RIM officially announces “largest global launch ever” with the Bold 9900, Torch 9810 and Torch 9850


  • Harrison

    Samsung Galaxy SII???????

    • jellmoo

      What about it?

  • Steve

    BlackBerry FTW!

  • Jake-Z

    Whenever I hear someone bashing RIM and promoting Apple I always say “no thank you, I rather have a brain”

    They’re left speechless, everytime.

  • Zeake

    I wouldn’t touch anything blackberry with a ten feet pole!
    Android or bust!

    …Mind you I’m open minded, but having used blackberries since 2000, after switching to droid- I don’t intend to return for a long long time. There is just NO comparison Android is better in EVERY way. Well at least in every way that’s important to me.

  • plumed

    But what are the resolutions of the screen? Knowing RIM, prob still running at same res as Torch1

    • bob

      It’s 640×480. Except the one without keyboard, which has a revolutionary 800×480.

  • Preacher

    the Torch doesn’t look so bad depending on screen res, but unless rim swears on their stock holders lives that these devices will get the new QNX os (probably called os8) i don’t see the value in getting these.

    the problem with android is the manufactures stopping me from upgrading the os on my phone. whats RIMs excuse?

    • Rob


      Just root your phone and run a custom OS. Don’t wait around for the carriers.

      @the thread:
      These BB’s look “way better” than the current line-up, but that isn’t saying much. I just dumped my BB Torch and got the Galaxy S 2 and there is simply no comparison – the GS2 is literally lightyears ahead of the Blackberry.

      I don’t miss BBM for a minute (it’s more annoying than anything) and the app selection on Android is amazing and getting better every day.

      As a Canadian, I wish RIM all the best. Maybe I’ll switch back when(if) their QNX devices are released and are any good.

      Until then, Android FTMFW. (figure it out)

  • Greg

    I think we need to move past carrier controlled updates. If everyone did what Apple did, by which I mean releasing their phone updates themselves, we would see better competition, regardless if the phone is BB or Android. I’m tired of signing 3-year contracts and getting phones that get less than a year-year and a half of support, even though many of the updates are available, it’s the carrier delaying or refusing their launch. The developers should release the update and the carriers make sure it works with their network. Not the other way around. It’s not too much to ask considering the absurdly long contracts, ridiculous subsidies, and years of system access fees.

    • Rio

      Very True!

      Just out of curiosity. What difference does an update make to the carrier? In my mind, the phone software shouldnt make a difference to the carrier

      Like why would Bell or Rogers not want a phone to be updated?

    • tiesto1989

      @ Rio: Because they want people to upgrade (i.e. pay again for a new phone that is still more than decent) and resign people for another 2-3 years contract (i.e. again, make more cash).

      I’m actually surprised Rogers decided to upgrade the Xperia X10 to Gingerbread 2.3…

  • Abe

    i have been with Android now for sometime and i use to have a BB and use to love it,once i used Android i dropped bb too quick. The only way id go back and this is a big maybe is when bb gets QNX on there phones.

  • Brian

    Yawn, more boring BlackBerry devices. These were cool four or five years ago when they were the only game in town, but now it’s time to move on to greener pastures with iOS/Android/anything else.

  • Gab

    played with the 9810. It’s quick, has the dual core. I don’t like how all the buttons where push though.They looked like soft touch but nope.

    • F

      9810 is not dual core…none of them are. Not sure why…RIM has plenty of time to get their phone on par with other Androids

    • jellmoo

      They aren’t dual core because there is zero need for them to be dual core. None of the Blackberry strengths require a dual core device. Heck, I would be shocked if their apps are even able to take advantage of a second one.

  • Big 3

    The all touch BBC looks quite promising

  • Dre

    These BB’s are calling my name but android is still better

  • Gab

    woops my bad.. the next torch is dual core >.>…

  • B

    Haha new innovation my a*s RIM fired 2000 of it’s workers, they not going to make any splash in the market share when the iPhone 5 is coming out. Still love my Nexus S!

  • Terry

    You are getting warm, but in a nutshell, it is last year’s phone and I say this as a 9800 owner with a 9000 back-up.

    In case anyone is listening out there, I like a smartphone that flies (i.e. not have to wait 5+ minutes for GPS to dial-in), runs flawlessly, has gorilla glass and with a unique style.

    And no, couldn’t care less about “an app for that.”