Samsung announces Galaxy S and S II sales surpass the 30 million mark


  • astudent

    congrats samsung! it is a solid phone

  • kriEv

    Speaking of TELUS.. rumoured release date was october 19th. Still no news from this? it’s 2 days away!! :S i need a new phone badly!!

    • Ben

      A salesperson at a Telus store told me that they were coming this week and she thought they would hit the $100 mark on a 3 year.

  • TeknoBug

    This is something you hear so little about because Apple is such a big deal to the media, from what it seems, Samsung has been selling more of these than Apple has sold iPhone 4. I know Apple has sold millions and millions and millions of iPods, I see them everywhere on commuter trains and buses and downtown cities.

    • Ants

      I don’t know where you get your numbers, but Apple sells 20 million iPhones per QUARTER. Good on Samsung for keeping Apple honest, but not quite surpassing their sales yet.

  • KidCanada

    This phone makes the iPhone look like an overpriced POS. Keep the awesome phones coming Samsung!

  • jim

    My friend tried to show me his Samsung the other night but the battery was dead. It was funny. He said this thing always dies on me. I laughed. What a moron.

    • b

      @jim Worst troll ever. Please, just stop trying. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Pahech

    Some friend you are for saying he’s a moron.

    Oh wait, you are just making this up. Nevermind.

  • Mike

    iPhone killer

  • MikeMike

    Yay Samsung… lets hope this trend continues…

    Set from my Samsung Galaxy SII.

  • BM

    id be smiling too if i sold 30000000 of something!

  • Roy

    I really want this phone and im plnninag on getting it today but i heard that the battery doesnt last very long and that it freezes alot also i heard that if you drop this phone it will break the screen. and im a teenage girl who texts ALOT and i drop my phone occasionally. the insurance wont cover a broken screen. are these rumors true? if so, do you still recommend this phone? if not what phone do you recommend?