Google introduces Android Design to help developers make the best-looking Android 4.0 apps


  • I forgot my meds

    Apple already does this. Just keep copying Apple.

    • dl

      do i need Chuck Norris’ approval to roundhouse kick your face?

    • karocena

      Right…and where did Apple get that drop down notification bar again?

    • Rio

      It is funny that you guys are getting all offensive.

      Stuff like this happens on Apple post too except it is 10 times worst lol.

    • Zomby

      So did Google, they just expanded that section (a lot) and updated the info for ICS look and feel.

  • Sean

    I actually went though this and it makes a lot of sense, they want develepors to have their apps with a standard interface, where say you press the back button it takes you back in all apps not back in some and home in others.

    It shows how icons should look and behave and how to make things more user friendly and wasy to use.

    This is great that google came out with this hopefully some devs take note

  • shaggyskunk

    @iforgotmymeds. It’s so refreshing to see that you can be honest with your self… as indicated by your screen name… good on ya!

  • Silly String

    Google seems to give me more and more incentive to start making some Android apps. Good for them 🙂

  • Slype

    lol.. Yeah, where did Apple get video playback, music playing, multitasking, web browser, email and text messaging from? Oh yeah, they copied Palm and Microsoft. Sure they prettied it up but the only true innovation that came out of Apple is the walled garden App store. Sites like PalmHQ and Palmgear already had centralized sites. I guess the the one good thing that Apple did was wrap everything in a unified UI and made it all pretty for those who prefer style over substance.

    Guess the point is that no matter what you say someone stole from your preferred company, someone else did it first so be careful when throwing stones from your glass house (or store). 😉

  • Slype

    Anyways, good on Google to support this initiative and help out the developers. Always good to see them try to correct issues that arise and not blame others for not doing it right.

  • doug

    They taunt us with a picture of ICS on a Nexus S! I wish they would continue the roll out. I can’t even force it on, since its not available for the Rogers version of Nexus S.

  • Gallgher Nexust

    @ Doug: I’m patiently waiting for Google to get it right, but I get the feeling it’s going to be a looong wait.