Rumour: Google and Samsung to launch the “Nexus Prime” with a “Super AMOLED HD” display


  • KingK

    BGR with more rumors and no facts.

    Please no more Samsung with Nexus. Use the 720p toshiba screen or something.

    No thanks on screen burn in, yellow bleeding and all defects with Supeer amoled screens.

    Use tegra 3 and not omap.

    • Brendon

      Screen burning? Yellow bleeding? I have never heard of either of these issues with a samoled screen.

      Also if you have used any samsung processor you would know they make the fastest chipsets available,

      Not the I converse much with trolls, but just my 2 cents

    • dan123

      Is it just me or is Prime is a weird name for a phone..

  • MXM4K

    Smart idea to give each manufacturer a true Google flagship Android device. If support is evenly spread across each device, then everyone would win.

  • Adam

    I’d be all for seeing multiple manufacturers getting a Nexus device. Not so thrilled about LG whatsoever, but Samsung and HTC both make some damn nice devices. A little bit of selection never hurt anyone. If you dont’ like the build style of a Samsung, the HTC is always an option.

  • JT

    Please let it be Samsung I use to like HTC but they cut corners these days with smaller batteries and crappier cameras. Their build is nice though. Samsung FTW, they have great hardware and I would love to see the SAMOLED HD sreen. I will only upgrade my current Nexus S when this baby hits. Hoping this to be true.

  • michael

    Be nice if all those go to every carrier.

  • aka

    oh snap, I was waiting for the SII, but now the wait time has just been extended for another, lol.

  • zorxd

    Resolution is the the only downside of the Galaxy S2.
    I think 1280×720 is too good to be true. 1024×600 would still be good and is probably more realistic. 960×540 would be the minimum acceptable for a third Nexus released in December.

  • Steve

    If these specs are real, i will buy this phone the day it comes out.

  • bummy

    Um…. I think Nexus “Prime” is very much an LG naming convention.

    Nexus “S” = Galaxy “S”
    Nexus Prime = LG Optimus

    • Bri

      LOL you’re being funny

    • Anon

      LOL. 🙂

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm, interesting. Shall see when the time comes.

  • Bri

    Damn this seems very interesting and good to hear that Samsung is back in the business with Google for the next Device. I think Samsung makes much better devices than LG at least and I personally don’t like the HTC’s device designs.

  • Bob

    Way too many good phones coming out. It is going to get to the point that 3 months after you buy your phone it will be obsolete!

  • Mr. Pierre

    i could use an ice cream sandwich

  • Hooty

    This OMAP processor better blow the Exynos out of the water. But yeah, it’s probably my next phone. My Nexus One has served me well, especially with CyanogenMod.

  • jalin2

    Google did mention 2 hardware releases per year right? This is just crazy.. maybe no SGS2 for me afterall…

    • zorxd

      No they didn’t. 1 per year. In December, the Nexus S will be 1 year old.

  • Meh

    I’m still running a magic, and my hardware upgrades been due since march. I would wait for this, but knowing Canada’s track record on google phone releases, I’d rather just hope the GS2 comes out soon, otherwise, getting the infuse 4g while crying

  • billy

    Hope they improve the battery life to support this fancy screen and processor…

  • Derrek

    @Mr Pierre..

    An icecream sandwich would be splendid. Both literally and for the Android.

  • demvin

    Oh well, I thought about getting a GS2, but since it’s been out so long without a Canadian release, might as well wait for this good stuff…after all, my Nokia N95 is still working well…

  • hinds

    Patient is my virtue and the next nexus is my upgrade no matter what. Happy with my nexus s.

  • daveloft

    If their going to put a 720P display on it they better upgrade from the PowerVR SGX540 in the Nexus S and other OMAP4460 devices. I would love to see the PowerVR SGX543 used in the iPad 2 and PSP Vita in the Nexus Prime.

    • bob

      The SGX540 would run at a much higher speed (so it would be faster) but still it is true that at 1280×720 it probably won’t be enough for the heavy gamers out there.

    • daveloft

      It may run faster but with 2.4 times the number of pixels to push around it would provide slower framerates than the Nexus S. It would also be slower than a Tegra 3 or PowerVR SGX543. What i***t would thumb down a suggestion for a faster GPU?

    • daveloft

      I’m specifically talking about gaming.

  • brando

    im more curious about the other phones that will be released when this bad boy comes out, reading the specs on this, wouldnt be to surprised to see them on the other models each with their own characteristic touch to it

  • Nick

    1280×720 with that kind of firepower is insane. That’s more than enough to have windows running side by side (i.e. read an article in the browser while watching youtube). Scary.

  • slype

    and apple falls further and further behind with their one hardware release every 12-18 months. The next one better be good if they want to catch up, surpass and stay ahead of Android phones over the next 2 years. They still win with the “retina display” but they are starting to falter. Not that their fans will ever notice though. All hail King Jobs!

  • Hmm

    I want HTC Sense 🙂

    • x_X

      on nexus brand ??????

  • Philippe

    hope that the Prime will not have the search button firering by it self every 5 seconds on 3G

  • Mark

    The fandroids are no better than ifanboys.

  • TimTam

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is supposed to run on the Nexus S as well as Prime. But would the software based navigation buttons appear on the screen of the Nexus S just above the current nav buttons? That would be redundant and annoying. I hope Google anticipated that.

  • Legendary

    Yes, burn in is a problem, in much the same way it is a problem for current generation plasma TVs. Are you going to be leaving your phone’s screen on for 24+ hours in a row with one image on the screen? IDK about you, but my 1+ year old Legend is set to automatically time out, and I haven’t run into any problems with the AMOLED screen (and the new versions of AMOLED are MUCH better with burn in than my Legend’s screen), and I use my phone for gaming and such.

    As for your claims of “a better tech [needs] to be used”, what would you call “a better tech”? The IPS LCD in the iPhone with terrible brightness levels, contrast, and battery drain? The only other semi-interesting display standard out there right now is the LG LCD NOVA display, which LG is having trouble making anywhere near enough of for even a few of their phones.

    As for your claims of “yellow bleeding …with Supeer [sic] amoled [sic] screens”, I can honestly say that I haven’t run into it or heard anything about it, but then again I don’t have a “Supeer amoled” display, aside from on one particular phone (which funnily enough DOES NOT USE A SAMOLED display).

    And so I propose to you a question. Would you rather have a Samsung 8000 64″ 3D 1080p Plasma TV where you have to worry about burn-in if you leave your television on with a non-moving image for 48-72 continuous hours, or an old tiny 480i CRT screen where you don’t have to worry about burn-in (assuming that they are the same price)

  • Namal

    “Prime”… Like Optimus Prime. Pretty sure it’ll live p to its name!