RIM on the BlackBerry App World: 2 million apps downloaded every day

Manufacturers are not only judged by their devices but these days also by their App store. Apple recently stated they have 300,00 apps, Android is over 200,000, Windows Marketplace crossed the 6,000 app mark and Palm is around the 5,000 app mark. How is Research in Motion – our Canadian tech pride and glory doing?

Tyler Lessard, RIM’s vice president of global alliances and developer relations, sat down with FierceWireless and stated the following about the BlackBerry App World:

“Today we have 17,000 apps in the store. It’s an incredible number of applications at the end of the day. And what we’re seeing is over 2 millions apps downloaded every day from our storefront. And those sorts of numbers we believe are very, very good, and also represent that developers are being successful on BlackBerry when you do the math of 17,000 apps and 2 million downloads a day, the usage on apps is very, very healthy. We’re seeing great progress by our developer community, and every month we’re growing rapidly the number of apps. It’s grown by 5,000 in the last couple of months.”

Source: FierceWireless