Apple: “Yup, if you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone”


  • Steve Jobs

    What do you guys think? It’s just too easy, I find these things write themselves most of the time.

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    • TomatoGuy

      If you don’t have an iPhone, you are intelligent enough not to blindly fall for stupid Apple commercials like millions of people do every day. Company that relies so heavily on its marketing department to unload its products is bound to fail sometime in the future. There are many less expensive and better spec’d smartphones than iPhone out in the market. iOS is not the best smartphone OS in the world. iPnone is one of the most overhyped products ever.

    • Steve Jobs

      Your reply is even full of more fluff than my commercials.

      You need to learn, consumers don’t understand specs. Its about the whole experience, and a great design of a product. We are great at marketing, yes, but there is much more to Apple and our products that gain more consumers.

      Go have fun with your buggy and slow Android phone, and your ancient Blackberry.

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    • Sub-Joker

      Are you really steve jobs?? like thee steve jobs?? or your a random douche bag who’s playing the part??

      anyways, I gotta agree with TomatoGuy. Apple products are more of fashion products than anything else. and they became fashion products for the most part because of the great media attention and advertisement.

      and btw Jobs, I own a Nexus. and it’s actually faster than the iPhone 4, and it’s not buggy at all. don’t send false messages to the public buddy. coz apple is also good at that.

  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    LOl those things are not a priority in my life… I love the way they are trying to get people 🙂 I don’t like apple product but I’m in love with their design and marketing 😛

    • Phil Schiller

      Thank you. We put alot of effort into our marketing.

      Now quit being a little girl and go buy an iPhone.

  • Smitty

    I’m not a fan of Apple but you have to give them props for their amazing marketing department.

    • Phil Schiller

      Thanks Smitty, we truly put alot of effort into our marketing.

      It’s too bad you’re to stupid to realize how great Apple products are.

    • Steve Jobs

      Now Phil, be nice. I know you’re very enthusiastic about our products but you have to be a little more pleasant when dealing with non-Apple customers. Its once they step into the reality distortion field that you can say anything and they’ll follow.

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    • zorxd

      It’s not their marketing department which is that good. It’s the mass-media doing the marketing for them.

  • Frump

    If you have an iPhone, you don’t have native widget support. You don’t have a decent notification system, just an archaic 90s JavaScript pop-up version of it. You don’t have true multitasking.

    • Jérémie Pettigrew

      If I were in the marketing department of Android, I would do the same publicity but with android….

    • You’re an i***t

      So whats the name of this game?

      Name all the cons of the product?

    • Mike

      The notifications is what really needs an overhaul.

      Widgets are useless, and multitasking is already there (and way more efficient than how its handled on any other OS).

    • Nick

      Nobody wants multitasking…. according to Uncle Steve, anyway.

  • dhar

    Pretentious douche baggery

    • Jonesy1966

      LMAO! Counldn’t have said it better!

  • jellmoo

    After watching the first video, I have a question:

    Exactly how does Apple think other app stores work? Do they think that there is some mysterious third step other than “find an app, buy an app”?

    “Hey Steve, how do the app stores on other devices work? Are they like ours?”

    “I’m not entirely sure… I think that before you can buy anything, you have to fight a Yeti.”

    • Steve Jobs

      It’s simple. Ours is well designed, has higher quality apps, and is much easier to use.

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    • DarkCanuck

      HA! That was, by far, the most amusing thing I’ve read all day. Thanks for the laugh! 😀

      Also, these commercials seem to have been written by Rebbecca Black and are clearly targeted at that demographic; i.e. those that have great difficulty in deciding between the front seat and the back.

      LOL…fight a yeti!

  • JSmith

    Dont want one…never will. EVVVVER!

  • Thed

    …you’ve probably got a Nintendo DS.

    I’m just playing Apple people, you’ve got a “big boy” phone too, they sell them right next to the Vtech laptops at the Toys’r’Us. I’m sorry, I just got jokes for days.

