Apple Q1: A record 16.24 million iPhones sold


  • marianna

    are people getting richer or is it just me?

    • Jim

      Only people getting richer are the carriers and Apple. Most people are buying on a new or renewed 3 yr plan. So they don’t pay full retail prices for the phone.

  • SteveGobs

    Woooooow. This makes me lose even more faith in humanity. God I hate IPhones, THERE ARE BETTER PHONES ON THE MARKET PEOPLE.

    • Carlos Andres

      well you know what they say… there’s only 2 kinds of people, apple users and wannabe apple users. I guess your one of the wannabes…

    • SteveGobs

      Good to know that Justin Long swayed your opinion Carlos. Apple is garbage, the IPhones are even worse. People like you shouldn’t exist.

  • Lucas

    I don’t mind the sales, I just hate fanboys.

  • SteveGobs

    Fanboys are the worst. I hope everyone has seen the Evo vs IPhone youtube vid. It is absolutely true. People who buy IPhones tend to be retarded.

  • Mark Morissette

    Wow, I expected all the Android fanboys to be in this comment thread, I can see I’m not going to be disappointed. Vote me down to prove the fact. 😛

  • SteveGobs

    Maybe next time you should inform Jobs that you have HIV Mark so he doesn’t need to take another leave of absence, just be comforted by the fact that it will be hard to determine which man gave it to him.

  • Mark Morissette

    An overwhelming level of maturity in this thread as well, I can see.

  • kanatacrude

    Hmmm. 16 million in 90 days. Pretty good sales. Now Android is turning up over 300000 phones a day. Let me grab a calculator…

  • Mickey

    People are not getting richer, just dumber. They buy into vanity. People see others saying the iPhone is the greatest thing ever and they will buy one and get themselves in debt without doing research and making an informed purchase for a better phone that will better serve their needs.

  • JAWG

    iPhone is my saviour and I worship steve jobs all night because he created what we all know as the phone now a days.

    Without Steve, nobody would care of phones.

  • Mark

    Yeah yeah android is best iPhone is junk and all iPhone users are steve jobs a*s kissers…c’mon stop the childish nonsense. I have used android, QNX, symbian and iOS and after using the captivate for 3 weeks i couldn’t last and went back to the iPhone simply because I had no time to spend my nights flashing just a phone. Its funny how choosing a trivial product like a cellphone turns someone into a hate marker. You love your phone, I love mine. Can we leave it at that? Do you get out of your vehicle and shout on everyone not driving the same car as you while on the highway?

    It’s just a phone…

  • Mel

    It doesnt bug me that someone likes whatever phone. Its the people who act like the iPhone is the coming of jesus and when steve jobs dies its the armageddon.

    Apple fanboys are the worse. I dont mind Apple, just the i****s who make those kind of comments.

  • Hurley

    How can there be Q1 results when it isn’t the end of March yet? Let alone the end of the month?

    • rvictorg

      It’s the fiscal calendar,

      1st Quarter of 2011: October 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010

      …ps all the Apple fanpeople can go f*ck themselves

  • Sub-Joker

    lol, the JAWG thing is funny….. you JAWGs are hilarious.

    anyways, I honestly agree with most of the ppl in here. most apple iPhone users are not tech savy. but yet again, the phone is designed for such ppl. if you are a tech person, you’d find out that other operating systems are more capable (even though they might be more complicated).

    I personally stopped even recommending the iPhone for any of my friends since the new one is coming in 6 months. I know 6 months is a lot, but the current iphone 4 came in playing catch up and it has all the bugs that apple didn’t bother to fix, simply coz they know it will sell no matter what. coz it’s the iPhone 4 and many ppl are associating that with 4G (which is retarded).

    At the end, just like noted earlier:
    – you shouldn’t expect everybody to buy one phone
    – fan boys are i****s whether it’s apple fan boys or android fan boys.
    – steve jobs is an i***t. I honestly think apple will make better products without him. Still, he’s a good mascot for Apple. he jumps around and bulls**t all the way whenever a new product or announcement gonna be made.

    just as a side not, with the hardware battle we are seeing nowadays, I think apple’s iPhone has been passed away and I doubt it’s gonna catch up with the competition at one point. I honestly think that updating your phone on an annual basis is not gonna be enough for apple to keep up with the hardware competition. the software (OS) is another story.

  • Regulator

    I have to disagree with sub joker. If all the android users are trch saavy how come i see a bunch of teenagers with them. Why dont i see all android users running a variant of linux on their computers. Surely you recognize that linux is superior to windows. For that matter mac os kills windows. It comes down to personal choice. Google is an nsa front way to give up your data willingly people.

    • daveloft

      No, nerds use Linux, geeks use Windows.

      While you may like Linux, I like most people don’t. It doesn’t mean were not tech savvy, to run Windows well you need to be.

      I like Windows for it’s broad software support, digital media capabilities and especially gaming. It’s the only OS that can do everything I need. But like you said it comes down to personal choice.

      So why all superior talk?

      Are you just really hurt and insecure the majority of people don’t use Linux?

      Or does it make your feel superior to use an OS the majority don’t?

      Or is it just your anti establishment, conspiracy theorist wet dream to stick it to the man?