (Mac or PC). The One Number is a web app and also acts somewhat like Google Voice as it allows you to video chat via your computer “from anywhere in the world for FREE” (no long distance charges). In addition, Rogers states that you’ll be able to “Seamlessly switch calls between your computer and your wireless phone without missing a word”.

There’s a bit of fine print about the One Number. It’s currently only available to PostPaid customers who have “Rogers One Number web phone” (we are getting the list of devices), managing your email is only compatible with Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. Plus, the terms and conditions says that “incoming messages will be charged as per your wireless plan and current pay-per-use rates (as applicable). Use of the Rogers One Number service may cause you to use additional internet data depending on your internet data usage allowance; internet service charges and overage rates (if applicable) apply in accordance with your Rogers or third party internet service package.”

Update: This is only available to Rogers customers, not Fido.


Source: Rogers

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