RIM: BlackBerry apps generate 40% more profit than Android apps, App World is the 2nd most profitable app store


  • omis

    Probably because they are forty percent more expensive than android apps. booya!

    • TomatoGuy

      Too bad people who mostly buy Blackberry Apps (baby boomers) are “dying breed”. Younger generation has moved on to Android, IOS or Windows Phone 7 devices.

    • Spinners

      According to the second slide: there are 6 million apps downloaded per day; while the article claims 75 million. Syrup, please fix that. (that’s about 8%)

      The only number that matter is this:
      $B4.2 earnings last quarter and $265 Million profit.
      That says it all: RIM operations are still huge but at the end of the day they only bring $265 in profit. And that was in Q3! Q4 is going to be worse..

    • Dan

      Too bad developers do not want to wait 10-15 years to see those pre-teen kiddys ready to finally put down a buck or two to buy their app.

    • SAM


  • user

    Nice try.

  • B-Rod

    Is that a percentage or total amount?

    • Hum?

      isn’t that the same thing?

  • studystand

    That’s only because blackberries main audience consists of teenage girls and business men. If they were to gain traction on the tech-savvy market a cracked marketplace would overrun their profit

    • Alex Perrier

      Anyone who basically wants to join a AWS carrier like WIND, wants a smartphone with basic features, and doesn’t want any Android or Symbian will choose a BlackBerry. This is a wise move for RIM, and is helping them stay alive and sell at least modestly, compared to just targeting Big 3. There are no AWS iOS devices. For Windows Phone 7, it’s possible to use the Nokia Lumia 710 on AWS, and there is the HTC Radar to be released on Vidéotron and hopefully WIND too!

      So, the RIM demographic does include teens, not just girls, as well as many people who want a physical keyboard and good service prices.

  • Alex Perrier

    Myth #4: the BlackBerry Bold 9790 is the best value for the money at $400.

    Myth #4 busted: it may be okay for a regular price, especially for an enterprise, but for the regular customer who wants this in “a small purse, or a pocket” (TELUS), one can only hope it goes on sale, like those $350 Curve 9360. Let’s compare it to the HTC Panache, which itself is very similar hardware-wise to the Nexus S:

    * All have 1 GHz processors
    * The Panache and Bold have 8 GB of internal memory, whereas the Nexus S has 16 GB; the Panache apparently has only 1.2 GB free, which is really bizarre. But even if this is true, it includes a bonus 8 GB on a microSD. The other phones don’t include a card.
    * Both have five-megapixel cameras, but whereas the Panache shoots in 720p (Nexus in wide VGA), the Bold only shoots in regular VGA.
    * The Bold 9790 has the coveted physical keyboard, whereas the Panache and Nexus S do not.
    * Both have touchscreens, but the Bold’s 2.45 inches is small compared to the Panache’s 3.8 inches and the Nexus S’ 4 inches.
    * The Panache has an FM radio, but the Bold and Nexus S do not have this feature, which is great for saving on Internet costs and speeds.
    * The Panache has a faster maximum download speed for the modem, but a slower maximum upload speed than the Bold and Nexus S.
    * While this has little to do with the device itself, the BIS Internet plans for the Bold can offer better value than the pay-per-megabyte plans for the Panache and Nexus S.
    * The Bold 9790 costs $400 at regular price, while the Nexus S and Panache were initially sold at $500 each, before being permanently lowered to $300 each.

    RIM’s Bold 9790 was a good attempt to make a midrange device, but unfortunately, it lacks the FM radio and 720p camcorder that other phones in this price range have. Maybe if Mobilicity sold the 9790, it would be sold for less at their store.

    • WP74Life

      Comparing android to BB ?
      Stock android on every devices is painfull.
      LAggy, crashy, everythingthatmakesthisworsty.
      Currently the best deal under 400$ is the Nokia 710.
      Nokia 710 (WP7) > BB > Android.
      Sad truth my friend, one day you will switch for wp7 and you’ll become a man.

