HP webOS tablet leaks out… Rogers and Bell launching “Opal” September 2011


  • Miknitro

    The LTE variant, is surprising, 2011 for Verizon an 2012 for AT&T and?

    So our Bellus is going LTE by 2012?

  • Dan

    Sept 2011? In todays tablet market, that thing will be obsolete before it hits the stores!

  • JAWG

    Apple wins no matter whats released. Yawwwn

  • TheTigerTek

    I’m got my money on the PlayBook. I liked WebOS when I had the Pre in for review but the hardware wasn’t on par with other devices. This tablet design looks like a page from Apple’s iPhone 3G/3GS.

  • Al

    Good looking devices, they look like a stretched and flattened Palm Pre. I too think September is far too long to wait. Hopefully they announce some new phones on Feb 9th to gain some momentum/ market share by the time the tablets arrive. I still have my Pre, I love the software but not the hardware. I hope HP churns out some good quality kit to go along with the best mobile OS.

  • JAWG

    Fake JAWG:

    You’re a CRETIN!


    No one cares about HP.

  • slype

    way too far away… this will be dead upon arrival…