Google rolls out Android 4.0.2 to GSM Galaxy Nexus


  • kimber86

    i cant wait to get this phone tomorrow. As much as other phones may be spec wise better then the gnex i prefer to get my updates as soon as they come out.

  • rich

    Got the update a few hours ago, running it on Mobilicity. Was mainly just hoping for improved battery life but that wasn’t in the list of fixes.

  • ytwytw

    I got update on my Bell Galaxy Nexus

    Works like a charm

  • PaulY

    Battery hasn’t been a huge issue for me. I’ve had a few included apps failing at weird times. Music seems to crash when it isn’t even running, so I’m hoping that might be better.

    • rich

      I was told the battery issue I’m having might be due to my galaxy nexus dropping and picking up mobilicity’s signal constantly and dealing with constant low reception (usually 2 bars or less). I’ve also heard that there was a bug on some that just caused it to not idle. Regardless, I don’t even get through a full shift at work with minimal usage so I’m praying for a bit of improvement. I’ve been having the same problem with music crashing without me even opening it. Hopefully that gets resolved too.

  • Abe

    No update for my Virgin Galaxy Nexus..yet..

  • Luis Angel Ramirez

    Also got this a few hours ago. Im using an unlocked device on AT&T’s network 🙂

  • Canuck

    When will we see this update for the Nexus S in Canada?

    • Sean

      you are already 4.0.3

    • ToniCipriani


      Only the i9020T got the update (i.e. Wind/Mobilicity). i9020A (Bell/Rogers/Telus) is still not updated.

  • nexus

    for those who have the canadian version of the Gnexus do u guys experience a poor volume quality with the speaker?? i believe that can be fixed on future updates of ICS right?

    • Alex

      agreed…download volume+, put at +11, works and sounds great now

    • rich

      Have the same speaker issue with mine. Extremely low. I guess I’ll play around with it to see if that was fixed i 4.0.2

  • salem

    Isn’t ICS 4.0.3 the Main branch now? why is 4.0.2 being pushed out rather then 4.0.3? seems confusing

    • flagg

      See the ‘reserved’ link in the article above.

  • Jules.Winnfield

    No update yet on Virgin

  • S.Gabriel

    No update on fido yet

  • Khristopher

    I have 4.0.3 officially on my Nexus S on WIND.

  • Dave

    I wish my S2X would get the update some time soon 🙁

  • Zia

    When will be the update for gsm nexus s? Please tell if someone knows.

  • MauiLove

    No update as yet on a GNex from Virgin. 🙁

  • Lucas

    My transformer prime officially has 4.0.3

  • vinay

    No update as of yet on rogers gnex, still on 4.0.1

  • EmperumanV

    Still on 4.0.1. Got the Bell Galaxy Nexus and running on Bell. I thought all pure Google phones get the updates at the same time regardless of region?

    • Mark

      Nexus updates have never been released all at the same instant to everyone. They are rolled randomly out over several days/weeks. Be patient, it will come.

  • Val

    Am with BELL and my Nexus – anyone have what seems like random signal strength, from full to one bar to no signal???

  • Wilson


    Flash to jakju. Your on the crappy BHELLLLL version.

    Yakju is the official google build.

  • jonnyboy

    The canadian verions of this phone have the product name “yakjuux” which is updated by Samsung. You Have to flash to “yakju” to get updates directly from google. Download the GN officail update app from the market to find what yours is running.

    • Mark

      ALL Nexus builds are official Google updates. Don’t believe the conspiracy theories.

    • ste

      You’re both right. They’re all official Google updates, but only yakju builds get those updates from Google. Yakjuux gets the same updates (may be slightly tweaked) but from Samsung.. meaning that there is a delay.

    • Mark

      No, they are ALL coming from Google servers. Nothing is coming from Samsung, this is a myth.

  • Jak

    no seriously, where’s the ics update for the i920a?

  • bunnysmasy

    Are you just going to the About Phone and checking for system updates? I did and there’s nothing yet.

  • rich

    For the people that say they haven’t gotten it yet, try restarting the phone. That’s how I found out and got the update.

  • M1LK

    I’m on 4.03 because I didn’t see this post early enough and I couldn’t wait. There were too many issues with the phone Force closing a lot of my stuff in addition to the crashes.

  • scotty

    Ics 4 the rogers nexus s would be nice

  • Kyle

    Google said that the Nexus s Ice cream sandwich would be released by january 2012 but we are already January 13th half the month already done and no update yet. Where is my update for my Koodo Mobile samsung nexus S. I thought The nexus Pure Google phones get the updates first, but why are other android phones getting their updates before a google phone??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

    • Mark

      The Nexus does get updates first. In this case Google was rolling 4.0.2 to the Galaxy Nexus (to be followed by 4.0.3) and rolling 4.0.3 out to the Nexus S. The found some bugs and halted the before Christmas update to work them out. ASUS made some early promises to get the Transformer on ICS in January so they grabbed the ASPO 4.0.3 early and got it pushed out. Be patient.

  • halfasleep

    @Kyle, other phones are not getting the update first, it’s the Asus transformer tablets that are getting it before the Nexus S phone.

  • Rahul

    Nothing on fido yet

  • kevinc

    The ics 4.03 update has quietly resumed for the Nexus S (I9020T model). XDA-developers is reporting that it’s the same build that went out on Dec 16th.

  • KnightFire

    FYI, there are eight, that’s 8, different Samsung Galaxy Nexus models; the one we have in Canada is the:

  • Zoomus

    I am wit hBell Canada, was one of the first to get the NExus on release day, no updates yet still on 4.01

  • KnightFire

    Well there are eight models listed on the Samsung (warrenty) website. They list the Canadian model as: GT-I9250TSMBMC however the model I got from Rogers today was: GT-I9250TSRRWC

  • Rahul Nakra

    Still no update 🙁

  • WabbaJ

    Anyone get anything for Fido yet? Thanks.

  • Adrian Hensler

    Still no update for my Rogers GNP.

  • Adriel

    Nothing yet on Rogers.

  • George

    still nothing on virgin

  • GNexUser

    Still nothing on Rogers =(

  • Treatz

    nothing for me either, Bell phone on Telus network

  • jack

    been a f*****g month and i’m still on 4.0.1

  • Sean

    February 27th and still no update. I’m with Rogers. Guess this story was incorrect lol.