TELUS Milestone update to OS 2.1 now available


  • Patrick Cyr

    Still waiting for the HERO update!!!! but enjoy Milestone owners 🙂

  • Josh

    Why did this come out before the Hero update? Thats balls.

  • AndroidFan

    … and thanks to MobileSyrup for putting me on the right path!

  • xaueious

    It came out because it was released before the Hero update

  • mike

    Glad it’s getting an update, but when is any Android phone going to come to the Prairies; I wouldn’t even be bothered if it was still with 1.6 even.

  • Clement

    FINALLY!! I just got it updated and finally have more home screens…animated wallpaper is sick too…time to play around with it some more…

  • jesss

    @ mike

    The milestone won’t be coming to Manitoba at the soonest, this summer, if not by the end of the year. It’s not a secret that TELUS doubles up on MTS and Sasktel towers, but Telus is still working out the contract with both of them, so it’s not necessarily TELUS being slow. They’re trying to get some of their own towers set up here, but it takes a while. Plus, I think Rogers is going to be using some of MTS’ towers up north, so I don’t know how that works.

    I’ve looked into it myself and I’ve worked for one of the competitors, but we can’t really do anything except wait. In the end I guess we benifit from it because something better may be out by then and I’ll be closer to the end of my contract so I can get the 3 year price on any phone I want. =)

  • Chris

    Sweet updating now

  • Glenn

    sigh… 2.1 for the Milestone… Nothing for my Magic… C’MON Rogers!!! get into the upgrading game!!!

  • Jordan

    YAY! Updating now 🙂

  • kumiriko

    Damn going to have to wait till i get home… shame i cant get it over the air…

  • Kevin Bouchard

    Glad to see Motorola switched to high speed! That public backlash had some effect I see. Updating now!

    To those who wonder why this came before the Hero/dream/magic update: this is a Motorola phone. Yours are made by HTC. Therefore, it’s HTC’s fault.

  • Jordan

    finished update, works like a charm. Very pleased to see this come. Looks like im going to be playing around a lot again with my Milestone!!

  • firefight16

    Don’t rush not much, and I don’t see the 3d album art? But it is nice to have voice dial with bluetooth devices that don’t support phonebooks. I was lokking for the voice app, sure I have the one rooted from a Droid, but I don’t get mic on vitual keyboard, also new gallery and music app?

  • peter

    Does this work for users who have a Motorola Milestone on the Rogers network ?

  • xaueious

    Updates are not limited by what network you are on, but by the device you have. If you have a TELUS Milestone unlocked anywhere, this is the update to install.

  • Philip Di Loreto

    Do I need to do a backup of my milestone beforehand?…

  • benjamin

    I’ve been using it for a day now and I can say that everything is snappier and seems faster. 9 home screens is nice but I’m only using 5. One thing I have had a problem with is the bookmarks in the browser going kinda laggy now. Some people are having problems with the music app but I haven’t had the same issues. Overall I love it so far!

  • peter

    Updated successfully on Motorola Milestone on Rogers.

  • spkgta

    What happened to the promised voice recognition? That’s at least half the reason I bought this phone in the first place. Telus? I’m looking at you!

  • KBlack

    I can also confirm that this works if you use your TELUS milestone on ROGERS’ network (don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t, but hey if it can appease some fears…)

  • AndroidFan

    @Philip Di Loreto

    I would guess it is not a bad idea, but in my case I did not lose any data. The upgrade tool did indicate that there should not be any data loss. (Of course, that doesn’t mean it never happens!)

  • Shane

    Did this update not include voice-to-text? It was listed as one of the changes on the Moto website when I went to update but not above in this list and now after the update I cannot find how to work it….I’m afraid they didn’t include it.; ;

  • Moe

    Updated it, but cannot see 3D gallery, nor facebook contact import as they mentioned in the PDF. WTF!!

  • Tom Cochrane


    To import contacts from Facebook you have to add your Facebook account to your contacts account: under contacts, menu->accounts->add account->Facebook

  • Moe

    @Tom Cochrane
    I was doing this, exactly like you said, but still the same white screen as I had with the 2.0.1 android, then it goes back to the “add account screen”. Could it be because I had the facebook app before the update?

  • Moe

    So I uninstalled the facebook app, then reinstalled it, and now it works, thanks

  • Nikki

    What about for UK Milestone Users?

    My phone is locked to Orange…

    Guessing that this update would blow my phone off the network?

    I did the Mororola Updater from the EN-GB version of the site, and it’s not with us yet.

    Does anyone know typically how long things upgraded over there take to cross the pond?

  • thomas

    Anybody find out how to manually update with a mac? Seems that the Motorola Update page only allows Windows users…

  • blink12

    I’m not a Telus customer and i’m glad for those getting the update. but actions like this are going to kill off android phones soon. ie: 1 network gets an update and they can’t even update all the android phones they have. Segementation is going to take over big time. I accepted more from Google

  • Simon

    Is anyone having problems with updating to 2.1? I got to the point where the phone was updating and then I got the message: Bootloader 90.74, Err: A5,69,35,00,27.

    I’m not sure why.


  • Matt

    I had the same thing happen to me. If you google “Milestone stuck bootloader 90.74” there is a guy who comments on the motorola forum about fixing it with something called RSD I havent tried it yet as I am still looking for a fix elsewhere. Called Motorola tech support first thing after this happened and the girl there says that because I didn’t do it OTA I wrecked my phone and have to send it back. To whick I replied it was their program and software that did it. So no help from them…

    If anyone has this problem and has solved it please reply.

  • Mathieu

    I’ve updated succesfully, but sadly there’s some bugs. When I disconnect from my bluetooth the music starts by it self (I have to press the play button twice because the player doesn’t even “know” it’s playing) and the phone restart for no reason sometime when I shut it down…

  • fonso halbert

    they should add something that close apps when u press the back buttom