Bell and Virgin release the LG Eclypse


  • iTards

    lol the worst phone I ever had! Bell should be releasing only these phones since their service is the same as the phone quality lol

    • Dr Cell

      This phone was never released in Canada. I really doubt you had this phone before.

    • iTards

      I meant to say the older module, my bad 🙂 but it sucked big time.. it was under warranty and I never bothered to get it fixed haha but I guess the Android will give it more value

    • ruddias

      Your talking about the LG Rumor Plus? These 2 phones really have nothing to do with eachother except they are both LG and have a keyboard…

  • Sean

    Decent phone but the Galaxy W seems a better choice unless you need a keyboard

    • ToniCipriani

      Basically you take the Galaxy W, rip off its WVGA screen and put a QVGA one and a keyboard.

      Both phones have the MSM8255, but the Eclypse’s is clocked slower at 1GHz.

      Glad to see lower end phones making the move to ARMv7.

  • wewewi

    The only one reason why Bell/Virgin picked yet another device is to make the other carriers dont.

  • will

    the galaxy w from bell is also clocked at 1ghz

  • NT Rogers

    Another useless piece of garbage!

  • overpriced

    Good low-mid level phone if you like qwrty ( less and less people?) but when you compare the Eclypse and the Galaxy W at the same price the W is the one to get and the Eclypse its overpriced. It should be around $180. Wait to get it on sale in Zellers prepaid around $100 in Mid January.

    • M1K3Z0R

      How will the Galaxy W be $100 on Zellers Prepaid in January? It was released not long ago, I can;t see the price dropping that much so soon =/

  • Brad

    The specs aren’t bad, and it’s also available for $199 for prepaid on Virgin. Not everyone is looking for a dual core superphone. Not sure I would get it myself though, I’ve been burned by LG before

  • Toronto Girl

    I returned the Samsung Galaxy W because I had difficulty texting. The LG Eclypse has a great slide-out full keyboard that makes texting a breaze.

    The LG Eclypse is a super cool phone with excellent phone clarity, easy texting, takes great photos, 4G speed & Android make it very fast, and a nice large touch screen. There are more powerful phones on the market but, I don’t want a phone with an expensive Data Plan for videos and internet. The LG Eclypse is perfect for me.

    During the first week the battery drained really quick because I spent a long time on the device exploring icons, wallpapers and setting up options. In the 2nd week the battery drainage wasn’t an issue.

  • mohammed