Apple rumoured to launch a 7.85-inch iPad in 2012, DigiTimes says


  • wewewi

    I might consider a 200$ Kindle Fire-ised Ipad, yes.
    Not for 399.

  • MIJ

    iPad 2S and iPad 3 coming together, maybe?

  • Mystic09

    I’d be all over a 7″ ipad. Even if the price was very close to the current ipad.
    I own an ipad now, but I don’t take it very many places. The size is too big for my purse, and awkward to carry on a busy bus. Having used a 7″ tablet before I’d say it’s the perfect size for a lot of on the go situations!!

  • InfinitiGuy

    When RIM introduced a 7″ tablet, everyone complained it was too small. When Apple does it, it will be the best thing since sliced bread.

    • Gerhardt

      ya but at least the iPad will have native email, calendar, contacts, and boat load of apps.

    • som

      gotta agree with you on this. lots of product have been made by other companies and they don’t get recognition.

      i wouldn’t buy one no matter how many apps they have.

      i love my playbook

  • Kid.Canada

    F*ckin hipocrites!!!

  • Kenny

    I guess it’s time to update, I was waiting for the iPad 3 but a 7 might be alright, if it was 8, I’d buy it release day. My iPad 1 is damned sluggish.

  • NothingUnknown

    I assume every 7″ iPad will come with sandpaper.

  • nauman

    I have always liked the smaller size, hence got the PlayBook. Never been a fan of the iPad but if the 7 inch size came out I would definitely consider it.

  • crunch204

    so….steve jobs was against the 7″ ipad….but now that he’s dead, apple is making one?

    • Eric

      What makes you think Jobs didnt know about the 7 inch tablet? He has a long history of flip flopping on previous statements.

  • Malevolent

    I have both the iPad and the Playbook. I like to travel with the Playbook cause of its size but when at home I use the iPad most cause of its size. I think this is a good move by Apple, I wish BB would make a larger tablet as well. Two tablets, two different sizes works well for my needs.

  • superfly

    @malevolent… that’s what she said!!!

  • Taylor

    I have a samsung galaxy tab 7″ and I love that thing to peices but to be honest its a little bulky, if I could get an ipad with the same size and have it be 4G or 4GLTE i would never have that thing leave my side.

  • Jason V.

    I’m sure if Android developers can make their software work for all the tablets out right now running that platform (with a wide range of screen sizes), iOS developers will have to get used to coding for a change in screen size also if they want to stay competitive.

  • Jack

    a 7 inch screen is too small. i guess if you were on the road and really had no other options i guess it would be fine, but that’s about it. i carry a 10in tab and it is not bulky or heavy, its perfectly fine.

  • Me Ted

    “Would you buy a 7.85-inch iPad?”
    I wouldn’t buy a f*****g iPad period.

  • Eric

    Apple/Jobs also said that 4 inch screened phones are too large.. Just you wait, the next iphone will have a 4 inch screen.

  • Mesonto

    I am so tired of Apple rumours. If it weren’t for the rumours we would hardly ever hear about anything about Apple. Please (insert site here) stop printing this stuff.

    • Jason V.

      I blame Phil Schiller.

  • htcMachine

    F$(#)% Apple!
    Wait till 2012 when they release Apple TV and call it ground breaking innovative technology even though you can go to costco and pick up a smart tv with facebook and web made by vizio.

    • Taylor

      apple tv already exists #justsayin

  • Guy

    7.85 inch iPad (because apparently 7.8 or 7.9 isn’t good enough, no no, we must do 7.85) to me sounds just like iPhone5. People want to believe it’ll happen so desperately, and then we get this nonsense posted for months afterwards. After all this talk of iPad3 and iPad Mini, you’ll likely just get your Ipad 2S, and then go back to the rumourmill on why they didn’t release what you said they would.

  • Sub-Joker

    If it’s for 250 Max I’ll consider it.

  • Giuseppe DeCarolis

    Apple has always set the standard for tablets. It was never about Mass appeal but function and design….not how many tablets they can sell. Tim Cook should focus on the next wave of product launches……

  • Andy

    if it was like 300$ i would buy it simply because i would like to have a 7″ tablet…
    A Ipad Mini would be great but only if the price is right!!!
    if it was to be lets say… 500$ i would NEVER!

  • Luise

    I think ipad 2 is a perfect size and I wish ipad 3 remain the same size. It’s amazing you can do so much on an ipad. It will not be an efficient size to run those applications. I suggest that Apple produce ipad 3 same size as ipad 2 and create another mini ipad for those who like smaller screen. So it keeps everyone happy. Rather than competing on the price, Apple product competing on their innovation and creative design. Steve is great on his insight, hope Apple keeps his sprit.