BlackBerry 2011 CDMA Roadmap leaked: Curve Touch, Montana, Monaco…

Leaked documents of the upcoming year for BlackBerry began to leak a couple weeks ago. Today CrackBerry has unleashed a motherload of presentation slides that shows everything from RIM’s CDMA lineup – specs to possible release dates. All looks promising and very focused on touchscreens, NFC capabilities, HD recording.

The devices include:
– Dakota (touchscreen Bold possibly released July – August)
– Monaco Touch (also known as the Storm 3 with a July – August release)
– Bold Touch (August 2011 release)
– Sedona (Next generation Curve with a possible release between August – September 2011)
– Curve Touch (code name is the “Malibu” Late Fall release)

Check out the slides after the break
Source: CrackBerry