Rogers ACER Iconia Tab A501 released, exclusively available WirelessWave, Tbooth and Wireless etc


  • Danny

    Asus Transformer Prime is dropping next month ……quad core anyone and it gnna bean priced similarly aswell

  • Alex Perrier

    Honestly, in the past, whenever i would think about Glentel (the company that owns the stores listed above) i would think about Solo Mobile. They would hold on to Solo Mobile for so long, as a prized possession of some sort.

    But no more. 🙂

    This limits them to selling Bell, Virgin, Rogers, Fido and Chatr products and services. So two companies in total, including three brands. Why is Telus left out?

    When i buy a computer, i want to buy it without an annual contract and without it being “locked” to an ISP. Tablets should be the same, and if i want to buy a tablet, i’ll go to a computer store. What do you readers think?

    • Haywood

      if you’re looking for a “WiFi only” tablet then i agree. However if you need connectivity anytime, anywhere then 3G tablets like this one are a necessity.

      I was at a WirelessWave store this morning and picked up the Acer Tablet AND a LG Optimus 3D for $0!!! looks like this will be an ongoing offer this month.

  • rylee

    well IM afraid your wrong. these types of tablets are basically big phones not computers and if I’m going to buy anything that has to do with a phone I’m going to go to people who specialize in them everyday… not some kid who gets payed minimum wage to stand around at best buy or future shop to bull s**t his way through sales.

  • keiYUI

    I realize that’s a really nice Photoshopped picture but wow that thing looks awesome!

    • Nascar39

      Actually it’s not Photoshop, I have this in the wifi version, it is a little heavy but your hand and wrist get used to it. I also use the portfolio cover that folds into a stand. My phone does wireless tethering so I didn’t need the 3g model (nor was it available). Overall it’s a nice unit, glad I saved the extra money and went with the 16GB model because 32GB would be way too much. I keep over 300 songs, 150 (or so) pics for backgrounds, over 200 apps and I still haven’t used half the memory that was free. The rear camera is a bit of let down (very sub par), the front camera is okay for video chat but not stellar. The screen does lack resolution but with most apps you won’t notice, some apps the graphics due look grainy but there is only a few. Overall I would give the Acer 500/501 a 4 out of 5.

  • Canifz

    I’ve tried it since I work at Tbooth in Vancouver Downtown.
    its not that bad. its a bit lighter than the HP Touchpad.

    If anyone needs it, let me know. I can probably hook you up on some free case 😀