Android tablets receive newly-designed Netflix app, iPad coming soon


  • Domingo

    I’ll be more impressed when they get more content as I’m about to dump them. I rarely find something I’m looking for and when you can simply download movies as easily as you can now, I find myself asking wtf am wasting money on Netflix for.

    • Randy – 1

      No legitimate service will ever be able to compete with illegal downloads.

      For $7.99/month (no tax even!)Netflix is one of the best entertainment deals out there. I think it’s meant to be a browse and discover service more so than searching for specific titles. You can’t really expect to have unlimited blockbusters just out of theatres for less than eight bucks a month.

  • jeremy

    Looks nice, but feels bad. It’s slow to scroll around and occasionally crashes when starting a video.

    I wish Netflix didn’t force client updates. It’s annoying to be pushed onto a new client that works worse than an older one.