BlackBerry OS 7.1 bringing Device Analyzer app for end user self help

It’s unusual for a company to release debug and self-help applications for troubleshooting problems but that is exactly what RIM plans to do with OS 7.1. According to the latest leaked files, a Device Analyzer app will be bundled with each device, aiming to help users self-diagnose issues before they call tech support.

The app performs tests such as signal quality, BIS/BES connectivity, battery health, hardware reliability and WiFi performance.

While we’re unsure whether this app will make it into carrier-approved builds of BlackBerry 7.1, we hope it does — BlackBerry users tend to be fairly savvy people, and giving us access to a bit more information about our phones is the best thing to further customer satisfaction.

One more shot after the break.

Source: N4BB

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