Bell to launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus


  • Mw

    Another g-nex news, which is good news. Glad to see Bell own up and release some info. Waiting for Rogers and Telus to follow suite soon.

  • Lewis

    “Galaxy Nexus runs at 4G speeds of up to 21 Mbps”… no LTE?

    • bob

      Bell won’t have the LTE version it seems.
      Not sure that anyone in Canada will have it yet.

    • howitzer

      For the moment, there is no GSM LTE Galaxy Nexus

  • Jay Jay

    I’m shocked!

  • Abe

    Yep this will be mine…i was just going to get the S2 from Bell at the end of the month but i will wait for this.

    • M1LK

      Agreed. I was going to get the S2 as an upgrade from the Desire Z that I got earlier this year (bought it out right). I’m thinking about purchasing the Galaxy Nexus as part of my Hardware Upgrade from Bell.

      Definitely an Incentive but I’m not in a rush.

      My desire Z is working just fine, CM7 is great, I can’t wait for ICS to go on the phone =) It’ll probably be released in/as CM8 or CM9 though.

  • JB

    I will forgive Rogers the delay, only if they announce they will be carrying the Galaxy Note as well…

  • David Dee

    I am assuming no carrier will have an exclusive on this?

  • Darren

    Google info has said for a while that only Verizon will get LTE version.
    Thats one reason why I pulled the trigger on SG2X. But I am still curious how good the reviews will be.
    I’m also a little hesitant about the on screen buttons. Will they work as well as the current set up for a quickie push…

  • Andrew

    I don’t mind not having LTE. I’d prefer the battery life gains and less thickness that come with this version. Can anyone shed light on early upgrade options for Bell? Signed up last December.

    • sunkissed13

      im with bell and there giving me early HUP end of December 2010 for resigning for 3 years. I signed last year in October so you probably have to wait two more months maybe Feb-March?

    • Zomby

      There’s no LTE in my area yet so it’s a non-issue for me. (Since there’s no HSPA+LTE version) Someone travelling a lot might not be able to use it everywhere either yet.

    • Gus

      Sorry man, but Bell has the worst upgrade policy ever. I’ve been with them for 4 years, and I planned on switching from them earlier this year because they weren’t willing to give me an upgrade. If you call in and bug them, they will tell you that you can go for an early upgrade, but then you have to pay 235$ plus the cost of the phone. So that is an option. I would say just threaten to cancel, but you’ve been with them for only a year, and they would probably rather take you for 400$ than let you upgrade. I can upgrade in January, so when I threaten to cancel, they’ll probably upgrade me. Gotta play dirty with these carriers.

  • Jason

    If Virgin Mobile has it, Maybe fido will have it too????

  • Stefan

    Couldn’t possibly be more excited. SO GLAD Bell got this.

  • Shawn B

    I like that I don’t see the words, “EXCLUSIVE TO BELL”. Meaning that this phone has a good chance to come to Rogers.

    • Randy

      i hope the same thing. Unfortunately, they may not be saying that because Virgin – which is Bell owned but still separate – is launching this as well..

  • Adnan

    FINALLY! I was looking to get rid of my 9780 and pick up the nexus. Any news on pricing yet? I’m probably going to buy it out right once its released.

  • ELNY

    WTF Rogers??? At the very least, i would HOPE that Rogers gets the LTE version.

    Also, even if Bell gets this, won’t the phone be unlocked anyway? We just have to cough up the $600+ bill ?

    • Pata

      There currently is no GSM-based LTE Galaxy Nexus, only a CDMA-based one made exclusively for Verizon. So in the short term don’t expect to see an LTE model for any of the Canadian carriers.

  • Randy

    Looks like i may have to grab a razr, unlock it and sell it to AT&T customer in the states to make up the $$ to buy this outright if Rogers isn’t getting it at the same time.

  • jc

    i don’t care who gets it as long as i can buy it from them outright unlocked and bring it to another carrier. can anyone confirm if that will be doable?

  • Marc

    Come on rogers.. waiting to get rid of my BB Curve 9310 for this beauty. What an upgrade that will be.

  • Stephen Uchacz

    This could be the phone that makes me leave my Palm Pre to get dusty!

  • david

    Come on Rogers!!

  • Andy

    The LTE version of the phone is LTE 700 mhz and CDMA, of course it well never come to Canada, since only Verizon uses that setup

  • Gab

    can I buy this outright and use it on Rogers or mobilicity?

  • Mike

    I desperately want Rogers to get this phone but I don’t think they will. They have a history of not being able to keep up with Bell when it comes to this. They’re too iPhone centric. Anyway congrats Bell subscribers, you’re going to get one hell of a phone.

