Huawei announces the Ascend P1 S, world’s thinnest dual core Android smartphone at 6.68mm


  • Steven

    Big surprise from Huawei! Looking forward to what they can bring to the table.

  • Peter

    And unlike the Razr, this phone doesn’t spoil the thinness by having a huge bulge at the top.

  • regoR

    WE HAVE A (not really) NEW CHALLENGER! Never really impressed with their past models but I can get used to this. Keep it coming!

  • Josh

    No offense but i dont think i can trust this brand. havent heard too many positive comments on it from my friends.

    • Cid

      You may then be surprised to know that Huawei powers a great deal of Canada’s mobile networks.

  • Jason

    And with ICS. Good offering

  • Brad

    Remember when Samsung was a crappy 3rd rate brand? And LG was Goldstar(another cheapo brand)? Yes Huaweii’s past models were mediocre at best and pretty much useless at worst, but they have just as much an chance to improve and become a high end brand as anyone.

    • Tharan

      Kinda like what Hyundai has gone through, stellar cars today but their past…not so much

  • JustMeAndMe

    who will pay $500+ for Huawei device?

  • KC

    One has to wonder what the battery life will be with this device as I suspect they were not able to fit a particularly large battery in there.

  • BM

    SGS 2 rip off anyone? Still looks real nice.Planned obsolesense is bliss.

  • Pahech

    It doesn’t look anywhere close to a Galaxy S2. Not sure why you’re thinking that.

  • RoccoStiffReddi


    any maroon that would pay that much for anything on wind is an i***t. NO warranty! shocking.. almost as scary as mike jones in a moo moo

  • MrMarvelous

    Hmm, specs seem decent. I wish we could start moving away from impossibly thin, and towards impossible long lasting batteries lol.

    Also, if it’s debuting with ICS…why did they include capacitive buttons?

  • alex

    Who gives a crap when you’re gonna want to put a case on it anyway. Thinness race=pointless.

  • Rahmy

    how much are apps and also would you recommend just gteting a phone for cricket or flashing and android to cricket cuz I really wanted the MOTO droid the org one but I dunno. how good is the camera