Siri gets ported to iPhone 4 (Video)


  • mda

    Steve Smith, ur facing a multi bilion dollar corporation.
    We know u can do it.

  • David

    Hardware limitation my a*s. Apple just wants you to upgrade. Yet another reason why I will never buy Apple products.

  • Cave Johnson

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple would try to sue this guy for calling lies on their claims that Siri can’t be used on the 4 because of hardware limitations.

  • northy

    what a lie,, that it wont work on iphone4,, apple corp just tryn to screw you over and always buy new,,, ive had assitant on my nexus one for ages,, does the same thing as Siri,, and my nexus is 2 yr old technology,, Apple needs to be taught a lesson about options and not to run such a dictatorship,,,

    should start a occupy apple

    • Rio

      I highly doubt your Assistant is anywhere close to what Siri is. Siri is a big step towards AI, not there yet but a big difference from what is currently out there.

      ANd this is Apple, the reason they did it cause even the slightest of lag on SIRI would cause a minor bad experience for the customer.

      After all they didn’t include wallpapers on the 3GS because the slight lag cause a unsatisfactory look.

      There is a big difference between a single core and dual core. People need to get over it, even if they do get it running it won’t be the same as having it on the 4S.

      The way apple sees it, they either give you the best experience ever or none at all.

    • Rio

      People are so hypocritical, when a company releases a product that is not available on previous generations they are upset and flame them, yet when another company releases a product for a previous generation on out dated hardware people complain that is slow and sluggish

    • Bort

      I’m not an Apple fan, but…

      They make their own hardware and software. They are free to decide how it shall be used, and on what devices. There is no way around this. If you don’t like Apple, don’t but their products. Jailbreakers/Modders really know how to piss me off when they go on about how it is their RIGHT to do whatever they want with other people’s work. I had an iPhone, I jailbroke it (and downloaded a lot of pirated material)…But I never once complained or had the impression that it was my divine right to do so.

      Siri is marketed as a feature for the 4S. Yes, it can run on the 4, but it’s not FOR the 4. Apple doesn’t charge you for iOS updates or features (such as Siri). They make up for the cost of development and production via hardware sales. If someone can get it working on the 4, great. If they can’t due to limitations from Apple, too bad.

    • Richard

      The thing is, when Apple bought out Siri, it was available for the 3GS. So any hardware limitation talk from Apple is pure and utter bullshit.

    • TeknoBug

      @Rio, kinda like how Google said Gingerbread (2.3) won’t run well on 600MHz phones, which infact it runs BETTER than 2.1 and 2.2 does?

    • Rio

      Yes but the app was not at all anyway close to what it is now.

  • razzco

    It might work, but it will run like s**t on a 7.2 network…

  • Sean

    Yup because you NEED a dual core processor to record voice send it to apple then receive the response

  • northy

    so my nexus one,,, like i said i have a assitant does everything that SIRI does,,, does not run sluggish at all,, phone is 2 yrs old,,,

    and sean you do not need dual core to record and send voice,,then recieve the response

  • northy

    oh and if its not about money and its about processor,, why is it not available on the ipad2?? ipad2 is running dual core,

  • Alex

    @Northy; that’s just voice control, get yout facts straight.

    • northy

      get your facts straight,,, its a app called speaktoit,, works just like SIRI,,,

      and it runs very smoothly…

      SIRI will run no problem on a iphone4 if able would allow it,,

  • Sean

    @Norhy you obviously did not notice the sarcasm in my comment

  • Jason

    Would be nice even if someone made a similar app even if it were not an exact port of siri.

  • W B

    Why just port Siri over to the iphone 4. Might as well port Android over and make it worth while. Then you could have a lot more than just voice control.

  • saffant

    What do u want Apple to tell ya? Oh that your device is ancient and we want to rip u the fk off even further than we already do, for you to get the Siri feature? no. They simply tell u that your device isn’t powerful enough..

    Besides, it’s hard to explain to iSheep that your latest iteration of phones desperately needs a feature such as Siri, to make up for its lack of innovation and competitiveness.

  • MARS

    @northy I didn’t realize this was available for Android. What is the exact name of the App in the Marketplace? Is it the one by Vlingo Corp?

    • TeknoBug


  • Nathen

    ” Apple insists it’s a hardware limitation ”


    “F**k em, make sure ALL iphone4 users go out and buy iphone4s

    • boojay

      And why not f**k them? If they’re dumb enough to keep buying the same thing over and over again, let’s bleed ’em dry and get filthy rich!!

  • Justin

    Well thats’s just no good!
    Even further news on the net, is that Siri is useless in Canada, it doesn’t work up to its full potential for Canadian users!

  • Jeffrey-H

    You blokes are carring on like children. the company make something so except it the way it is supposed to be, if you can get it to do more big deal. put yourselve in the developers position they may be making big $$$’s so what, people will buy wht they want because they can

    • TeknoBug

      If that should be the case, then they could have put Siri on the App store for iPhone 4 users to buy!

      I bet there’ll be a lawsuit from Apple when they find out who did this. But they’ll have to deal with being caught in a lie.

  • zar

    @Jeffrey, people might take you seriously when you write accept instead of except (no, English is not my 1st language either).

    But on topic: People wouldn’t necessarily make such a fuzz, at least I know I would’t, IF Apple didn’t make claims that hardware limitations is the reason why Siri won’t show up on iPhone 4. It’s almost the same thing as the now famous “You’re holding it wrong!” debacle a while back.

    Straight up lying doesn’t bode well with me.

  • mtlboy

    siri is good for who is lazy to typing….