    • Thed

      Oh, go dislike yourselves and your Fischer-Price-my-first-smartphone!

  • KingK

    I have something better…

    • Steve Jobs

      Unless it’s the iPhone 5, I highly doubt that.

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  • niko

    itunes sucks

  • BigC_13

    OMG they have a phone that you can read books on, download apps, AND listen to music on! this is revolutionary, it’s going to be huge! Please take my first born son as a payment I need one NOW!

    -Sent from my Atrix

    • Steve Jobs

      Sounds like you’re upset from buying the wrong phone.

      Instead of that Atrix you could have had an iPhone 4. I wouldn’t have needed your first born son (not yet anyway…)

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  • victorl

    Can Apple be any more pompous or self absorbed?!? If I don’t have an iPhone, well it’s becasue I just don’t want your stupid iPhone.

  • sookster54

    So it’s our fault for not owning and not wanting an iPhone? Maybe it would be if it were a communist society.

  • WP7 fan

    Windows phone 7 is so much better than apple i cant even put it into words.

    sent from my samsung focus

    • Steve Jobs

      No no.. go ahead and try putting it into words. I’d love to know why WP7 is better.

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    • Jake

      I don’t like the iPhone, but WP7? Really? I don’t think so…
      The only thing worse than iOS is WP7.

  • tech4

    imagine GOOGLE pulling all google apps aways from the iphone and making them ANDROID EXCLUSIVE .. google earth , google maps , google search , google voice ect. and THEN they should come up with exact same type of commercial sayin “if you dont have an android phone you dont have google apps” one day iphone sheeps will learn … one day ..

  • Epgomez

    If you have an iphone your probably having a hard time reading text on the internet because the text doesn’t auto fit the screen like android. Your missing a lot of vital news shown on videos that require flash

  • NagoyaX

    you know what, I don’t mind commercials, caz they are suppose to show the best of a product and never tell the whole truth. As long as you are aware of that you are fine. But some of these commercials are on the verge of blatant lying!

  • steve

    If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you probably have a phone that can get reception and make calls.

    • Jammo

      LOL OMG! You mmade my day!

  • Terry

    I wish MY Apple products app store loaded menus and downloaded apps that quickly.

    False advertising is false.

  • Andy C

    from a marketing prospective it’s a great set of ads.

    what i find interesting is that if Apple did not see other mobile platforms as a threat then why waste the money on TV ads?

    I dont’ buy the excuse because they have a bazzlilon dollars they can spend a few bucks on TV ads. The Ipad2 just came out and i have not seen any aggressive ads for that. probably because Apple know they are the top dog in the tablet market.

  • earthisdevils paradise

    If you don’t have and iphone…..then you’ve saved a lot of time and money….lol

  • skwarek

    If you don’t have an Iphone, well you have a better phone! I have an Iphone and wish I had an better phone.

  • ToniCipriani

    I don’t have an iPhone, well of course, I’m not a d-bag.

    — Sent from my Palm Pre

  • giraffe

    if I don’t have an iPhone..well…maybe there is a good reason behind it?…Android?

  • dan

    iPhone 4 sucks, I have it and Im pissed I bought it. The thing is barely different from the 3GS in terms of features, the browser is slow at loading pages, and i have to keep a case on it at all time so I dont risk dropping calls.

  • Gab

    Apple products are still good. The problem might be the 1 year cycle. Sure, upon release the phone is great. But within a year better cheaper stuff can come out. Big updates are also very limited.

    btw android aint buggy…

    • Nick

      In all fairness, Android phones aren’t much better. I just got my Xperia X10 in July and I’m stuck at 2.1 forever. Less than a year and I’m on the verge of becoming obsolete (there are still currently 2.1 apps being made, but for how much longer?)