    • Spinners

      9790 its a good phone for $300-350 but you can’t update it and reselling value its only going to drop. Compare that to the Nexus S, a model from last year coming up at $300-350 upgradable to Adnroid 4 and usable for another year at least, with a very stable re-selling value. If you do a straight comparison Android will win. 9700 should be $250 and 9790 $300. One ob RIM’s biggest problem now is that “They think” they are STILL a desirable premium brand.
      They have to adjust their prices according to market desirability if they want to survive the next 3 quearters.

    • RichardR

      The Bold 9790 has FM transmitter, just like the curve modes.

      They all the Cuve modes plus just the Bold 9790 use the marvel chipset which has FM chipset and is now available in BB 7.1

      The Bold 9900, 9810, 9860 use QUALCOMM 1.2 GHz chipset, so they do not have FM.

  • Rich

    I’m always surprised by how many free apps there are on the Android Marketplace, mind you they usually have ads instead.

    With that said, I bought a playbook recently (Telus sale) so I have to be pro RIM for a bit.
    GO RIM!!!! 😀

    • Alex Perrier

      They will likely make money with app and accessory sales.

      i personally find the HP TouchPad to be a better value, but for those who couldn’t get one, the BlackBerry Playbook is a good choice, too. It sure seems small, however. Does anyone else find this?

  • PumaYaYa

    Sure… if it came from the mouth of an independent source (i.e. someone that doesn’t work at RIM).

  • bb user & abuser

    I’m avid BB user and I love BB but something just doesn’t add up:

    Quote “Myth busted: 75 million app downloads/day, 174 million a month, avg. user downloads 30 apps/yr”

    75 million downloads/day doesn’t equal 174 million/month.

    • Hum?

      look at the pictures.

      its 6 million a day, the 74 mil is # of active users

  • haze.

    of course they are more profitable. when every damn app in the market is a paid app (PlayBook Angrybirds for $5 vs. free on my SG2) they are destined to make money. Offer up a better selection of apps at a more affordable rate and you might see these numbers skewed in Apple/Android direction.

    • Alex Perrier

      Free on the TouchPad for the full Angry Birds original, $2 for Rio or Seasons. Bigger screen too. 🙂

    • abc123

      PLaybook apps don’t have an Ad platform yet. So that’s why all the apps are paid. Until RIM releases official ad support, don’t expect developers to offer their apps for free. They have to make money.

  • ex-bb user

    And yet, devices are still sh#t!!
    (playbook at sale price excluded)

  • Fart behemoth

    Rim I destroying Android!!!!!!!! Go rim go

  • Rodsky11

    Yet again, another RIM marketing blunder. They never understand the consumer.

    “We have less apps that cost more money”. Lets celebrate!!

    • Spinners

      75 million Users and only 6 million apps downloaded per day (doesn’t say if they are paid or free apps)
      Let’s celebrate!

  • EvanK

    You guys do realize that BB is the most popular smartphone in MANY countries overseas, and is only gaining market share. Hopefully their market share will improve here in North America once the BB10 devices are released.

    However, lots of this doesn’t have to do with market share, because of a smaller userbase and less apps, they’ll generally be priced higher.

  • dicmccoy

    Where’s the proof? I highly doubt their market makes more money than Android. All blackberry owners I have known never purchased an app. I have seen them download a couple apps but nothing compared to Apple and Android users. And if your proof is that BB said so is BS. If Bill gates said Windows Phone has the most market share, then does it make it true? No! Everyone just wants to target Android and shoot it down because its growing faster than any other OS ever did and they’re all scared.

    • Tim Henderson

      It sounds you like are scared that RIM is hammering Android into oblivion!

      Canada success story destroying Droid crapola. GO RIM GO!!!!

      First Android, then Apple, then the world!!!!!!!

    • Me Ted

      @Tim Henderson

      Ok both of you just take a pill. I love my Galaxy Nexus and my Playbooks (that’s plural – both the wife and I). You can enjoy both worlds without douchenozzling it up. That is all.

