Pay for Starbucks drinks on your Android device with My Coffee Card

It’s no secret that Android apps often lag behind their iPhone equivalents, but in the case of the official Starbucks app it’s not a matter of platform but location. While the American version of the Starbucks app has been able to make purchases using US cards for months, there is no such version in the Canadian Marketplace. And don’t forget the Canadian iOS app can be used as a Starbucks Card.

Enter My Coffee Card. This unofficial third-party Starbucks app is by developer Birbeck, and brings most of the same functionality as you’d find in the iOS app in a less pretty package. You can load a card, reload its balance, and see your payment history. The free version only allows for one card to be loaded at a time while My Coffee Card Pro ($1.99) allows you to load multiple cards.

Best of all, both versions allow you to pay for your drinks using Starbucks’ new built-in barcode scanner (which should be available at all locations in Canada). You can also log in to your Starbucks account and see your rewards status (Gold Card, baby!) and set a PIN code to prevent unauthorized use. And, of course, you can find the closest location to you using Google Maps.

The app also comes with a couple nice extra features including quick access widget that shows you a balance and brings one-touch access to your barcode. So, if you’re holding on to your iPhone in order to pay for Starbucks drinks, let loose your shackles and move to Android!

My Coffee Card: free

My Coffee Card Pro: ($1.99)

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