  • Gab

    I don’t know if this is the real steve jobs or not. I know it is very very unlikely, especially on a canadian based blog. But I think I remember a case where it was actually the real steve jobs posting something on some website or email…

  • Alan

    Its weird that they’re touting the appstore and iBooks when google books has more books, and the android market is a lot easier to use. You don’t need a password for a free app, hell, you don’t even need to be on the same continent as your phone to buy apps!
    Its a real shame about ipod and itunes- OH wait, we have amazon mp3 to buy and to play we have songbird and poweramp and winamp and the honeycomb player and….
    Choice is so nice..

  • james vond

    I don’t have an iphone, yup I don’t want an iphone

  • Vann

    Why can’t everyone acknowleged that both platforms (iOS and Android) are two great platforms? I’m using both of them, and developping for both of them too.

    I have two computer on Windows 7, one on Linux and I have one Mac(Macbook)

    I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 (Jailbroken)

    I have an android tablet on froyo.

    Both devices are amazing. On some aspects, Android is better, on others, iOS is better.

    However, i think that an iPhone 4 that is not jailbroken isn’t using is full potential.

    • jellmoo

      This. Exactly this.

      Thank you good sir, that was very well said.

    • DarkCanuck

      Normally I would agree but Apple’s entire marketing scheme (for most of their products) seems to be to condescendingly insult their competitors and their competitor’s user base. That’s a deal breaker for me. Don’t insult me in your ads if you wish to have me as a customer.

  • 5Gs

    Apple iphone is like a toy that is very expensive. Seriously what is in iphone? iphone is for boring people

  • Poodz

    Actually we have LESS than 2 steps to install an app. If you’re on a pc and looking at it, you can install it from there! Look Steve, no wires!


    – Sent from a laptop. The brand of which does not matter. They do not pay me and therefore I do not promote their products like a sheep.

  • Tom@BBM

    In a world where phones represent ideologies, Apple are the brutal fascists that brainwash their citizens in to believing they truly have something better than everyone else (see Germany circa 1933-1945), Android are the freedom-hungry venture capitalists and Blackberry are the centre-left efficiency freaks.

    • Jesse


      What about Windows Phone users?

    • Jake

      Windows phones are irrelevant.

  • OMG Ponies!

    “If you don’t have an iphone, you just saved $$”


    I love my IPhone4 but this commercial is pure s**t. It tells people that they are a bunch of miserable consumers because they dont have an Apple logo on their phone.

    IPhone is expensive, not everybody can afford it anyway.

  • Jesse

    If you don’t have an iPhone, you’re smart enough not to pay out the butthole for a cell phone.

  • For Gee

    “Yup, if you don’t have a Case IH Combine, well, you don’t have an Case IH Combine”

    “Yup, if you don’t have a George Forman Grill, well, you don’t have an George Forman Grill”

    “Yup, if you don’t have a Trojan condom, well, you don’t have an Trojan condom”

    Wow, it really works with just about anything!

  • Stuntman

    If you don’t have an iPhone, you probably did some research and realised that there are a number of other products that actually suit you better.

  • Isher

    Apple’s marketing team is genius for doing these commercials again. it worked wonders the first time and it’s gonna do damage AGAIN!

  • Sid

    Because 299000 useless apps makes your store better than Google’s 219000 useless apps? What is the point in bragging about apps that no one wants? Google has all the good ones too. I wonder how bent out of shape Apple is that Motorola came up with the lapdock, that is going to change everthing, 5 years I doubt this desktop CPU will be sitting next to me, it will be replaced by a dock. Maybe Apple should come up with an App that defines the word “Eclipsed”

  • GrumpyButtFunny

    I have the Torch, my wife has the Iphone 4, trust me the iphone 4 is not all its hammed up to be. My wife completely regrets it! Too many reasons to list, but trust me!

  • monsterduc1000

    Yep, I don’t have an iphone 🙂

  • A. Carmine

    I don’t have an iPhone because it’s not available on my carrier. Simple. So who do I blame? Apple or the carrier?