HTC Holiday is coming to Canada in Q4


  • Greg

    Galaxy S II is better.

  • Michael

    I think I like the name holiday better for this device.

  • Allan

    Please come to Rogers!!!

    • FadedSpark

      It’s coming to bell, After they launch some shitty LG in the next few weeks. Sorry 🙁

  • GMan

    I love HTC. Samsung makes some phones with crazy specs but it always feels like you’re holding a piece of equipment. HTC does a better job with ergonomics and it’s just a joy to hold a HTC phone in your hands.

    • Jay

      Could not agree with you more. It seems HTC makes the highest quality product and it looks and feels like it, not to mention Sense UI is the most attractive interface out there.

    • bob

      It’s a phone. Who cares how it feels or how it looks?

    • Jay

      And that’s why you’re silent, bob.

  • Panzerpug

    Nice phone. Love HTC. Their attention to detail is impeccable.

  • a

    Agreed w/ the HTC love. After owning a Sony Ericsson, going back to HTC feels like home. Didn’t realize how much I missed the Sense UI!

  • GorillaZ

    editing goes a long way

  • anon

    another crappy device for the same OS. Android is over played, and this will be their downfall. They do not know how to control their product life cycle. The only way that Android can claim that so and so phones are running OS 2.x.x is by releasing new phones with 2.x.x on them, providing barely any support for other Android devices. That is just a shitty development model. Android is full of vulnerabilities due to its open source code. Bleh, Google is being stupid about their game plan, They just want market share, not customer experience.
    FYI, not an Apple user, and I work in the cellphone industry. When someone asks me what is the difference between Android 2.2 and 2.3.x or the diff between S2 and another Android phone, I say you are only paying for hardware, user experience remains unchanged. You can either for go HTC Sense, Moto Blur, TouchWiz etc etc. No1 cares, but the industry thinks people care.
    Android is shooting its self in the foot.


    INSIGHT: This HTC device is light years ahead of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip.

  • MovieMan87

    I have a GS2 right now and I love it, but this is a sexy phone. I always love the build of HTC phones

  • Sandman2749

    They need to make a slider version of this and release at as the “HTC Heavy Raider”. A little BSG reference there for ya.

    Seriously though, not a bad looking phone. The issue I see is all of these 4.5” screens that also have the normal Android buttons along the bottom. These will always be bigger than the next gen running Ice Cream Sandwich which won’t have the buttons.

  • Deli

    great addition to the Canadian superphone lineup!!!

  • zar

    Needs a 2.0 front camera and bigger battery

  • boakun

    why does the weather widget show info for seoul, i thought htc was in taiwan lol

  • Leo

    Just don’t understand why HTC, Samsung and BB have to release phone(s) every single month (or at most every other month)? Can they just build a good phone and sell it for at least 6 month before they release a new one? Is there anyone here actually buy all or most of them?

    I still have my milestone from last year…

    • Zomby

      Of course no one buys every single phone released, that would be ridiculous. The fact is, there’s more than one person buying these phones and everyone has different needs. All those different phones cater to the needs of a multitude of individuals. There’s no way I’m changing phone within a year, maybe two, because I simply can’t afford to always have the latest and greatest. Same thing about computers… there’s alway new model that’s faster and greater but you don’t see me rushing to buy a new one every other month do you?

  • stephenb

    Let bell have the raider/holiday and rogers would be better off with the HTC vigor. But only time will tell. Go HTC!!!

    • FadedSpark

      It is bell. A little birdy told me.

  • skrutor

    I was hoping to see the Vigor make its way here too. Why are we always behind the tech curve in Canada? It would be a great low volume test market for the latest options. If Canadians don’t like it, it must be really bad!

    • FadedSpark

      Behind the tech curve? Bahahaha I haven’t seen something so funny in a while. Maybe compared to some parts of europe, but if want rough, take a look at the states.

      Shittier phones, worse QoS, More expensive data, Epic throttling…

      Europe gets newer devices first, BUT they get f****d on plans. Unlimited means ~500mb there.

  • Saffant


    What about the 2 year contracts the carriers in the states have?


    You don’t see new revisions or upgrades coming out every month in the computer industry, do you ?

    • FadedSpark

      2 year contracts, higher priced phones.

      Also, Upgrade dates are between 24-30m with all carriers (If not earlier (IE: Fido Voice only)

      Not to mention the ridiculous promotions that come up every time a land mark device drops (Bell doing Desire Z early upgrade offers, Telus dropping the EDUF once in a while, Rogers doing iPhone 4 early HUP’s)

      We’ve got it better than them. By far.

      Hell, our world-beating HSPA+ networks are reason enough. You won’t see more consistent high speed wireless anywhere else in the world.

      I don’t know if it’s obvious or not, but I’m in the industry, and looking around, we really do have it better than everyone else.

      For the Greater metro area people, you’ve got the incumbents for dirt cheap, limited local area service, and for everyone else, you’ve got prices that have dropped significantly in the past 3 years while features have increased. And it’s only getting better.

      Everyone should be watching koodo. That long distance plan? How long does everyone want to bet it will take for telus to include it, bell to offer as a ten dollar add-on and rogers to bleed to death until FINALLY giving in?

      Then what about that 45 unlimited calling plan? I predict similar.

      Watching the moves of the Canadian mobile companies is fun, it’s almost like a dance. Except there are three dancers to a grouping instead of 2.

      And the new players are the geeky kids getting largely ignored on the sidelines. They’ll make a splash some day but not yet.

  • Jay Jay

    Much love to HTC, no one compares to their build quality, sexy design and solid feel

  • west coast

    Confirmed with Bell Launching in November in wide distribution