Kik on RIM’s patent infringement lawsuit: “Unjustified and Disappointing”


  • Karam

    They should develop the same app for Android and Iphone so them Blackberry users don’t brag about their stupid BBM.

    • HighDefiniasian

      Recognize that one can only brag about something if its worth bragging about. Recognize that there is nothing that rocks as much as bbm. Recognize that whatever substitute that android and iphone have pale in comparison.

    • Treatz

      KIK works on Iphone and android, used to work on BB

      it united all 3 os’s.

  • Dustin


  • @matahtak

    We don’t mean to be snobby about it, but BBM is the greatest messaging application ever. If you don’t have it I feel sorry for you and your year 2001 existence.

    • cstew

      That is simply a fail comment, end of story.

    • Joe

      I feel sorry for you and your 2001 “smartphone”. The only thing unique about Blackberry is BBM.

    • B3

      But i feel sorry for your 2010 phone that has 2001 specifications.

      I’m not sure whats so Superior about BBM? the fact that it comes pre-installed on all BBM, or that it just gives you a a notification when someone reads the message?

      I don’t want to hate on RIM, because they are a Canadian company, and the quility they used to be was very high. Sadly its decreasing, and there cellphones are always the same concept and overprice with old specs.

      I just heard today they bought out a company that helped design the android UI. It’s clear that RIM isnt going to give up easily, they have tons of money and lots of money in R&D. They have a right to fight this, as the guy used to work there. I wish the best for RIM, as i used to own one then i switched over to android. (cloud + applications) is the next generation, especially for me being a developer.
      Hopefully they work out an agreement.

  • BlackXinu

    KIK messenger is on Android and Iphone.
    I hope RIM gets there a*s handed to them in a sling for this crap.

  • EJ

    The only thing keeping RIM in the game, is BBM (for personal use). Once a universally accepted, cross-platform solution is adopted by all smartdevice users (SMS anyone?) RIM will suffer immensely.

    As someone who would prefer to support a Canadian company, this is sad. But seriously RIM, atleast make an effort here.

    I dont blame them for giving kik the boot.

  • Paolo

    BBM is an excuse for people to have to pay for text messages. BBM is the only reason why RIM stays alive. All that advertising they had this year was for the BBM because thats all that most of their users care about. Most younger people that own blackberries, own one just for BBM. Other than that, I cant wait to see RIM fail. If it wasnt for their enterprise market, they wouldnt be still in existance. They lack in features and technology.

    • Paolo

      sorry, excuse for people to *NOT* pay for texts

    • EJ

      I’ve already seen this in my social circle. All it takes is ONE former BB owner to switch to another platform and once the other BB users see what they are sacrificing for BBM, they slowly convert and with each conversion, BBM becomes less significant for the others.

      Again, I don’t want RIM to fail but something HAS to change.

  • Wendymd

    I use Kik on my android all the time. It’s great… I can message any of my friends whether they use android, iphone or blackberry. Much more user friendly than bbm. I hope this law suit doesn’t deter the creators from making other valid apps for everyone!

  • gtp20

    I agree with EJ. I was a die hard BB guy until I got my hands on my first Android. The only thing I was upset about losing was BBM until I switched. In the last 4 months three of my closest friends have left BB for Android because of liking my phone. We all do just fine without BBM! Blackberry is losing it and I don’t think BBM is enough to save them.

  • Frank

    BB has much more than BBM going for it. Granted OS5 was a bit bare when compared with the competition, it ran great, could be modded quite a bit (some themes really changed the way you used the phone), great security (increasingly important now with so many users doing banking online thru their smartphones), a decent multimedia capability (music player did fine for me and my BB replaced my ipod) and plenty of apps to do most of what you’d want to do on a smartphone in the app world.

    And that’s without even mentionning OS6, which I’ve been running on my 9700, the thing is just beautiful. I’m a salesman at Telus, worked each of the Big 3 + fido and from my experience, when it comes to cellphone salespeople, the BB to other phone ratio is much higher than what you’ll find in the mainstream market. Why? Cause BBs ain’t toys, they’re amazing, customizable (try resizing/changing font on the OS text of iOS, symbian or Android, gl.), reliable (bar the trackball, which could be replaced for 10$ anyways). Plus, in my opinion, physical qwertys are the real deal, BBs look good and they have some of the best battery life in the smartphone market.

    • B3

      I can change my font on my android, not like i have to since, i have a 4″ screen..

      but its only on the blackberry you have to adjust the font, because of the screen size.

  • Respighifan

    Seems odd to have so many people indulge in such passionate discussions concerning their cell (smart) phones…

    Anyhow, RIM seems to be puling things together again with the QNX and other moves they have made. All the doomsday soothsayers harped rather too soon concerning RIM’s so-called inevitable collapse.

    RIM’s doing just fine, and they are innovating just fine…
    Apple’s doing REAL fine and they are innovating just fine…
    Android’s doing soon-to-be-SUPERFINE and that system’s creators (Google) seem to be doing just fine…

  • McQuill

    Suing their developers is really a lame move on RIMs part. They should have bought the guy out (for $1 / user?), and then made BBM cross-platform. Now all their doing is getting bad PR.

    I’ve owned about 5 BlackBerrys in the past 5 years. The old blue thing, a Pearl, the 8800, a Bold, and a ‘new smaller’ Bold. I may have had a Curve at one point..

    After a friend of mine (former Rogers wireless guy) switched to Android from BB, and I got to see what it could do I ditched the BlackBerry too. Now my coworkers are ditching BB. Soon our office will be a mix of iPhone and Android.

    Android has VoiP, Flash, a real browser, beautifully rendered emails, awesome GPS navigation, etc… and it can convert speech to text ANYWHERE in place of the keyboard. ‘In car’ this thing rules!

    It’s great that RIM is buying strategically, but Google and MS buy way more companies and talent.

    Unless there is some miracle RIM will be just like Palm.