Motorola Milestone upgrade to 2.2 “under evaluation”… Dext, Quench and Backflip to get 2.1


  • Rahul

    To me “under evaluation” sounds like “we are evaluating whether we will upgrade them” so the post sounds a bit optimistic.

  • Preacher

    If nothing is update by mid October or eaearly November then its time for Canadians to stop buying motorola products. I love my milestone but it looks like motorola has shunned us

    • Brad

      After the complete BS that was the Telus 2.1 update (missing MOST of the 2.1 features), I already won’t be buying another Motorola phone unless they drastically improve things pretty quick. I have pretty low expectations for the 2.2 update after the last one though.

      Thankfully there are already decent 2.2 roms that work wonderfully on the Telus Milestone, but an official update that didn’t suck would be nice…

  • Jeremy R

    I read a post from a Motorola rep saying that the 2.2 update for the Milestone is going to be release Mid September. Don’t know how reliable this is, but also read it on a couple of other Android sites. Hopefully this information is acurate because I want my upgrade already.


  • Samuel Prima

    Great news! I’ve been waiting patiently for my Dect to get an upgrade!

  • chrisk

    What about the desire. Come on HTC and TELUS

  • steven schwartz

    Evaluation means they are currently testing it and should be rolled out soon. The T-Mobile roll out had an evaluation around two months before the OTA update to 2.1

  • izikavazo

    Hopefully they go fast with the Milestone update. It shouldn’t be that hard.

  • anthony

    Dunno why they think locking the bootloader then not wanting to support their less than 1 year old device is a good idea. If they think them not supporting this phone will cause me to upgrade to another motorola device then they’ve made a sad mistake.

    And, no, under evaluation does not mean in testing. It means they’re deciding if they’re gonna do it or not. I wish android followed the pc os installation model. Carriers and manufacturers are i****s.

  • Joseph Niagara

    At least these phones will eventually get updates. Unlike the HTC Dream which HTC did their best to disown the phone less than a year then locking the bootloader. I’m not impressed with Moto and HTC dragging their feet for updates…..but that’s my personal opinion.

  • Danial

    The site has now been updated – it’s no longer under evaluation, Telus Milestones will be getting Froyo in Q4!

  • @ai4281

    sucks that we have to wait till q4, but at least its coming for sure 🙂

  • anthony

    I’m sure there will be a feature in 3.0 that will make me want it, but I feel 2.2 is a safe dumping point since the os has all the features it should, sans a file manager. 2.1 is bad cuz I have 16 gigs of space on the device and can only install 50 megs of apps worth.

  • will

    I bought my phone in March the box said flash ready. we could sew right that for false advertising. bs its what it is. milestone isn’t all that impressive and telus odd no better. disappointed.