RIM: BlackBerry apps generate 40% more profit than Android apps, App World is the 2nd most profitable app store

Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations, took the stage at BlackBerry DevCon Europe this morning to declare some stats and set the record straight on some myths, kinda rubbing it in to the doubters:

Myth #1: The BlackBerry Market is shrinking
Myth busted: There are 75 million BlackBerry users around the world, up 20 million from last year

Myth #2: BlackBerry users don’t use apps
Myth busted: 75 million app downloads/day, 174 million a month, avg. user downloads 30 apps/yr

Myth #3: BlackBerry developers can’t make money
Myth busted: BlackBerry App World has more paid downloads than the Android Market, 2nd most profitable app store after Apple, generates 40% more profit than the Android market apps, 13% of BlackBerry developers have make over $100,000 or more from BlackBerry App World apps.

In addition, it was also announced that the BlackBerry App World reached the 2 billion download mark in January 2012, currently has 60,000 available apps and available in over 164 countries around the world and BlackBerry App World actually supports 31 currencies.

The Android Market has about 400,000 available apps, over 11 billion app downloads. Apple’s App Store has over 15 billion app downloads with over 425,000 apps.

Here’s another cool stat that came out of the presentation today, especially since the PlayBook 2.0 is going to be available this month: 90% of BlackBerry PlayBook owners upgrade to the latest OS within one month of it being made available.

All of these are impressive, yet very shocking numbers above. Showing these stats will help RIM rebuilt their credibility in the market. Now we just need the PlayBook 2.0 OS and the new BlackBerry 10 devices to launch.

Does this give you fresh perspective on RIM?

Source: CrackBerry
Via: Twitter