Here are the upcoming Rogers Nexus S price plans


  • TheDude

    Koodo has comfirmed. $425 outright. $375 with tab. Now that is huge.

    • chall2k5


    • ISo

      Few things to note regarding this phone here:

      + 4.0″ Super AMOLED Screen(some regions might not get it)
      + Gingerbread comes pre-installed. Preference for future updates(Nexus One is still waiting for Android 2.3)

      – No micro SD slot (limited to 16GB space)
      – No support for 720p recording
      – Bluetooth v3.0 is missing (supports only v2.1)

      Taking away the Gingerbread part it is a degraded Galaxy S. It is a great phone nonetheless launching on all carriers. So be smart and spend your money wisely

  • jbarns

    that price point makes sense! It will probably drop to $50 in a couple months and then free for all!

  • d-h

    “The Nexus S aptivate also comes with 16GB . . . ”


  • Tom

    Wow, they undercut Telus, I’m shocked. What is going on here?

    The Telus one comes unlocked – does the Rogers’ version come unlocked too?

    • Landon

      It damn well better. The Nexus line is defined by its lack of a carrier lock.

      Whether they’ll sell it to you if you don’t have an account with them is another matter though.

    • Chris

      Just shows how much of a fail Telus is…. at least the 3 year price is a lot more reasonable than Telus’ $180.

  • sacksy

    Does the last sentence in the overview say “Nexus S aptivate”?

    • DumbScreenName

      Sloppy cut/paste from a previous document?

  • Dave Bishop

    The Prises don’t look too bad.

  • Zirian

    At least Rogers isn’t selling the phone out right like Telus is for $550.

  • p

    Any word on release date yet? The document says April 5th, but I am guessing that is just the published date.

  • DumbScreenName

    What about Fido?

    I would expect Fido and Rogers to have the same pricing, but I really hope that Rogers doesn’t delay the Fido the launch.

  • LEKO

    One of the first phone any carrier can sell! 😀

  • Ry

    HD video? as far as I know, the nexus S does not record in HD. only 480p

    • DumbScreenName


    • zorxd

      The Galaxy S records in 720p. I wouldn’t see why the Nexus S wouldn’t be able to do the same

    • B3N017

      Sorry… but if you want to record HD, get a video camera with a real lens. This is a phone, and does descent video, but a 2mm thick lens will NEVER produce anything that is HD quality, even if it does have the right number of pixels.

  • Pitrick

    Is is the same SKU as the TELUS Nexus S?

  • Chuck

    At least it comes with the S-AMOLED

  • Josh

    I just spoke with rogers on the phone and the Samsung rep happen to be in the store. I asked him about the Nexus S, He said and I quote “keeping our fingers crossed for Friday”.

  • Terry

    Can’t wait to see what Wind prices it at.

  • Kobra

    I called Rogers and they keep saying they are not getting this phone, only the Experia “Play” and “Arc”. Does it depend on the rep on the phone? Will the employees in the store know already? I’m Dying to get this phone and am already with Rogers.

    • smitty_leafs

      Seeing as the Rogers stores have gotten their dummy units; it is fair to say they will getting it. My real question is whether it will be locked or not.

  • Xer

    I don’t understand why Rogers is saying 99.99 3 year contract is a promo! Who would go for 349.99 for 3 year? Don’t make it sound like it is a promotion but in fact it is a big rip off!

    • Riche

      Just called Rogers for the Nexus S upgrade and they said phone shows availabilty starting April 7th. Lady told me to go to a store tomorrow for possible pickup.

    • daveloft

      They always do that. I think $350 on 3 years is for a voice only contract and $99 is for the voice and data contract.

  • Adam

    The promo HAS to be voice and data. So, basically, if you just want it for voice only, it would be the $349.99. Some people just don’t like data, or use it, so this would be applicable for those people. Which, kinda just defeats the purpose of buying this phone, or any high-end smartphone alike.

  • graham

    Has anybody had any luck with the old “Will you match WIND/Mobi $45/month for unlimited everything” threat?

  • A. Carmine

    $349 WITH a contract, for 3 YEARS….. is just plain stupid.

    Thank goodness I left Rogers a year ago. Definitely will be able to pick this up from WIND @ $499 or less, easily.

  • COV

    Anyone know where this thing is gonna be sold in Vancouver? (specific bbuy/fshop locations or rogers retailers) Seems easier to obtain classified information at this point.

  • Riche

    Rogers says avalability at stores starting tomorrow April 7th

    • Danny

      Haaaa! I just called Rogers to find out the launch date, the rep told he never even heard of the Nexus S. I told him I’m looking a the pricing from Rogers and he has no any knowledge, almost rude in his denial. I’m checking out the usuals starting today and everyday until I get my hands on one…I almost got the Captivate but I think my 3yr old Samsung slide phone can hold out a few more days.

  • Evan

    Just called Future Shop and the salesperson said we could pickup our pre-orders tomorrow (April 7th) for Fido/Rogers. (I’m like a kid on Xmas eve…one more sleep, one more sleep)

    • p

      Which store said that?

      The one in downtown Montreal doesn’t seem to have any date yet, and neither do the Rogers boutiques.

  • CaptainZangetsu

    No SuperAmoled Desplay~ No Thanks

    • Riche

      I called rogers direct @ *611 and gave them the #NESXUSRO411 stock # and the computer shows available April 7th.

  • bong_sniffer

    You guys are missing the bigger picture here…. Don’t you find it weird that the Nexus one got almost no love when Canadian Spectrum support was available last year, but the Nexus S is getting so much distribution? Arguably, this handset is marginally better then the Nexus One (I own one) but is is being supported by every carrier or close to all.

    The bigger reason is NFC Chip set for mobile payments…its right around corner and this will be the flagship device to show it off.

    Point being..this phone will be dirt cheap in a matter of months…mark my words!


  • tb4

    HD quality video. Hmmm, is this false advertising or has this version of the Nexus S been improved to do 720p recording? This is from coming from Rogers. If I had to make a bet, I know where I’d put my money.

  • George

    Stopped by Rogers and they didn’t have it in store. Maybe tomorrow.

  • BC

    Just picked up my pre-ordered Nexus S from Futureshop on Rogers today. What an awesome phone.

    Correction for ISo, the Nexus One does run 2.3.3. Way back I bought the now extremely rare Rogers/AT&T version for my wife and it received 2.3.3 not too long after the Nexus S was released.

    • ken

      where did u get urs? i went to few and they didnt have it, just ones for telus and i pre ordered mine two weeks ago too!!