Bell Samsung Galaxy Tab priced at $649.95 and “Expected to ship by November 16th, 2010”


  • zorxd

    So, $25 cheaper than Rogers, $30 cheaper than the iPad (even more if you add a SD card compared to the 32GB iPad). Better than nothing I guess.

  • jarr


    in this day and age, we shouldn’t have to pay such high prices. why don’t we get these devices for free? or at least at cost? this is why we need more players like Wind and Mobilicity and the promise of FREE UNLIMITED DATA AND SMARTPHONES.

    this is absurd.

    • Wtv

      You seriously need to GTFO.

    • Matt P.

      Can we seriously get some spam blockers for this guy?

  • pr0cs

    I’d like to have one but for that price you can buy a pretty kickass laptop or netbook.
    If only I was independently wealthy.. or I lived in the same crazy-world that Jarr does.

    • zorxd

      Agreed. I think the best combination is smartphone + netbook/cheap laptop + desktop. Or no desktop at all if you are not a gamer/power user.
      No need for mobile broadband on the laptop, just plug your smartphone.

  • @ai4281

    Kind of want… but too expensive.

    If anyone is torn between the iPad and Galaxy Tab like me, I think most people will gravitate towards the iPad. Price difference is pretty much negligible, while iPad has the advantage of bigger screen, and proven app market.

    I don’t see many people going for Galaxy Tab just for Flash 10.1 support and 2 cameras.

    Why didn’t Samsung price this thing at ~$400? That’s a price point that makes sense for Galaxy Tab.

    Anyway, I think I’ll just wait for iPad2 with front facing camera…

    • zorxd

      iPad 1 was pretty much useless without multitasking. Can’t even chat while web surfing. An update is supposed to fix that however.
      I am not sure that the app market is better for the iPad. Most iPhone apps are not made for the iPad (do they even work?)

    • @ai4281

      Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not a ‘fanboy’ of either side. I use a Mac, and I use an Android phone.

      zorxd brought up multitasking issue… If you ever used chat clients on iDevices after iOS 3.0 (which was last year), you’ll know that clients stay logged in in the background and give you push notification. Since apps are full screen anyway, it’s same as multitasking because you’re still logged in to the chat even when you’re using another app.

      And zorxd, have you even seen iPad apps? They’re amazing. Most iPhone apps scale, but iPad really shines with its own optimized apps. Periodical table app and solar system app really blew me away. Apple was smart enough to announce the iPad early so that devs had time to optimize their apps for the screen size. On the other hand, Google is urging manufacturers not to use Froyo for tablets, and wait for Honeycomb…

      Most importantly, Samsung just doesn’t have the hype and brand name that Apple has and Galaxy Tab will be a hard sell at its price point. Who knows, maybe they’ll drop the price when it doesn’t sell well.

  • Paul

    OUCH!!! If this is the future of “tablet-wars” then only the rich will be able to play.

    I just can’t understand why they shoot themselves in the foot with such high prices. They could blow the competition away if they made it more affordable. That’s not going to happen now.

    Guess I’ll going to continue to play the waiting game, until the novelty wears off these pad/tab/slabs and prices drop.

    A nice HTC 4.3″ smart-phone would be sweet in the meantime…!

  • Mark

    I was contemplating getting this to go along with my Galaxy S phone. But at this price! Besides, this tablet doesn’t even have Super AMOLED screen, and the camera is less capable than Galaxy S. What gives? Better to wait for cheaper prices and gingerbread that’s actually tailored for tablets.

  • Stefan

    All of you ppl who are complaining about the iPad have never used one and are just speculaing on the basis of reviews. The iPad has multitasking with iOS 4 which everybody can download and install from leaked websites. Also, with the original OS you can jailbreak it and do everything. Plus, the iPad has so many apps especially designed for it which look beautiful on the big screen, something that Galaxy Tab will never ever have. In addition, you also get access to all iPhone apps which as we know are much better quality besides from being a higher number than the Android apps (or should I say wallpapers/ringtones cos’ that’s what most of them are).
    Add to that the cheaper price (for WiFi only) and great battery life. Makes me wonder who would buy a Galaxy Tab.
    The combination of the future in my view: iPad + super cheap smartphone (HTC Snap, Nokia e63, SonyEricsson Vivaz) + unlimited data from Wind or Speakout + a desktop for torrenting/gaming/work.

    • Gabriel

      Your 100% right. After hours of hacking and voiding your warranty and running the risk of bricking your iPad, you can make it do what you want it to do… until the next OS update.

      Or you could just by a Tab and have it do all that out of the game.

      And before you go hating, I bought an iPad, twice actually, and returned it both times.

