Samsung Galaxy Nexus officially coming to Virgin Mobile “early December”


  • Dab

    I have a $200 credit with Rogers, so here’s hoping… Otherwise I probably would switch carriers.

  • wiley

    I am going to grab this bad boy……….

  • Mattymo

    Hopefully rogers announces this as well today.

  • Mw

    any news about the g-nex is good news 😉

  • DarkisFever

    I really hope Telus get this. At least it does not say that it is an exclusive to Virgin giving some room for other carriers to pick it up.

  • Andy

    This seals the deal that Bell Mobility will get the Galaxy Nexus with exclusivity.

    First rumours that Bell will get exclusive dealings, then CTV airs a segment with this phone, now Virgin Mobile. All owned by Bell.

    Here’s hoping that it is only the LTE exclusivity.

  • Richard

    Does this mean that Bell will get it as well?

    • james

      virgin is owned by bell

  • Abe

    Notice how this does not say exclusive? so i think the other carriers will get this as well which is good,everyone should enjoy ICS!

  • Ebpo

    They can’t say exclusive since Bell will probably have it. Even though Virgin is owned by Bell, they are 2 different companies

    • josh

      thats not true, Ebpo… any phone exclusive to bell includes its subsidiaries such as virgin and saskel in the exclusivity right… i know this because i work for Bell…. the s2 was exclusive to bell upon release…. it was released the same day on virgin mobile and it was on bell

    • Ebpo

      @josh : My bad! 🙂

    • josh

      haha np bud, i hope we can all get our hands on it though!

    • cellguy

      I feel bad for you Josh having to work at Bell. Hopefully you are not one one the painful people we always here Bell customers talk about when they call in for help and customer service help.

  • martin

    So…will this work on Rogers 4G or LTE?

  • Ross

    Need confirmation that this is the pentaband version. i9250 is pentaband, but the rumour was that the i9250M was coming to Canada. Need to know the difference between M and non-M model.

    If it’s pentaband, I’ll walk into a Virgin Mobile booth, buy it, set up a 1-month plan, and then ask them to cancel right away D:

  • Jules Winnfield

    Am I missing something or is there no LTE for this model?

  • Lee

    Why the hell would google release this phone on virgin? why not a better network or company this really pisses me off, I am just going to buy the friggin thing out right.

    • Ross

      How do you plan on buying it outright if both Bell and Virgin make you get a plan before you’re allowed to buy a phone off-contract from them?

      Even if you pay full price for the phone, they still make you get 1 month of service with them, plus pay the activation fee, plus pay any cancellation fees.

      All of the other carriers at least let you buy a phone off-contract and ship it to you without forcing you onto 1 month of their crappy service…

  • Adrastos

    Pretty happy with this, I was hoping it would be out on Virgin. Compared to the other carriers in Ontario Virgin has one of the better monthly prices for the service you get.

  • Alex Perrier

    Hey, hopefully my friends who are Virgin “members” can join the testing team and get this Galaxy Nexus! 😀

  • Danny

    Being a Virgin Mobile customer…they officially score a 4.0 on this get it a 4.0 ! ha

  • EmperumanV

    Ah good stuff.

  • Peebos

    This is fantastic news! I’ve been with Virgin for about 18 months and I never signed up for a “promo phone” since I always had my own Nexus One/S . That is all about to change now..

  • Virgin Rep

    This one is a Bell and Virgin exclusive, as per Virgin documents.

  • K

    Virgin Rep:

    If its exclusive, why does the ad insist that you folks have it “FIRST”.

    If its exclusive, Bell/Virgin would be all over it, touting their EXCLUSIVITY!

    But they aren’t. Given Bell’s track record as having the worst customer service of all mobile companies… I’ll take my chances and wait.

    Other companys in Canada suck too, but Bell as the dubious honour of being the worst of the worst.

  • carlo

    koodo are getting it. was in future shop an was going to buy the nexus s, the guy said “wait two weeks, we’ll have the galaxy nexus in”.

    now i just have to work out who to get it with. Rogers, HELL no. screw them.

    koodo, virgin, telus or bell.


    • danmaskell

      You can’t always trust that they know what they are talking about. My brother was assured by a Telus rep 2 weeks ago that they would have the phone by last week. We didn’t believe it, but the rep said he confirmed with their marketing people that it would be in by the 11th.