Bell releasing the all-touch BlackBerry Curve 9380 November 28th


  • Sean

    So you can get a Gio for $100
    Or you can get a budget curve with very similar specs (but with NFC) for $350… sounds like such a great deal for the berry right…right…

  • Sean

    And isn’t Bell releasing the Galaxy W with a 1.4ghz procesor with a WVGA screen at 3.7′ for even less then this as well

  • Alex Perrier

    Because we all know that it will cost way less at Bell than at Telus. (See the Telus 9380 page for my take on it.)

  • Darknight2ca


    its all about BBM for blackberrys *derp derp* loll

    compared to andriods GREATNESS

  • yadeed

    RIM is in: la la land. BlackBerry Curve 9380. $370; 806 MHz processor, 3.2″ display, 5.0 megapixel.
    Samsung Galaxy Ace $175 koodo; 800 MHz,3.5″ display, 5.0 megapixel and Stereo FM radio with RDS.
    Nexus S $350 koodo; 4″ display, 5.0 megapixel, 1 GHz processor and soon ICS.
    you want instant messanger use: Whats App Messenger, Kik, LiveProfile, eBuddy XMS, etc

  • RealTalk

    The funny thing about the cellphone world today is that within a year or two the market is going to crash just like the television market and be saturated with choices and models. When you exceed computers you hit a brick wall.

  • RealTalk

    I will never need a quadcore phone in my life time. Will I have one day? Prob one better but that’s how the race is and I can’t wait because it drives the price down and makes the chips smaller.

    This phone is decent in today’s market!

  • Trey

    RealTalk – Absolutely right. Im glad someone finally stated the obvious.

    The increase in hardware does not match the increase in the software capabilities. Every phone has an 8-core chip and 4 gigs of RAM, then what? lol Its more than anyone really needs for doing ANYTHING on a small screen.

    Theres going to be a point where the increases in performance are almost entirely meaningless, and then it’ll come down strictly to hardware and UI design, choice of color, etc.

    • Zefoutch

      thumbs up my friend, its just like computers,if we all look back a bit , it takes one / two years befor programes catch up with your curent hardware.

  • Theblob

    We’ll see how this performs against other entry-level smartphones. For one, the Galaxy Ace is a comparable phone and is half the price.

  • alex

    RIMs offerings baffle me.
    I want to root for the Canadian in the games, but they seem to be stuck in 2007. Makes me sad.

  • Reg

    I’m feeling incredibly indifferent towards this device. I just don’t see how or where it fits. It’s outclassed, overpriced and going to confuse consumers when they look at the RIM lineup.