Bell Motorola ATRIX is now officially available


  • cody

    Not me 🙂

  • gbo

    I’m going to pick mine up in the next couple hours.

  • nader

    For those who are interested, you can buy it with no contract what-so-ever from Wireless ETC. at Costco.
    All you need is a Costco membership card. I work there, I know 🙂

    • AtrixBoy

      Ur crazy. Bottom line its great to see this phone with bell as they have the best and largest network in Canada by far. Also from what I c the plans r very competitive. I just resigned and upgraded on a three year and got the phone for 169

    • Pete

      can you get any phone off contact without having to activate a line? I might get myself a costco card just for that.

  • Colin R

    Anybody know what happened to the Xoom? Is it launching any time soon in Canada?

  • unity04

    i’ll be purchasing one in exactly 1 hour… i thought this day would never get here 🙂

  • teeelle

    where is everyone going to buy it?

  • Luc

    I’ll be getting mine in the next hour. Hopefully that they’ll have all options available too (lapdock and Multi-media dock). At a descent price that is…

  • Terry

    1 year contract = $25 off.
    2 year contract = $50 off.
    3 year contract = $430 off.

    I shake my head every time I play around with their sites.
    They just don’t even try.

    • Vito

      The only item I’ve *ever* seen consistent (reasonable) pricing in was the Galaxy tab – it drops $100 per year of service.

  • Emperuman R

    I currently have AT&T’s version but they have a restriction in which one has to side load apps from the computer, Bell doesn’t have that restriction. Also can’t even use the Mobile Hot Spot feature as I need to have an AT&T account.

    So most likely yes, as for which store, probably the one that’s not too big or too popular in common areas.

  • Herry69

    you couldn’t pay me for owning anything with ” bells ” name on it. a parasite corporation that is out to rip you off as much as possible. all you people are fools.

    • ToniCipriani

      Name me one “business” that isn’t a parasitic corporation out to rip as much off as possible. In case you failed primary school (which appears you did, don’t know what capitalization after a period is), business means an entity that exist to _earn profit_ by providing services.

      No I’m not defending Bell here, all corporations are equally evil, just saying.

  • Bob

    Picking mine up in 60 minutes or so; I’ve had my name on a waiting list for a couple of weeks and made an appointment for this AM. Can’t wait to toss the old broken-and-beatup BB.
    And I negotiated a great deal with Bell’s Customer Solutions people last night so I am all set (6GB of data !!)

    • Shaker

      I’m due for an upgrade as well. Do u mind if I ask what u got out of Bell. I’ve been with them for ages.

  • jellmoo

    The specs are amazing, I just wish that I could trust Motorola.

    Best of luck to everyone picking one up today! Let us know how you like it.

  • Gary

    Cheap glossy black plastics on a flagship phone? Sigh!

    • zorxd

      It’s a phone, not a jewel. Seriously what’s the problem with plastic? It is light and strong enough.

    • ToniCipriani

      MobileSyrup, you really need to fix your censoring system.

  • Vito

    I got mine a week ago from AT&T in the US for $499 off contract (+$20 to unlock).

    The phone is fast and light, but be forewarned – the camera is absolute CRAP on this phone. If you want something to take pictures and video, get an iPhone.

    • zorxd

      The iPhone is not known for it’s camera… it is average at best

    • Vito

      It’s much better than any Android or Blackberry I’ve owned. It might not be better than some Nokias, but they’re not really a factor.

    • A

      Actually the iPhone is known for its Camera, it may not be the highest MP, but it takes good pictures when compared to other smart phones.

  • Michael

    I’d get one, but I don’t think I want to go back to bell… Also I think I’ll wait till we have a few more dual core phones out before deciding on which one to get.

  • bob

    Only i****s rush out to buy new devices on a three yr contract from Bell. First wait for other dual core phones to hit the market and for the other canadian carriers to offer up sweeter deals. Or better yet wait till after June and Iphone 5 will be out.

  • Vito

    I’m pretty sure Telus is getting a dual core – and since Bell’s got the Atrix – Telus has to be getting one of the LGs.

  • zayla

    I’m really confused, I really just want a multi-purpose phone like this one that has the power to dazzle me, but it also needs to last for at least an extra year past the contract. The last one by HTC I had did not anywhere near last more than one year … contract is three. Telus didn’t help me with it either. Replaced it once and then that’s it, it broke again but it is no longer covered. Never really worked that well to begin with anyway actually… so I just want i***t-proof cause I am kind of an i***t LOL. But I also want a good camera in my phone cause that is the device I always have with me. Bell can be super frustrating with their off shore out sourced customer service (which is one reason I like telus better for that at least)!

    • A

      why don’t you buy the 3 year warranty with the 3 year contract, I never understood why people sign a 3 year term when your phone is only guaranteed for 1 year. If it breaks you either got to buy a new one at full pop or payout your contract…

  • Wireless ETC

    WIRELESS etc in Costco gives you a 50$ Costco Cash Card on every new activation and a free 3 in 1 Charger with every new activation of hardware. They always have the best deals on every phone. I bought my wife and kids all these great phones and got so many cash cards. Definitely Go there, why would you go anywhere else?

  • SinSIn

    Really a 3 year contract with Bell. Just wait a few months and better deals will be out there!!!!

  • Woot

    HTC Desire HD is better than this. It may not be better specs wise but the HTC Sense is very functional and beats Motorola’s interface to death.

    • M Atrix

      two words: Launcher Pro

    • Vito

      Desire HD is note better than this phone. Aside from it feeling like a huge brick of a phone, the bottom SIM/SD card cover is total crap. See one in store or have a look at *any review pics online* and you’ll see that the side edges of the cover protrude out from the side of the phone – and it gets worse the more you remove the cover. Absolutely terrible design. I almost bought one, but I couldn’t get over those plastic edges sticking out from the side of the phone. I really wanted to like that phone.

      I am looking forward to the HTC Incredible S though.

  • espink

    $180 on a 3 year? ouch.

  • richard

    Picking this phone up today as my Samsung Instinct is getting a dated and keeps randomly shutting off. Called Bell’s retention centre and recieved a great deal and got out of my contract for free. WAS going to wait til the Galaxy S2 but with no firm release date, the Atrix is too hard to pass up.

  • Stuntman

    I’m still waiting for Bell to tell me that I won one. 🙁

  • BigC_13

    I just phoned Bell customer service and told them I saw that people online were getting offered 6gb of data a month, the guy built me a plan with that offer no hesitation.

    Anyone looking to get this phone should call it took me 20 min to get this offer.

    • Ryan

      But are you paying more? Currently I’m on a student contract, only 500 mb of data, but it’s cheaper. How much is your plan and what do you get?

    • evaradar

      Are you paying more for the 6GB of data?

  • Emperuman V

    Picked up mine this morning along with the laptop dock. Got a break on the cost of the phone plus got a sweet data deal since I’ve been a customer with Bell for ages.

    Its definitely different than the AT&T version and you can install uknown apps without sideloading yay.

    Otherwise its average. Most places are sold out of the phones and accessories.

  • cody

    I would put my money on Telus getting the Optimus #D or Black.

  • AtrixBoy

    Costco service suck IMO.. When I have a problem they send me to the bell store and won’t service my needs. Or give me a loaner. Terrible. I shouldn’t have to pay just for the “privilege” of shopping there either. I’ll stick to a bell store. They also know what they Re talking about.

  • Rick

    Wireless etc is worst place to buy a phone from. The after sales is garbage

  • Downhill Dude

    Have fun being modestly cool for 3 months…Galaxy S II is out then and kicks the crap out of this poser.