Bell launching the BlackBerry Bold 9790 December 2nd


  • nauman

    I am a big RIM supporter, but this is a lot of fragmentation. 2 devices called the Torch, now they still have the Bold 9780 for sale and will have the 9790, 9900 as well. And some carriers still have the curve 9300, and then we have the 9360 and now 9380.

    I understand what they are saying, these phones are being marketed for people on budgets and markets that don’t have subsidies. But if the 9790 is $480 and 9360 is $380 how is that more affordable?

  • Brendon

    Now when is the Galaxy Nexus launching and whats the price

  • wewewi

    Yet another Blackberry device no one cares about…

  • Alex Perrier

    i would reduce the outright cost and term length for BB 6 devices. While some carriers have already cleared them out, others like Mobilicity are still stuck with too much inventory. Here is what Telus’ website shows:

    * Bold 9780 ($499.99, $0 with 3-year)
    * Bold 9790 ($479.99, $350 off with 3-year, coming soon)
    * Bold 9900 ($629.99, $460 off with 3-year)
    * Curve 9300 ($329.99, $0 with 3-year, pink available)
    * Curve 9360 ($349.99, $300 off with 3-year, pink available)
    * Curve 9380 ($369.99, $320 off with 3-year, coming soon)
    * Torch 9810 ($599.99, $400 off with 3-year)
    * Torch 9860 ($549.99, $500 off with 3-year)
    * Style 9670 ($399.99, $0 with 3-year)

    The Curves can be activated on any plan, while the others require a $50 or higher plan, or, at the very least, a plan combined with add-ons which altogether add up to $50. At Telus, the Pearl Flip 8230, Pearl 9100, Tour 9630 and Bold 9700 were all cleared out efficiently by Telus. So why not do the same for the current older devices, still displayed on their website? No one would choose BB 6 over BB 7.

    Here are my suggestions for older devices with Telus:

    * Bold 9780 ($399.99, $0 with 2-year on any plan)
    * Curve 9300 ($199.99, $0 with 1-year on any plan)
    * Style 9670 ($299.99, $0 with 2-year on any plan)

    RIM already did this mistake with previous phones. Stores had too much stock of older Pearls, so they were reduced to as low as $100 for the 9100 on prepaid. The Pearl Flip, meanwhile, is still available brand new in box at a Source store as of October 2011. There was a previous comment where a dealer complained about not selling enough BlackBerries. COME ON RIM! Don’t charge a fortune!

    • nowthattheloveisgone

      Some say the opposite of love is hate; it isn’t, its Indifference. If you are fighting you STILL CARE.

      This is the last comment I make about RIM, ALEX you should do the same, look at the number for RIM articles vs Android, people don’t care anymore. RIMM Stock under book value at $18.65; wait for DEC 15th and will drop to $15, January under $10

      People keep saying that at that price will be taken over, but would you buy RIM (the entire company) with those CEO’s??
      Nobody is touching it until they reorganize/ separate PALM 2.0 here we go.

      US market share 9%, playbook fail, 9900 too expensive (same price as the Android nexus, really??) and the bottomline: BB doesn’t sell because people want to play “angry Birds” does it make sense?? No! but that’s what people want and HTC and LG are listening and they will survive; RIM won’t.

      They are in trouble and they announce a phone for Q3?? So its november and you announce a phone 10 months into the future??

      The only thing that can make the stock from not dropping is to get rid of the CEO’s, but its not going to happen; at this point the only people that care are the stockholders, employees (sorry guys) and phone holders. The things that rubs it is that Windows/Nokia is going to take over some of RIM’s market share; I might end up getting a Playbook for $99 in Dec/new year (what’s the hurry, just waiting for people to port Android into it)
      I loved my 8520 did everything great three yrs ago, but I don’t care anymore. Now its time to either share my life with google/apple/windows servers.

      Goodbye RIM it was a good ride.

  • FranzJoseph

    I might be picking up one of these, they look awesome!