RIM to “streamline operations” with a “headcount reduction”, COO suddenly goes on medical leave

Wow, not looking good people. At the bottom of the RIM Q1 2012 Fiscal results press release is a “Cost Optimization Program”. RIM is starting to cut jobs, something they have not done in years. The last recorded number of employees RIM had was 18,721 (2010 numbers). There is no word on how many employees will be slashed but RIM states they “will begin a program to streamline operations across the organization, which will include a headcount reduction”. Kinda sounds like the old Palm and Nokia days. The “realignment” will of “redundancies and a reallocation of resources” will start at the beginning of Q2.

Want more? It’s been confirmed that Don Morrison, RIM Chief Operating Officer, suddenly departed the company to go on a “medical leave” until later this year. To fill the gap RIM is bringing Larry Conlee out of retirement and will serve as a “special adviser”. Conlee was COO of RIM in the 2009 glory days.

Source: MarketWire
Via: NewsTribune

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