  • John

    I switched to Rogers a year ago cuz they seemed to be the best & fastest option for new Androids at the time. I’m REALLY starting to regret that! Cuz lately BELL & TELUS have been announcing everything first!!!!!

    • bob

      One year ago Rogers just launched the Captivate, much later than Bell’s Galaxy S. They weren’t the best option for Androids even back then.

  • Danny

    Any idea on how much this bad boy is gnna be???? Rumor is $500 in the USA but how much up here???

  • george

    Please come to Rogers I need to ditch my iPhone4 so bad!

  • Steve

    Very disappointed that we don’t get a lte version… I was going to buy one but now probably not.

  • fnair

    Personally, I don’t care for an LTE version… it drains the battery badly and the 21Mbps theoretical limit you get with hspa+ is faster than what most people have at home… I’d rather have a thinner phone that I can surf on for extended periods of time at a slower theoretical rate than one that is theoretically faster, but kills the battery…

    • Jay

      there are reports of battery drains only on Verizon LTE with 700Mhz, haven’t heard single reports about the Canadian version of LTE at AWS

  • Rich

    LTE doesn’t matter quite yet because the batteries can’t really handle it.
    Still, 21Mbps is such a disappointment for a 3 year.

  • Jay

    I am quite positive that the LTE version will come, as Google has LTE (region specific) on the spec sheet.
    Probably it’ll be like, Bell got the HSPA Galaxy S2 while Rogers get the LTE variant.

  • Shawn B

    Apparently, Howard from Howard Forums tested out the phone today. You can check out his short hands-on write up on his site (very positive hands-on).

    Sadly, he stated that other carriers will be getting the phone in early 2012. So, if you’re on Rogers and Telus, you’re going to have to wait…

    • GeoffW

      sorry Shawn, I can’t find it on Howard site anywhere.
      He reviewed the Raider but no Nexus that I can find.


    • Shawn B

      @GeoffW. Go to the Bell forums.

  • Mattymo

    Yup.. this is EXCLUSIVE to bell. Bah this sucks. Might have to buy an iPhone 4s and sell it and then get this.

  • EmperumanV

    Ah good stuff Bell. Wonder why it won’t get “42Mbps” as opposed to 21Mbps, even though its hypothetical speeds.

  • Lost in London

    Fock you Bell.

  • Brendan

    @Gus – you’re an i***t. Hardware upgrades with carriers are a legal guarantee at contract expiry. In Bell’s case they grant current contract amnesty for a new phone and new contract at normally the 2.5 year mark. Corporate and business phones often a little earlier. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about or you don’t know how long you’ve been with them because there are no four year contracts. You probably renewed in 2010 at some point and are now pissy about having to buy outright.
    It’s the Canadian market. Learn it. Deal with it.

  • jclg

    Always glad to hear more official derails about the Nexus. While I’m not terribly bothered by the lack of LTE (with Bell anyway), I’m disappointed that it doesn’t support DC-HSPA+ like the Amaze and GSIIX on Telus.

    It’ll probably come down to getting the original GSII, X or the Nexus. Looking forward to the comparative reviews!

  • brunswick000

    Of course its coming to the worst carrier in Canada!

  • Lost in London

    Bell Canada has been a monopoly for telecom in this country for decades, and they take advantage of this to offer poor service at high prices. Fock you Bell!

    • kevin

      I suggest you go look up the definition of monopoly..

  • saffant

    Bummer.. no LTE and/or DC-HSPA+. Camera blows too compared to the GS2 (yes I compared the samples and not just the stats). Oh well.

    Guess a GS3 would only be a viable upgrade for my GS2.

  • bourne

    this is the worst news ever! Rogers… what are you going? Get your act in gear and get this phone for the love of god! Why is Google not producing multiple versions of this phone? I don’t get it. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain from getting the phone released by as many carriers as possible. I don’t want to have to switch to Bell just to get this phone …. 🙁

  • Shawn

    I was hoping to get this for Telus, there goes that idea. I’d consider switching but we can get Bell in Manitoba so it sucks then i’ll be stuck with the GSIIX

  • Matt

    Hey, my Samsung rep was right. Then again, my POS confirmed this a few days ago. Yes, we have a sku for the phone. No, there is no price. Just says zero dollars and future item.

  • mike

    F u rogers, you’re shipping all your android customers to bell. You can’t even get the flagship android phone at launch. Rogers just kisses apples butt all year long. All you Bell customers complaining about Rogers have no idea what its like being a Rogers customer in a contract.


    I dont see anywhere where it says exclusive to BELL! THIS BETTER GO TO WIND!!!!!!! FUCK U BELL IF THIS IS TRUE!!!!! NOT IMPRESSED BY GOOGLE EITHER IF THIS IS TRUE!!!

