Image: BlackBerry Curve Touch leaks online


  • asdgjaslkj

    i congratulate rim on all the new devices this year, and making it available through all carriers.

    still not a fan of blackberry though.

  • Mike

    Great, more plasticky junk.

  • Joe

    Why are they branding this one as a Curve now? It’s already stupid that they have 2 Torch lines.

    • TheTigerTek

      Curve the lower tier phones all touchscreen / QWERTY keyboard phones. Torch is all touch screen phones / regular slide out keyboard phones / Bold is they high end classic QWERTY phone. Rim is trying to simplify its line up.

    • Mike

      @TheTigerTek: Simplifying their line up?

      Bold: Classic Qwerty design
      Torch: Sliding Form factor and touch screen only
      Curve: Classic qwerty and touch screen only

      There’s no consistency at all. If they really wanted to simplify (not just for consumer sake) but for logistics, support, R&D, etc, carry the Bold as the qwerty and one touch screen device. Two solid devices, reduce all the overhead costs from 15 different models of the same thing.

  • TheTigerTek

    If they price it right.. this thing is going to sell like hot cakes.

    • Kemist

      if the providers price it right. RIM doest tell the providers how much to sell the device for, but yes if priced right this device should sell

    • Adam

      No, RIM doesn’t set the prices for the Providors, but they do sell to them at a price. I doubt they sold the 9900 to Rogers for $15, allowing them $235 markup. They’ll sell at a price, and the providers add a markup that they think will make them money, but still sell.

      Both need to work on this. RIM can’t sell it off at nearly the price they do for the Bold or Torch, and the carriers can’t expect to sell this for $150 on a 3-year.

  • Alex Perrier

    Thought this was like a Bold Touch, but i guess not… where is the keyboard? :-O

  • Mr.Poop

    So tell me something people. Isn’t this the EXACT same device as the Torch 9850/9860, just smaller in a Curve form factor?

    WHO GIVES A CRAP. Launch something NEW RIM!!!?!?!?

    • bobbi singh

      You know what MrPoop? If you don’t have an iPhone please go out and get one. And while you’re there ask them when the iHouse, iGrocery and iCar will be coming out cause you want to place your order now. You seem to want a company that sells 1 item. Tell you what when the iPhone5 comes out and looks the same as the old one and the only thing it does better than the iPhone4 is that it comes in maybe blue and is faster, go and get it and tell us it’s so better than before.

      I like that Samsung, HTC and RIM introduce differently phones. Gives me more choice to choose from.

    • Mr.Poop

      You want choice? Ya? Well you have choice

      Pearl Flip

      and the list goes on – ALL FAILED devices that FAILED to gain momentum in the marketplace. There is your choice you nitwit.

  • Pieton

    Snore. Boring.

  • Farquoi

    boring lame boring snore boring ugly boring what’s new?

    ps. anyone who dislikes this comment is either a RIM jobber or they bought a BlackBerry and has buyer’s remorse for not getting an iPhone and now they are stuck with their Berry for 3 years

    • bobbi singh

      Please see Mr Poop. Like him you’re also Mr. iEverything.

  • Afif

    I live in Waterloo (home of the BlackBerry) and I just bought an iPhone from the new Apple store in the Waterloo mall. Does this make me a bad person? Does it!?!?!?

    • Matt

      You mean that store that opens TOMORROW? Sure you did.

  • SImpleton

    i like dis fone

  • Mr. Witty

    I am trying to like this phone but hard to when it is the exact same as the Torch 9850. I wonder when RIM will realize that other companies are coming out with DUAL CORE, BIG 4.3″ touch screens, faster processors, amazing software, and overall better apps.

    RIM – are you awake? Hello RIM? RIM are you there?

  • CJ

    Is this smaller than the Torch? If not I don’t want to be the sales rep that has to explain the difference between this and the Torch to the average customer. My brain hurts already.

  • Topher MANIC

    This is probably going to have a lower res screen, lower res camera–maybe a 3.2MP–and a slower processor, hence, making it cheaper, aka a Curve model. Ppl complain w/o thinking. The specs for these new BlackBerries are on par w/ what’s coming out, besides the camera, kinda wish they would have bumped up the 9900 or 9860 to at least 8MP. Other than that, I see no issues w/ RIM’s line up. Oh and to those talking about all these models looking the same, I guess you haven’t been paying attention to the countless Android slabs being released, ex. HTC Sensation, Thunderbolt, Inspire, Desire HD…how many new models of the Galaxy S are there? The Galaxy S2, Galaxy Z, Galaxy Xcover, Tmo’s Hercules?

  • RIMeton

    tell me nahhhhhhhh why dis fone dux so bidly

  • Ryan Bidan

    This cannot beat the Samsung touch phones. No way no how. I am leading a strong pack of marketing at Samsung that cannot be touched.

  • Wicker

    I am lost. Is this a Curve or Torch? What’s a Torch? The slide or touch? or both? What’s the Style? Just a flip? Well a flip is also a Pearl Flip? But I want a Bold, but the Bold is small and big.

    Oy vey. My turban hurts.

  • Compton

    I had chili for lunch and I might have pooped my pants – out came the Curve touch phone

  • BronxKid

    y0 hear dis nahhh man, I-be lik who dis girl trying to get wit me, she got no sense to be wit he. girl you gotta get with thee, cuz I can be all you want me to be. Look at me girl like you gotz no question, I got the diamond like it ain’t no question. I give you that long stem rose, and you give me that nice silky panty hose. Let me tell you this now, and hear me out like a yelping cow..


  • Tell me

    Does RIM honestly think this will compete against the iPhone?