    • Stefan

      It only takes a few minutes to load iOS 4 once you download it. I don’t know what warranty voiding you are talking about, if anything goes wrong you can always restore the original firmware it came with. There is no risk of bricking it since the iOS 4 is a beta coming from Apple and not a modified one. If you go the jail breaking way then there may be certain chance of bricking the iPad but I would say that’s quite unlikely given how straightforward the process is and how easy it is to restore the original firmware.
      The Galaxy Tab can never do most of the things that the iPad does because there are no apps for the Galaxy Tab. The reason why there will never be apps for the Galaxy Tab is because: 1) the number of users is not worth the developers’ time and that won’t change with the current pricing; 2) a new version of Android comes every month or two and developers are puzzled which version to develop for; 3) the Android tablets (will) all have random screen sizes, resolutions and hardware which will make it impossible for the developers to create compatible apps.
      On the other hand, current the iPad can do everything that the Galaxy Tab can except for video calling. I am not sure if a camera can be connected as an accessory to enable this. However, even if there was a camera video calling would still not be possible for two reasons : 1) virtually nobody in Canada has a plan and a phone/tablet which supports video calling over HSPA between the various networks; 2) there is currently no app which can do video calling except for Fring and FaceTime, but both are very limited because both parties must have the app. In essence, video calling is the only feature which the iPad is currently missing compared to the Android tablets, however the usability of such feature in Canada at this time is very questionable.
      In my opinion the reason you returned the iPad is not because the iPad is bad but because you don’t know how to make it fit your lifestyle.

  • Atif

    I had recently bought the ipad,thinking it would be a great tool for my student life. However, so far i have not been impressed with it. There are many many issues from not being able to manage my research papers in pdf format to being able to share content between my iphone and ipad on bluetooth. My quest for a functional iPad led me down the path of jailbreaking my iPad and using other measures that i believe are not appropriate. Furthermore, when it comes to sharing media, iPad is still in the dark ages. Sure there is an 5.99 app for a DLNA complient media player but compared to galaxy s tab’s “allshare” freely provided app the iPad media capabilities seem very limited. Also the absence of the cameras in the ipad and itvery limited connectivity abilities make me feel like i am carrying a heavy useless tool. The large screen seemed attractive initially but once you have seen the iphone4 screen nothing seems good enough. It is easier for me to read websites on the iphone than on the ipad.
    I do agree with the price point for the samsung tab. It seems a little high. But guess what, you re getting the 3g version with the ability to increase yourstorage capacity-me thinks it is not a bad price.

  • jimbo

    i guarantee that it will drop in price significantly in a couple of months. it’s not going to sell at $650.

  • Dirt Mcirt

    Let me start off by saying that I actually own and love my iPad but it really has its limitations- a lot of limitations. I bought piece of mind NOT the latest and greatest in technology when i decided to purchase my iPad.

    Are you guys actually calling out Samsung on pricing????
    You do realize that CARRIERS determine pricing.

    Plus if you purchase this with a plan you will probably pay just a tad bit more for this device than a high end smartphone.

    Seriously, Flash compatible, Camera with Flash, Multitasking, SAME 1 G processor as an iPad, SWYPING technology. It also comes with Think Office – like Microsoft Office. It has an HDMI capibility.
    You can add a 32 GB card, it also has Gorilla Glass so it pretty much cant scratch. The size is perfect you can work with it and walk – no need to use two hands and have to sit down and utilise the device like an iPad.
    I had a chance to see one from my cousin in Europe and this thing is FREAKING amazing.

    Love my ipad…probably shold of waited for this though 🙁

  • A

    The manufacturers set the cost price, the carriers discount them with subsidies. What the carriers may do is over inflate the no contract price so you have to ultimately take a contract to even get one. That is the same model they used for years.

  • Grinder

    I’ve gone hands-on with this device at a Samsung/Bell Event, it’s amazing. I didn’t put it through it’s paces, but it was smooth, I am a fan and I will be getting one.

  • Eric

    I have a morning ritual that I need to share. I call it “the terminator”. First I crouch down in the shower in the classic “naked terminator traveling through time” pose. With my eyes closed I crouch there for a minute, visualizing either A…rnold or the guy from the second movie (not the chick in the third one because that one sucked) and I start to hum the terminator theme. Then I slowly rise to a standing position and open my eyes. It helps me to proceed through my day as an emotionless, cyborg badass. The only problem is if the shower curtain sticks to my terminator leg. It ruins the fantasy.

  • Dan J

    After watching the video review on engadget… my interest grew in this thing. But I have to agree with everyone on the price.

    It’s just TOO high, especially when compared to the ipad and it’s bigger screen, proven app market (much better developer support), and proven track record (iOS).

  • Juliia

    Link dosen’t seem to work anymore. I can’t wait to get one 🙂 It is high but if you look at it its cheeper than a 3G ipad. Plus the canadian one might make phone calls as well. It is true that apple does have a better market, but Android is getting bigger, we just need to give it some time. I think open source will forever be better than closed source like apple, gives more possibilities for apps.