  • Roymath

    Funny how some people don’t seem to have their info right. Bell offers the same prices as Telus (exactly the same thing all the time) and offers the same if not lower prices on phones. And Telus AND Bell offer the plans 2 or 3$ less than Rogers AND offer a better coverage. Rogers also have a tendancy to rise the price of the phones. Customer service is bad for all companies…well for the three big ones…but still lots of customers are real happy with the customer service of there respective carriers.
    And last of all…STOP with the :aahhh three years plan…THIS is how it works…either you buy your phone full price and go with a company and get a monthly plan…so lets say you pid your phone 600$ and a monthly plan after. IF you buy with a carrier with a three year plan, you get the pone for 150$ (as an example) instead of the 600$ and you take a plan too. The contract is on the phone…not the when you cancel, you pay the balance of the phone…and the phone is yours. So the more you stay with a carrier the less your phone will cost and if you make the three years it will have cost you 150$ instead of the 600$….if you stop after two years you pay 1/3 of the 600-150$ and the phone is yours….So you have all the reasons in the world to actually take a plan…

  • Lost in London

    I have a strong intution there are a lot of Bell reps that visit this site handing out thumbs down in defense of their jobs.

  • Rumour

    Anyone know if we would be able to buy it outright from Virgin? Rumour has it that the exclusivity means that they won’t be able to sell the phone outright.

  • droidacolyte

    People say “ahh three year contracts” because Canada is pretty much the only place in the world where we have a 3 year contract standard. The United States and UK have 2 year contracts max. Three year contracts are actually illegal in the UK. The 2 year contracts here in Canada are a joke because they give you very little subsidization (like no more than $100 off the outright price of a phone). Canada is lagging behind. Our telecom industry is the laughing stock of the world. Three years is a long time in the cell phone world.

    And yeah I agree that buying outright might not be the smartest thing. You really have to do the math in your head and weigh it out. If you buy outright, you can get a cheaper deal elsewhere (ie. Koodo).

  • droidacolyte

    Ah accidentally hit the submit button. lol. Was going to say you can get a cheaper deal elsewhere when you aren`t locked into a contract. But you have to take into account the device subsidy spread out over 3 years (or 2 years if you want to pay the early upgrade fee). For eg. A Samsung Galaxy S II can be bought for $0 down right now but it`s $600 outright. Taking into account inflation (inflation sits at 3.2% right now and historically 3.26% has been the average), that $600 over 3 years translates to $17.50 give or take (whether inflation goes down or up over 3 years) a month. So add $17.50 to your Koodo plan and ask yourself if you are actually saving money by buying outright.

    With the Galaxy Nexus being pentaband, WIND and Mobilicity are a real option. And their plans are dirt cheap. So chances are you will save money buying outright and taking your phones there. But WIND and Mobilicity`s reception aren`t up to snuff and they have their limitations. And obviously if you don`t live within their metropolitan city zones, they aren`t an option for you. If you find yourself in a WIND/Mobi deadzone, you can work around that issue by keeping a prepaid Robellus SIM on you as a back up since its a pentaband phone. Then you just swap SIMS. Of course this makes things more inconvenient.

  • Jannelle

    Spoke to representative at bell this morning. Got told Nov 24 release date

  • Jamie

    Hmm, if I don’t hear anything about Telus then it looks like I’ll buy buying a 4S and selling it on Craigslist to buy one of these outright.

    Would the LTE version from Verizon work on the Telus/Bell network?

  • doug

    i wanted telus to get this fml

  • Jesse

    They need to stop with this “Superphone” crap. It’s a smartphone and nothing else.

  • freezerburnt

    Very tempting to get this even though I did pick up the SGSII earlier this year. Would be nice to have vanilla android again, especially since Sammy is so late on updates here in Canada. I guess that I’m just going to do an in-store review on the phone before I decide….

  • Schneid

    From Bell’s Nexus page…why is the avg. download so slow? Is Rogers HSPA+ network any faster?

    “Galaxy Nexus runs at 4G speeds of up to 21 Mbps (expected average download 3.5-Mbps) …”

  • Bryan

    I dont understand, my telus galaxy s 2 x is better in every way except screen resolution, why is the nexus so expensive?

  • jclg

    What hardware is the Nexus lacking that it’s unable to take advantage of Bell & Telus’s DC-HSPA network speeds?

  • Schneid

    Bell’s coverage map and expected average download speeds.

    4G LTE — up to 75 Mbps (avg. download speeds of 12-25Mbps)
    4G HSPA+ — up to 42 Mbps (avg. download speeds of 7-14 Mbps)
    4G HSPA+ — up to 21 Mbps (avg. download speeds of 3.5-8 Mbps)

  • aka

    Bell probably paid Samsung for this 1-month exclusivity..

    • Brayden

      Yes, that’s generally what happens when you get one month exclusive rights.