Android users love Facebook, and Angry Birds is popular regardless of age: Nielsen


  • Rebekkah

    Sad to see that Pandora Radio is a hit with all age groups, too, as we can’t get it here in Canada. 🙁

  • Jim

    Tune In Radio buddy. But weather channel that’s very weird?

  • merc782

    Tinyshark app for android is awesome, beats pandora

  • billy

    What’s with the poor grammar?

  • Nade

    40 year olds playing angry birds… lol good stuff.

  • niceheadphones

    people still use Yahoo mail?

  • GoatForSale

    And how did Nielson come up wuth this data? App usage time sounds oddly like Carrier IQ data collection?

    • Curtis

      “To rank mobile apps by active reach, that is, by the percentage of Android owners who used the app within the past 30 days, Nielsen analyzed usage data from its proprietary device meters on the smartphones of the thousands of consumer panelists who agreed to be part of Nielsen’s ongoing Smartphone Analytics research.”

      Or you could you know… read the link before claiming something.