Bell and Virgin 4G network goes live in Saskatchewan


  • brian

    why would anyone choose bell in SK? everyone I know uses sasktel and I get unlimited sasktel to sasktel calling to all of them. they don’t seem too different from sasktel and have fewer benefits (vs virgin / telus / fido etc)

  • Adam

    I don’t think Sasktel is going to have to compete. I just looked at Bell’s plans for Saskatchewan and they’re pathetic to say the least… 🙁

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    it maybe a test market, to gauge how well the network carries and how it works.. I think it a good move.. proves the statement that was made that the big 3 are just a flick of a switch away from 4g.

  • MuffTuff

    Sasktel lacks a my5 type option as well as a slightly flawed data plan system, overall their plans are good, but lacking in a few key areas. As well because they farm most of their mobile business out to authorized dealers who have less concern in regards to customer service, I personally find that resolving issues with Sasktel can be quite a run around. Although as a former Bell customer I cannot say that they (Bell) are much better.

  • Jonathan

    I agree bell plans are expensive!! its either sasktel or TELUS in sask. TELUS plans are nice, I have a promo plan for 55$ that includes 5 gb data, fav 10 and unlimited messaging, unlimited eve and weekend starting at 6 and free voicemail, don’t need anything more then that. for bell you pay double for that plan. more carriers just means more phones to buy outright and unlock!

    • Joemon

      HI Jon,

      How is the telus coverage in SK? I am moving to Preeceville, SK in a few weeks from BC and am planning to get the same plan you use. Its a great plan indeed!! Only worried about the coverage. I dont know anyone from SK. help me out please.

      Thanks in advance


  • Alan

    Bell’s entry is pathetic — my TELUS $55 plan gets me 5Gb and unlimited nationwide talk and text to 10 numbers! plus unlimited after 5pm… why would anyone sign up with Bell?

  • kik

    what misinformation is this. there is no 4g iphone.

    • kik

      and just because carriers have lied and renamed their service 4G doesn’t mean you have to report it as fact.

    • Jay

      @Kik: It’s not a lie. The international regulations were lowered, making 3G networks now rated 4G. We all know it’s just a big advertising scam though, even if it has regulatory backing.

  • Jay

    Awesome, now everyone in Saskatchewan can feel the blue storm (more like nauseating flu) that us in Ontario have been putting up with for years! Enjoy!

  • dan

    now hopefully virgin goes live in manitoba soon!

  • Paul Q

    No real reason to go to another carrier other than SaskTel in Saskatchewan. Unlimited data FTW.

  • Don.K

    I’ve purchased my iphone straight from Apple unlocked and came to Sasktel for the micro chip only because I was tired of waiting for Sasktel to put in on their shelf for us here at home. VERY pleased with the iphone purchase. VERY disapointed that last week when I had to make a trip into Gimi,Mb that I had NO service from Roblin,Mb in and out of Manitobia. Sasktel can you make a carrier agreement with Manitoba to carry 4G ! Thinking of getting another iphone for MY wife and even yanking out the land line phone at home only keeping the internet! Glade Sasktel has a little compatition….will keep everyone realising we DO have a good carrier here at HOME in Saskatchewan. Keep up the good work Sasktel!

  • Rob

    i’ve had Bell for 3 years with a bc phone number and now live in sask.
    i haven’t switched because my old plan is better than anything offered by ANYONE currently.
    Looking forward t getting a local number now and keeping my current plan and a new phone, sktel can’t touch my plan now.
    i am old school, like an indestructable flip phone, don’t text, and don’t need internet on my phone, so its perfect ! I also still need coverage at the lake, so the new g stuff is of no help!

  • Dr Tone

    I went with Bell for mobile internet, Sasktel was more expensive and didn’t offer a public IP address option.

    If I travelled abroard I’d want someone like Bell that has International travel plans.

    Other than the above reasons, not much reason to not go with the unlimited plans from sasktel.

    Competition is good thing for everyone in the end.