  • roman129

    This guy is only telling you half the story. Can’t really blame him, it’s hit job.

    What about freemium apps? Look at the top grossing list on Android market, 19 of top 20 are free apps.
    Also not to mention that many free apps are ad supported, which receive the benefit of hundreds of millions of users on the market.

    • Thoughtful

      That’s true, people tend to spend more money on freemium apps over time than they would if they just bought an app straight out.

  • 2pacs tshirt

    if u have 75 million app d/ls a DAY

    how can u avg 174 million a month lol

  • Spinners

    The article reads:
    Myth #2: BlackBerry users don’t use apps
    Myth busted: 75 million app downloads/day,

    While the second slide says: 6 (SIX million) app per day.
    So therey you have it:
    75million users (which is a number brom Q3 report, and probably lower than that now) and 6 million apps per day or 8%; that’s nothing to brag about!

  • EmperumanV

    Enough with the company bashing people. Lets just get along here. Move along, you have nothing to see here.

  • be happy

    Guys, why you are so mad. Let’s just rejoice at RIM?

    A smartphone is just a tool. Each tool is good for some purposes. If you use your smartphone as a mp3 player, then iPhone can be one of your choices.
    If you want to root you device and change ROMs on it, then I guess Android would be the best for you.
    I do not listen to music on my phone. I do not play games. I mostly use it for e-mails, text messages, calendar and WEB. And I am sure that BlackBerry with keyboard is the BEST FOR ME. And BlackBerry has all apps that I need. I think it’s stupid to argue about the best phone, best car…
    One of mine friends wanted to convince me that IPhone is the best because it has lots of software developed for it. What I understood, it was that he installed more than hundred apps but he does not know how they work because he played with them no more than 15 – 30min after installation and forgot about them after that.

    I need a tool that helps me to make money, not a toy that helps to spend time.

    Madonna was asked “Would you ever give up everything for love?” on Anderson Cooper’s talk show, she replied “Well, I mean, what is everything? I won’t give up my BlackBerry.”

    So it depends… I tried Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and I can say that there is no the best phone. At least for me.

  • dicmccoy

    Why would I rejoice for RIM? Their crappy phone only lasted me 6 months and was the worst OS I have ever used. Plus their phones are ugly as hell. I want some evidence on these stats. The only thing RIM has going for them is that they’re Canadian but the people running the company don’t know what to do with it to gain their market share back. Their BBX devices when launched are going to outdated hardware wise. Why spend $600-700 on a BBX device when I can spend the same on a Samsung Galaxy SIII when its released?

  • Boojay

    RIM is taking the Apple approach: making up lies, believing in their lies, and trying to convince the general public in their lies.


  • zzZZzz

    Myth …Android Market isn’t profitable to developers.

    STOP looking at direct paid apps. There is big money in ad-supported apps which a lot of developers tend to go for.
    Ask Rovio how much money they make on Android and none of their apps cost money.

    • Thoughtful

      Actually if you look at the top grossing apps (top 20 or so) on the android market, they are mostly freemium. So they make all their money through micropayments.

      Also, Rovio makes a lot of money but they aren’t even in the top 20. The top 20 is dominated by freemium apps which operate with a micro-payment system. This causes people to spend more money on the game than they would if they just made a single payment.

  • Courtney

    Too bad that Blackberry can’t figure out how to be fast and efficient like other technologies!! By the time it takes for Blackberry to open a link, someone just bought 5 Apple phones, dealt with the transaction and made it back to work ontime! Meanwhile, Blackberry is still LOADING! Argh LAME and Frustrating!

  • jon_d0e

    we android users are smart. We side load the apk files for free. lol@blackberry users paying for apps.

  • Tobias

    Sorry, but Apple’s currently counting down to their 25 billionth app download. Check the front page of Apple.com to confirm.

    Seems to serve RIM’s interests to NOT update their competitor’s stats in a timely manner.

    To then broadcast the wrong figures at international conferences? Well it all sounds so Microsoftian!

  • George

    PlayBook 2.0?