  • Simpleton

    Does RIM think this will save the business? Do they think this is revolutionary? This kind of phone was out in 2007 – welcome to 2011 RIM, soon to be 2012. GET WITH THE TIMES DIPSHITS

  • ELNY

    The problem isn’t the fact that they all look alike, the problem is that RIM has been releasing the SAME crap for the past 10+ yrs. No innovation, same crappy tech inside, year after year.

    While other companies may have models that look similar, they improve in every single aspect, the HTC Sensation has a QHD display, dual core, more memory, etc which is a vast improvement over the Desire HD. The GS2 vs last year Samsung…well I won’t have to get into that. RIM’s latest devices vs their previous?? Same garbage, just a slight bump in cpu power and oh look, in 6 months you can’t use it because QNX will be out….again same s**t.

    Worst company ever. 5 more years and they will be long gone.

  • Pickton

    This is the iPhone killer ladies and gentlemen

  • Farquoi

    I just faaaaaaaaated

  • Matt Cooper

    I can’t wait until I can afford to buy an iPhone

  • Lord Berry

    I don’t know if this justifies upgrading from my Blackberry Style. The Style suits me. It’s a flip phone that I can talk on, BBM on, and check my makeup with.


  • jr67

    torch, curve, storm, bold, bold touch, 9900, 9930, 9850, 9810, 9800, 9860, style, pearl, torch with keyboard, torch without keyboard, tour…

    RIM, I think you need a few more models/model names/model numbers to fill those holes in your lineup.

  • Abhishek

    I like! I like allot. I like so much I bai sooN!

  • Sir Fart A lot

    I am unsure what to get from my local Bell store:

    BlackBerry 7220 or the iPhone 4


    • Afif


      Its a hard choice, but if you are an upward business hero then go with the blackbird. Otherwise use an iPhone.

      PS: I like penguins

  • Rob Frost

    I there, my wife Diana Hanson uses an iPhone. I don’t know how to use any phone I never graduated college.

    – Robbie

  • jr67

    @afif, so you broke into the Apple store in Waterloo to buy your iPhone? You know, since it doesn’t open until tomorrow. Good point though (???)

    • Afif

      I did. Got a problem?

    • AwesomeP

      Must have been B&E… better phone Jobs and the Phone police.

  • Viscera

    Blackberries look like the result of a typewriter from 1850 engaging in sexual intercourse with an early CRT monitor.

    Would someone please abort research in slow motion. Apple put the final nail in this companies coffin.

  • Mexican Kid

    yo tengo Blackburry. Ye padda iphone tengo el gato los pantelenos casa tu casa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jr67

    @bobbi singh: the problem with that sort of business strategy, is when you give the customer infinite options, they opt for a competitor. Keep It Simple is a basic, fundamental business concept. RIM can keep trying to buck that principle as the continue to sink. I live in Waterloo and want RIM to do well, as the drive up salaries in the area for engineers and developers. I am not hopeful if yours is the sort of advice they are listening to.

  • Bung Hole

    I’m in need of a good phone. Can anyone recommend a good berry for me?

  • Mr. Swift, MBA

    Whoa man, I would have typed this sooner but I had to run out of my cubicle and into the stairwell to release some torpedo farts. Some lady was walking up from first floor so I had to jet out of there before she saw me. I feel better now.

    Anyways, I like this curve and it shows RIM is back on track…making useless crapola.

    • Hamshire

      It’s not crapola, OK!? Listen, its not fair. it’s just not fair to be saying this stuff. It’s not fair…it’s just not.

      “turn that camera off”

  • Steven P. Jobs

    I, Steven P. jobs, indirectly laid of 2000 RIM folks in Waterloo, ON. In celebration I m*********d to the Rick Roll videos on YouTube.

    Thank you.

    Sent from my iPhone 5

    • Blue Bomber 4 Lyfe

      Lord Jobs,

      When will the iPhone 5 be available for purchase? I will be buying one and flushing my blackberry 9900 down the toilet.

      Ian Logan

  • Question

    I am trying to find the email icon on the PlayBook but i can’t seem to find it? I see a hotmail icon but that takes me to the web. I see a gmail icon and that also takes me to the web. Stupid question, but HOW DO I SEND EMAIL ON MY PLAYBOOK? SOMEONE HELP!

    PS – If you can also help me find the calendar and task list icons on my PlayBook that would be great.


  • Constable

    FYI: Police constables use iPhones and Androids

    • Constable

      I went on a ride along and they were all using iPhones

    • Karl E

      don’t think so. how do they type on the run with no keys?

  • John

    hmmm, I am not really a fan of the styling of this phone, it looks short or something

    Why for the life of them can’t they make a normal looking phone, its not hard people

  • F*G

    This will be DOA, as Steve Jobs would say

    DOA = Dunga Orgy Arse

  • Sampson

    I need help trying to send email from my PlayBook. I am a newly re-born 79 year old man and I need guidance.

    Please guidance.

  • Warren Locke

    Blackberry isn’t a good choice for me especially when I am a WarAmp kid with prosthetic fingers and hand. Surprisingly, the touch screen on the iPhone responds to my fake fingers, unlike my girlfriend when I finger her.

  • Burt

    I am looking forward to the 4G PlayBook!!! This will be sweet. Apple doesn’t stand a chance. Sprint is unloading this baby SOON!!! Woo! Any update as to when it is coming?

    • aka

      @Burt –

      Sprint just announced they will not carry the PlayBook WiMax, so RIM is now concentrating on LTE versions with other carriers.

  • Jonesy1966

    RIM: Helping muli-IDers cyber-bate for 15 years.

  • Lucas

    this whole touchscreen jazz annoys me. someone gets a blackberry for the keyboard. the 9900 is just stupid cuz who would use the touchscreen on this tiny 2.8″ screen if they could just use the trackpad.