RIM giving customers $100 worth of free apps as compensation for recent service outage



    How do we apply for this 100 dollars worth of free apps?

    • DUD


  • Tim P.

    None of these are free yet and most of these apps are not on BB9900…

    • Tim P.

      Ok it starts October 19th!

  • ehoustoun

    this actually shares more in common with the recent ps3 outage where they offered customers Playstation network content for free as well as free playstation plus service for a month.

    just saying.

  • Steve Dion

    Bravo for RIM, good idea to calm things down. Although i have to agree with Tim P. not many of these work on the 9900 or OS 7 devices yet!!

  • kardi

    Me likey… 🙂

    Shazam Encore will be the first one I will get!

    • user

      @kardi just so you know, SoundHound is MUCH better than Shazam, and they are both FREE on Android Market.

    • TeknoBug

      @user, yes I agree SoundHound is better, but this isn’t about Android.

  • user

    Most of BB apps are insanely overpriced POS anyway. You can get those apps (but with better graphics, UI…etc) on Android Market either for free or for a lower price.

  • TeknoBug

    I’m picking up Sims 3, Shazaam and Vlingo Plus. I’ve had Drivesafe.ly for years and it’s not that good but give it a try since it’ll be free.

  • Joe

    Those games in the list look like they’d be a lot of fun to play on a tiny 2-inch screen.

  • Bill

    Those games look like they’d be a lot of fun to play on a tiny 2-inch screen.

    • quilan

      it’s not just smartphone apps on there, it’s playbook apps as well. so yeah, N.O.V.A. 2 is actually pretty sweet on my 7 1/2 inch screen. as I’m sure sims would be.

  • zar

    IMO RIM should’ve given 100$ credit towards the purchase of any apps in their market. Choosing which apps to be given for free doesn’t really sound THAT appealing.

    Since someone compared it to the PS3 outage, at least the PS3 is primarily used for gaming, so games given for free make sense (though I still think it should’ve been a complete choice on the customer side), but RIM has a much more diverse customer base.

    • Ulysses


      Some of the apps don’t even work on Blackberry 9900 especially games from Gameloft.

  • kardi

    @user Thanks for the tip. Until I make the switch to android, the free shazam encore app will have to suffice.

    • Thoughtful

      shazam encore is also on android market..and you have to pay for it. The free version is not as good.

  • KidCanada

    That also includes Playbook apps. And just in time for the new EA and Gamesoft games. I love u RIM! 😀

    • Nascar Dog

      I doubt the PlayBook apps will be included…

      * Please note that the availability of this offer will depend on the type of device, operating system version, access to BlackBerry App World and local conditions and/or restrictions.

  • Richard

    Also for the Playbook!!! This is amazing, can’t wait to download those EA games!

    BTW, my friend Iphone was down almost 24hrs due to that 3001 error or whatever it was (Don’t care). I wondering if Apple will offer something for that?

  • steve s jobs

    lol. wtf? is this for real? how cheesy is this.

  • n m

    Ah bribery. Next time the service goes out you can play some free games to distract yourself.

  • Thoughtful


    Both soundhound and shazam have a paid version in the Android market that are more robust than the free versions.

  • KingHippo

    Why doesn’t RIM just give everyone a free month of service?

    • KingHippo

      Or a smoking deal on a new BB upgrade.

    • DrtyDzn

      For 3 days of outage? Don’t be ridiculous.

      Why don’t you give $50 to a homeless person next time you see one? I thought so…

  • Brian

    Are there even $100 worth of Apps on the mediocre Blackberry App World?

  • Jaymmer

    Nothing like the “Antennagate” issue…. RIM acknowledged that something happened.
    While one of the posters above had a great idea (smoking deal on an upgraded device) I find this perfectly acceptable on a per user basis.
    For the corporations that use RIM…. something more should be done.

    • steve s jobs

      more people were affected by RIM’s issue than people were affected by Apple’s minor Antennagate issue.

    • TeknoBug

      Jobs on the antennagate: we will give you a free bumper skin for the first 600,000 customers since we cannot produce enough for every user, but first let me show you that other phones has the same problem… and by the way you’re all holding it wrong!

      haha rich.

  • Nonov Yurbizzness

    NONE OF THE APPS ARE PLAYBOOK. On IntoMobile Site, they have direct link to App World for all the apps. Only 3 of them are OS7 compatible… great going RIM! #sarcasm

  • John Bennett

    Here’s an App I’d like: A custom version of Angry Birds where you throw Blackberries at RIM servers.

  • daniel

    goof on blackberry for doing this…hopefully the os7 people will get compensated also…..speaking of that i would love to know when an update for os7 will be released to fix various bugs and finally get mobile wifi

  • Kirsty

    How do you know if you qualify for the free apps and how do you get them?

  • Kirsty

    How do you know if you qualify for these free apps and how do you get them?

  • john cade

    apps being offered are really of no value. To make the offer desirable for everyone and all BB’s, issue a credit towards user chosen apps. Thanks for the gesture anyway. The crash was really no big deal.It happens.

  • Sammy

    I had a BB-8330, and now a Storm-9810.

    Both my sons have Samsung`s S2. Yes their phone my have more apps.

    BUT, I have more security, and better antenna, and a real-or-screen keyboard.

    What electronic device doesn`t have an off day.

    BlackBerry still rules..!

  • Jon

    Wow, all of the apps suck. Guess I’m not surprised.

  • Me

    They still say u have to pay! How do u get them for free?

  • Justin

    Ok, it’s Wednesday now….the AppWorld still shows Shazam Encore, as example, still at $5.99

  • brando

    got to love it no offers for the playbook or os7 thanks rim not like folks with the newer devices had a issue with ur network on the outage

  • A

    How do I apply for the $100 credit?

  • Peter

    For for all the noise RIM made about $100 in free apps, has anybody found any other than Drive Safely and Bubble Bash 2?

    Perhaps another hollow promise from RIM execs??

  • Vanessa

    As of today, the only 3 apps available as a “Thank you” are Shazam Encore, Bubble Bash 2, and DriveSafe.ly

    I don’t know when they will be updating the others but even these apps aren’t of great interest to me, not even worth clogging up my phone memory for.