Samsung updates smartphone naming scheme, wants everyone to feel special

Samsung is now known these days for their Galaxy S series of Android devices. But those premium devices are not in everyone’s price range, and over the last year the company has released many low-to mid-level phones to fill in the gaps in consumer demand.

Now, going forward, each product will be remanded under a specific category, each standing for its particular market. In the premium range we will have the Galaxy R series (which future Galaxy S devices will be referred to); in the high-end range will be the Galaxy W; the mid-level will be Galaxy M; entry-level Galaxy Y. Pretty smart stuff, right?

In addition, “Plus” monikers will refer to improved premium devices such as those with shiny bezels or faster radios; “Pro” will continue to classify devices with hardware keyboards; and finally “LTE” will refer to, you guessed it, ones with LTE radios on board.

Whether this will decrease confusion in the market or just add a new layer awaits to be seen, but it’s nice to know that a company with as many products as Samsung wants to make it less stressful for us to decide which one of their products to buy. Now that’s considerate.

Source: Phandroid