Confirmed Rogers Xperia Play and arc pricing


  • Cadet

    i want the arc on fido… buy from rogers, spend more money to unlock it? -___-

  • TomatoGuy

    1 and 2 year contract pricing is a rip-off as usual. 3 year price of all smartphones should be $0 at most.

    • Julien CV

      And if you live in QC, with Bill 60, 1-3 year contract, its all the same. Might as well get it for 3 years and pay the cheapest.

    • drizzo613

      why? in the states the high end phones are usually 199.99 on 2 yr contracts and people have to wait the full 2 years now to upgrade. Rogers does 3 yr pricing every 2 years as well. If anything they should just do away with the pointless extra year on contract for people who plan on getting a phone every 2 years. The ones who choose the 3yr should get the phone free and be eligible for a new phone every 3 years

  • PhoneRep

    Anyone complaining about not having these phones on fido grow up if your so cheap as to go with fido then u should know they dont carry good phones or have good plans unless ur on social assisstance

    • Baester

      these aren’t good phones.

    • Cadet

      btw, i spend my own money to buy an unlocked SE x10 mini pro (it was only around $400 back then)
      thank you very much
      along with my other phones which were all brought unlocked but used fido services say…over the past 10 years

      it was a hope that they would let fido have a good phone
      does that makes me cheap?

      if you are new, i don’t blame you
      fido used to have the newest phones until rogers brought them out

      but if you see me needing social assistance and cheap just because i HOPE fido would have a good phone
      you are looking down on everyone that uses fido =]

  • Prenz T.

    What does that $45 plan have?

  • cybik

    Still no news on fastboot.

  • Louis

    My goal is to re-sell those phones to americans and use the profit to aquire a NTT-Docomo Silver Xperia Arc SO-01c.