Apple patent reveals a shock-mounted glass overlay for mobile devices is in the works


  • Nobel

    Hmm. At last?? Good, Apple is learning from Samsung and other companies.

  • Graham J

    There’s a difference between developing and submitting a patent, particularly with Apple. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions here.

  • JohnisGay

    This sounds like it will add way too much thickness…

  • Indira

    Finally an improvement! Now you’ll have to drop your phone TWICE to crack the glass, and not just once as it is now. I LOVE YOU, APPLE! PLEASE TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY!

  • mars

    so which is it? did they patent it or filed for patent? this site is starting become a 2nd hand bgr website.

  • kad

    i am going to patent patenting

  • lolapple


  • ruddias

    I love how they “INVENTED IT”… how naive is everyone to not recognize gorilla glass? its a sad day when everyone believes everything outta apples mouth… its came to the point where i am surprised I’m not the only one in my friends group that knows what an Android is..

  • _ThaNerd_

    I just invented the thinnest, lightest, infinite battery power, crack free cell phone! Wait let me make my little bro draw it for you…Apple is a JOKE!

  • iDonkey

    Never mind the shock-mounted glass, try to fix the batteries problems and the lousy IOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 first ok.

  • Jonny

    Yay! Siri can be saved!