Bell to release the Motorola Atrix March 17th?


  • zorxd

    For once Canada will not receive a high end smartphone 6 months late.

    • Stuntman

      Actually, the HTC Desire Z was released in a fairly timely manner. It was available in early November in Canada. I think other countries had it available about the same time or late October. The Desire Z was also from Bell.

    • zorxd

      still an exception, not the norm

  • Joefosho

    I think this is a guess as even those in the Bell organization are waiting on Motorola’s word.

  • firefight16

    YES! Only thing is I hope is Bell dosn’t do what telus and Motorola have with the Milestone and not push out updates!

  • Anthony

    Any word on virgin getting in on this?

  • Joe

    Wait, there’s a 850/1900 version of the HD7?

    • Miknitro

      Yes there is one coming, and Telus is sleeping on the phone as Bell is moving ahead.

    • TheCyberKnight

      Yes, we ordered an unlocked one for development purposes. And honestly, stay away from it. It simply has the WORST LCD screen I have seen recently. Shame to HTC for releasing a nice device like this and ruining it with the worst screen possible. The abnormally slow response time creates blurry effects for any display scrolling. Bad.

  • cody

    Moto is the reason updates are slow guys…..

    • zorxd

      So then why were the Droids 1/2/X among the first devices (right after the Nexus One) to get 2.2?

    • Sub-Joker

      with the updates, telus is the one that’s behind. the milestone is one of many. remember the Hero, and even the desire?? Telus took their sweet time till they released the updates.
      the only phone that telus updated right away is the Galaxy S fascinate. I would say the reason is simply so that they don’t stay behind Rogers and Bell since they all have a Galaxy S.

      but with the milestone, honestly, who still buy it from telus when there are those 1Ghz processor beasts?? that’s why it’s not a priority for them to upgrade it to the 2.2.

    • Emma

      Don’t forget – updates to devices have to come in agreement from BOTH the manufacturer and carrier. It would be unfair to blame Moto alone for the slow updates here in Canada

    • niko

      from what i can remember, the original droid had what was basically vanilla android installed which as you know helps speed things up quite a bit.

      the droid 2 came with froyo and the froyo on the droid x is a joke….at best…

    • monsterduc1000

      As the others have said, the update schedule is a telus problem.

      If you are jealous of the 1ghz phones, root your phone and bump the processor speed up. I have my milestone at 1ghz and only had to bump the vsel (voltage) up 2 points from 56 to 58 so battery life if virtually no different and the phone is way way WAY more responsive.

  • Andrew

    Sweet, a motorola phone that has awesome hardware specs. Now if they would only remove Moto Blur(which sucks) or at the very least unlock the bootloader so we could actually install our own versions of android.

    I want to do what I want with the phone I purchase. I’m not going to get invloved in another HTC hero update type debacle again.

  • matt k

    Cant wait to see this bad boy in Canada…Looks and prolly is amazing.

  • mz

    dont give people false hopes of an upgrade… learn from experience…

  • Varun Gupta

    I seriously wish this came to Telus too if not only Telus. Love the specs and this is something I would really want as my phone.
    Sad it’s an exclusive to Bell.

  • Carl Surprenant

    Telus just lost a customer! I’m switching to Bell just for that exclusive phone!

    • FadedSpark

      That’s a bad move. D:

    • monsterduc1000

      Buy it, unlock it, take it to telus if you are a telus fan.

  • Thai

    Anyone know if I can buy this from Bell and use on Rogers?

    • Canadude

      YES. You will have to unlock it of course though.

  • Nick

    Prediction: March 18th, MobileSyrup will run an article on how many people jumped off bridges because they drunkenly dropped their shiny new Atrix in beer on St Patrick’s Day.

  • littlebird

    HTC Desire HD will be coming to TELUS. Moto licks, lame with bootloader lock and the motor blur sucks

    • KingK

      yay a phone that’s almost a year old, great job telus, maybe if you got it in december I would have got one.

      Obviously switching to bell now.

      comparing htc hd to attrix LOL

      people are so stupid but then again people buy iphones

  • MoreFyah

    What is the deal with Rogers here? Why are they not jumping ship and getting these new phones? Rather, they sit back and watch Bell obtain these new devices.

    I don’t get it.

  • Tyrone

    He has a point. I don’t know why your lol at that. If you want to put it like that kingk lol at the money morphine loss at year. And I’m n

    • Tyrone

      **** I’m not saying that out of spite kingk but gsmarena even blog about that.

      Who said that the droid line gets updates first? To answer your question there all with Verizon and they paid Motorola to get their phones updated first before anybody else.

      Ice-cream is 2.4 is made for dual core phones so you wait for that. I want to see what they do when it comes out.